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What do we think inspired calling means?

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6 hours ago, MustardSeed said:

Not here to debate point by point or to call out a GA who was handled appropriately.  

Thanks for sharing an alternative point of view. 

Then why bring up such supposedly horrendous stories about anonymous General Authorities?

How is that different than gossip? What's the point?

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7 hours ago, BlueDreams said:

I know there's been other answers that have been really good, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. 

1.) I don't have experience with issuing a calling and on the recipient end, I've had a variety experiences with how I've received a calling that tells me that the simplest methodology (prayer-seek out-issue to a person) may not be the best way all the time. Several callings I've volunteered for or asked for specifically (temple, teaching an ARP class in my ward, etc). Others I've reached collaboratively with leaders to have. I've had at least one calling issued in the regular way that I also felt a spiritual reassurance that I needed to have even though it wasn't a natural calling I'd gravitate to. I don't know what is expected for me to believe about inspired callings. I know there's often cultural expectations around callings that can view it as quasi-fate oriented. For myself I believe it's an open opportunity for learning in one way or another...and likely in a few that we could not anticipate 

2. This one I have more personal experiences with. Since I work primarily with married people who are LDS, I get to hear many of their stories about coming together...including the spiritual experiences leading up to it. Note, if they're seeing me something isn't going well in their marriage (usually s*x....but not always just that). There are people who received clear answers to marry this person. THere are people that didn't feel God saying no and went for it. There are people who didn't really take much spiritual consideration period. And there are a few who felt like they shouldn't go through the marriage emotionally or spiritually. Receiving an answer about marriage partner doesn't seem to heavily correlate to outcomes in marriage. Some really struggle, some don't.  I do notice that the ones who did receive an answer feel more motivation to stick through difficult times...so that could be a reason in itself. But there's also the opposite, where when the marriage is beginning to show signs of dissolution that they begin to question why they felt that prompting (especially if it was a strong one) or the Spirit/God in general (especially if the marriage is ending on really bad terms). It's interesting to watch them navigate these answers and experiences. 

Sometimes I can tell that the "answer" they received was in part more of an assumption based on their personal desires and cultural contexts. So for example, for a number the sense of urgency to marry period often can cloud really obvious problems or concerns. They've check-listed Jesus (as in here is the expected and appropriate formula to eternal life/happiness), marriage was the next step on their check list, and their partner at the time fit their marital partner checklist. When their marriage isn't  easy or hits hard times, they're often the ones to end up really really questioning the marriage and struggling to understand why this was happening.

I think the majority I meet have good intentions with asking. THey want to make sure they're making the "right" decision, to some level. They know marriage is a big step and have a pattern of taking things to God to know what to do....so why wouldn't they ask God about this? I think assumptions as to what that answer means can vary. I think, due to the nature of what most people are feeling pre-marriage (high infatuation) there's an assumption that a positive answer means they're about to live happily ever after or be fulfilled in a way they couldn't prior. For the rest, I think it gives them confidence to work through things when they do get tough. 

Personally I definitely prayed and received answers in my dating life and to marry. 3 specifically come to mind when thinking about this topic. The first was an answer to be with a guy who had several issues and didn't make sense to me. I really believed I would inevitably marry him, if he cleaned up his act and was simply waiting for him to do so. I received STRONG answers at times to stick with him. It sucked....like signing yourself up to be yo-yo'd around and to have an emotional gut punch every 6 months or so.... For about 7-8 years. Fun times. But the experience gave me knowledge, patience, and compassion in ways I never could. It chipped off some of my worst traits. And brought me closer to God and able to recognize the spirit in very personal ways. It ate up most of my 20's relationally, but expanded me spiritually in ways I couldn't have without walking in the "wilderness" as BB described it. By the end of the experience, I had come to a point in my faith that if God asked me to walk off a cliff I would ask "which one?" Oddly, the journey that was confusing, tiring, painful, etc gave me a rooted and deep relationship with God.

The 2nd was short and came after that guy. I knew we were a mismatch spiritually and I was definitely done wasting my time on dead end relationships. I remember chatting with God and saying, "he's not the one right" and God said "No." Then saying" THen I should probably drop it" and God said "Not yet." So I dated him some more, learned and grew, and we both quietly drifted apart.

The 3rd was my husband. I won't go into details about this one because it would take a lot of a back story and sharing a few things I wouldn't on a public forum. But coming to the realization that I would marry him was strongly spiritual (and rapid....we were seriously planning our marriage after 13 days of knowing each other). Though the answers were clear and indicated that what I'd just received was a bit rare and a gift, I never took it to mean that we would from then on live problem free. Like any spiritual gift, it needed to be cultivated. That what we would become was still our choice each and every day. 

All of these answers, to me, were tied to figuring out where I needed to go to learn and grow and become as God would have me. It was part of my Walk with Christ and healing. Often in the moment I don't know exactly what it is that God's getting at. But my experiences align me to the idea that it is worth it.  As I mentioned, I know there are others whose seeking inspiration for marriage is not on this same line of thought.  


With luv,



This was a very thoughtful response, thank you for the time it took to write it. I too have felt that my callings have been opportunities of learning.  And 13 days!  You win that one ;)  loved your stories thank you. 

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On 2/22/2019 at 9:36 AM, HappyJackWagon said:

Do we really believe in inspired callings in the church? I think we do...when it's convenient. When it's inconvenient I think there tends to be a lot of backtracking as if it's unreasonable to truly expect that an inspired calling means that God wants a certain person serving in a specific calling. That becomes very problematic when you get stories like the bishop in Lehi who was arrested last week for human trafficking and prostitution. It turns out he also had issues years ago in St George when he had to leave his law enforcement job for sxual misconduct. Yet, despite that past misconduct, I am fairly sure that when he was called to serve as bishop in Lehi it was touted as an "inspired" calling.

Inspiration suggests that there is some kind of heavenly help in revealing the person who should serve. It implies that while the individual isn't perfect, they are at least a decent person. Yet again, we have a high profile example of a person with an "inspired" calling behaving badly, both before and during his call as bishop.


Yea, there was nothing irrational about my response and I did not come in guns blazing....



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2 hours ago, Steve J said:

Yea, there was nothing irrational about my response and I did not come in guns blazing....



Helpful tip:

When calling for a CFR it is helpful to quote the correct text you wish to challenge. It is also helpful to place the CFR in the proper thread.


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