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Book of Mormon - Restored Covenant Edition

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18 hours ago, Robert F. Smith said:

The Hocking & Meldrum, Annotated Edition, is also red letter for Jesus, and has gilt edges.  The page layout is also very nice.   They may have taken their cue from the RCE.

On the other hand Meldrum was involved so the notes are undoubtedly filled with pseudoscience.

12 hours ago, Robert F. Smith said:

Pretentious claims about a so-called "restored covenant edition" may be an affectation of the group putting it out, but that has nothing to do with the actual content or presentation of the work.  In fact it is irrelevant.  The work should be judged on its own merits.

The title is part of its merits.

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21 hours ago, caspianrex said:

One of the more interesting editions of the Book of Mormon in my library is the "Restored Covenant Edition" (RCE), published by the Zarahemla Research Foundation (ZRF).

My understanding is that the edition is largely the work of the late Shirley Heater, a scholar who was raised in the RLDS. The RCE can be read online at the ZRF's website. The following statement from the ZRF's homepage sheds some light on the rationale behind the RCE:

The Restored Covenant Edition (RCE) has been prepared because, according to our testimony, the Lord directed us to do it:

  • to restore the purity of the Book of Mormon-restoring words from the manuscripts that were either left out or changed,
  • to restore the main purpose of the Book of Mormon which is to restore a knowledge of the covenants,
  • to restore a knowledge of the underlying spiritual name of the Book of Mormon which is Book of the Restoration of the Covenant because "Mormon" means restoration of the covenant,
  • to restore the poetic nature of the text making it easier to read and to comprehend and making it easier to identify various types of Hebrew poetry and
  • to restore a natural versification (independent of verse numbers) by grouping like thoughts together through the use of blank lines thus making it easier to comprehend.

The print edition I have is a nice looking, bonded leather book, with two ribbon markers and gilt-edged pages. The edition is a "red-letter" one, with the words of Christ in red. The chapter/verse numbering system is the RLDS system, so it's a bit difficult to compare to the standard edition of the BoM published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The image copied below is not of my actual copy, but it is a picture of the same edition, so it gives you an idea of how the page layout looks.

I would love to hear others' thoughts about this edition, if you're familiar with it.

restored covenant edition | Book of Mormon Foundation

Sounds like a great business move with all the fancy bindings 

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On 7/9/2019 at 2:15 PM, RevTestament said:

...................., I am quite dubious of how a different version of the BoM would or could "restore" covenants, and I don't see a main purpose of the BoM as giving any new covenants..................................... the BoM is not a book of covenants. ......................................................

You may find this just-completed Maxwell Institute symposium of interest (July 14, 2019).  Professors Joe Spencer and Terryl Givens find 1 and 2 Nephi to be overwhelmingly convenantal.  Indeed, that is the focus of each book.  


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