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A Story about healing.

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There are days during the yearly cluster headache cycle that I might be willing to try just about anything. Maybe even what was described in the OP. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

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I have told this ' story ' before , but back when I was a youth, ( post Noah ) there was a man in our stake who had the gift of healing. He indicated that he had to pray before giving a healing blessing to find out if it was God's will that the person be healed because he knew that if he blessed the person to be healed, he would be. With such a gift would come grave responsibilities ( unintended pun ). Jesus was a healer and was followed by crowds .There were cities , however, in which He could not perform miracles because of the hardness of peoples hearts. I worry that our current society and its scepticism about spiritual gifts, is denying   blessings to our children. 

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