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CA Steve

"A Bible! A Bible! We Have Got A Bible" An evening with Dr Wayment.

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On 3/13/2019 at 5:16 PM, CA Steve said:

I think I have figured out why Clark's experience with how others react to him and mine seem to be so different. I am, to put it mildly, quite a bit more liberal in how I view the truth claims of the Church. So when I am engaged in real life conversations with people who know my views, or at least think they know them, I think there is some tendency from them to want to protect their own view of the church, a tendency that may manifest itself in accusations of "well you're reading anti-Mormon sources". (An accusation that I heard from my father once, ironically, when I was trying to encourage him to read the Joseph Smith Papers.) Clark on the other hand in perhaps not viewed that way and does not ever see that reaction from other members, I would guess. So I suspect that our experiences are different in this regard simply because we are perceived differently by our real life audience. So maybe it isn't a generational thing after all.

It would seem then that the issue isn't translation or outside resources at all but just how people view more liberal theologically interpretations.

I agree with you btw when you put it like that. I certainly see people reacting to those they perceive as outside the "safe zone" theologically. Those perceptions, whether fair or not, cause very different reactions.

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 Just an FYI Brother Wayment created the translation because of the difficulty his students were having with the KJV.  He intended it for personal study and use in Church and school.  He has used it (or parts of it...maybe a draft version?) teaching in Sunday School class as it was apparently intended (this is secondhand through my husband so don't take it as guaranteed accuracy). 

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