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The Seven Levels of Creation

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Seven spiritual levels is not a new concept. Seven heavens are mentioned throughout the apocrypha. Seven chakras are seven spiritual levels of ascension that hail from India between 500 BC and 1500 BC. Avraham Gileadi has pieced together the seven levels of spiritual ascension as well during his studies of Isaiah and the Gospel.

Below is my eight article on these seven levels of spiritual ascension. In this article, I begin to align the days of creation to the dispensations, the dispensation heads, the laws of God, and the rewards for overcoming as given to the seven churches of Asia in Revelation.


Only the first three days of creation are covered, but I plan on writing more just as soon as I can. Here's a little preview of how these levels match up:

  • Day & Work / Dispensation & Patriarch / Law & Reward
  • Day 1 Light and Dark / Dispensation 7 & Joseph Smith / Faith & Salvation from Physical Death
  • Day 2 Water and Atmosphere / Dispensation 6 & Peter / Repentance & Salvation from Spiritual Death
  • Day 3 Water and Dry Land and Fruit / Dispensation 5 & Moses / Obedience & Knowledge 
  • Day 4 Sun, Moon, and Stars / Dispensation 4 & Abraham / Sacrifice & Increase
  • Day 5 Animals / Dispensation 3 & Noah / Gospel & Second Comforter
  • Day 6 Man / Dispensation 2 & Enoch /  Chastity & Father's presence
  • Day 7 Rest / Dispensation 1 & Adam / Consecration & Godhood

Some of these links are very strong. Noah aligns to the 5th day of creation of animals. Noah and Animals ... hrm. Moses aligns to the 3rd day of creation where God commands the waters to separate from dry land. Hrm ...Abraham aligns to the appearance of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. etc. Enjoy!

What is your specific topic of discussion?

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Part II has been published here:


The topic of discussion here is to discuss how the days of creation align to the dispensations and to the dispensation heads themselves. Seven spiritual levels of humanity is not a new concept. This concept is represented by the spiritual centers called "Chakras" in eastern religion. There are seven heavens which represent the divisions of glory of mankind represented in the Books of Enoch and the Ascension of Isaiah.

Avraham Gileadi has also drawn seven spiritual levels from his studies of Isaiah. I submit there are indeed seven spiritual orders of mankind and they align to the seven rewards given to the seven angels of the seven churches of Asia. Knowing who we are and where we are on this ladder to God is as important as knowing where we are headed next.

Tying the seven days of creation to these spiritual levels of ascension - have you ever heard of this before? If not, well here you go. This is the topic of conversation.

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Wait.......you get the Second Comforter before you have to keep the Law of Chastity????? WOW!

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