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Calling of Political Specialists

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3 hours ago, nuclearfuels said:

Whoa. The Trib is once again questioning everything the Church does.  

I need a breather to overcome the surprise first.

I too share thr Trib's fear that the majority of LDS people in UT will vote for the GOP until their Theocracy is instituted.

What can I do to avoid this terribel outcome?

Vote, campaign and contribute to socialists perhaps?

Aw, now I feel better

You completely avoided discussing the idea behind the post in favor of mockery. Well done! Your post was very funny, cute, lame, meaningless.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/14/2019 at 7:29 AM, HappyJackWagon said:

This seems like a bad idea.

We get fairly heavy messaging in church (unofficially) in Elders Quorum and Sunday School that is generally supportive of GOP politics and sometimes even mockery at Democratic politics and candidates, despite the church's official stance of neutrality.

Assigning people to help others become more politically active seems like a disaster waiting to happen. If a hardcore Republican is assigned to help others be politically neutral, is it possible that personal feelings of politics could bleed in? What if it were a democrat?

My preference would be for the church to continue to make it's statements of neutrality, and do what it can to enforce that neutrality (ie not allowing overtly political talks, lessons, statements made at church to stand without reminder of neutrality).

Like the story suggests, this kind of initiative to help people become politically active has a potential for hard feelings, and the pushing of certain agendas.


Unfortunately, every aspect of our lives has been politicized. Education, sports, entertainment, religion, health care....everything. People are taking sides that are less and less amenable to compromise, much less even reasoned debate. The hard feelings and agendas are already firmly established. 

A number of major cities in our area are single-party Democrat. Some have no Republican office holders. LDS are a sizable minority, but one must be very careful not to express certain views in normal conversations at work and in social situations.

Other churches have "get-out-the vote" registration campaigns that include giving rides to the polls for people they recruit. They are far more purposeful, organized, and comprehensive than a "specialist" called by a stake president.

One example out of many....the United Church of Christ's program "Get out the Vote."  http://www.ucc.org/ourfaithourvote_get-out-the-vote


Our Faith Our Vote


Your vote is your voice – don’t give it up!

The problems in our world often seem too big to confront. We see injustice every day and feel that change can’t or won’t happen. But our faith is infused with hope and built on a foundation of action. By serving the vulnerable, feeding the hungry, and standing in solidarity with the oppressed, we serve as God’s hands.

Voting is a natural extension of faithful action. The decisions made by our representatives have a wide reaching impact. We have enormous potential to make positive change. We must engage our legislators, vote, and encourage everyone in our communities to do the same.

Our faithful voice is needed. It is tempting to disengage from the political process. As people dedicated to creating a just world for all, we know we must be involved.

Join the Our Faith, Our Vote campaign. Discover how your congregation can participate in the electoral process through faithful, nonpartisan engagement. The United Church of Christ can help with resources on civic engagement, voter registration information, issue education, and voter mobilization.

This election season it is essential that people raise their voices and vote. Will you join us?

For many people I know on both sides, abortion is an insurmountable barrier.  This issue can no longer be easily swept under the rug as Brian King attempts to do. I could not in good conscience vote for a pro-abortion candidate who goes beyond the Church's parameters. Unfortunately, the modern Democrat Party has drastically moved away from "rare, safe, and legal."

 I question the accuracy of this quote:


While the official policy of Utah’s predominant faith permits abortion in the case of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is in serious jeopardy or if the fetus has defects that will not allow it to survive beyond birth, King said, “People in the LDS Church don’t know that. They think, ‘Well, church policy is abortion should be made illegal.’”


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