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Nasty new scams: SSN, US Marshalls, FBI spoofs

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This is the worse spammer we have ever had. Beat the last record of 5 or 6 over 2 days iirc. Though not as bad as when we accidentally got a bunch of moving companies calling. Apparently there is a nation wide database and our number got inputted into it, so we were getting calls from Florida to San Fran. 

Anyway husband came home for painting duty (supervising painters) so won’t be hitting 36 hrs no sleep  today. Night all. ;)

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3 hours ago, Calm said:

I have just gotten 4 (up to eight now, decided to block it, hopefully won’t lock out legitimate husband call)) calls in the last two hours from “my husband” with my home phone number. It claims to be Microsoft and they are suspending our licenses as our IP address has been compromised in several countries. 

If I block the number I will have to unblock it anytime I want to access voicemail. I just may try and figure how to deactivate voice mail if they keep calling. 

One good thing is I found out if you *77 in most places it sets up an anonymous number rejection. Mine says it gives a message to unblock their id and call again. However in some places *77 will connect you to law enforcement or 911 so you might want to do a search to see it f your area does that. 


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1 hour ago, Kenngo1969 said:

AAA has a full list of the number and symbol combinations you might want to avoid on your mobile device since you may unexpectedly reach 911 instead


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I just got a call that I have been approved for federal student loan forgiveness. This is great except I have never had a student loan, federal or otherwise. Maybe I should have asked if they would apply the forgiven amount to my mortgage?

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On 6/21/2019 at 4:35 PM, Calm said:

If you have friends or relatives not quite fully capable or others who aren't educated in scams, you mingle want to warn them about the latest scam.  I just got a call myself.  Figured it was a scam before I picked it up due to bunch of spam telephone calls I have been getting the past few days, but it was a new one for me and I can imagine it could strike fear in those unprepared.


Other scams below...

I got another call, this time I told them to send the U.S. Marshals. The operator was stunned,  when she said, “you want us to sent the U.S. Marshals”? I told her yes, I will just wait for them to get here, she again asked why, I told her I was ready to end it all. She was so stunned, she paused for a while, and then hung up. These calls are too much fun for a retired police officer, I wish I got more calls 

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