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6 hours ago, The Nehor said:

This is an incredibly stupid and pedantic argument and you are a stupid person for making it. And no, your dumb extrapolation of what President Nelson’s statements mean are not reasonable or logical. If you were being intentionally dense and trying to troll us I would say you are doing a good job but your posts seem earnest and suggest intense smugness in your manifest idiocy.

I really want to give you a rep point, but I do not want Stemelbow upset with me. I do not think he is a stupid person, but him trying to make Presidents Nelsons remarks on the use of "Mormon" such a tempest in a teapot, the point he is trying to make is well, kind of stupid.

Oh heck, I'm giving you the rep point anyway...

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1 hour ago, aussieguy55 said:

Both Michael Quinn and Dan Vogel visited him at his home where he was able to share material. He according to reports tried to convert them. I am sure he would not favor my current position as a progressive christian with doubts about the soul  and historicity of the early Old Testament.

My old friend Michael Marquardt was the first Mormon I know of who visited Wes at his home in Marissa, Illinois.  Wes was always very helpful.  A true gentleman and a scholar.  I saw him frequently when I lived in Independence, Missouri.  He had a great sense of humor.

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15 minutes ago, SeekingUnderstanding said:

As always, the Nerhor’s (May he live forever) wisdom leaves me speechless. 

Yeah, I get that a lot.



Hey, wait a minute. You said you were speechless yet you are talking. This is causing me to doubt your compliment’s sincerity and gives me a slight suspicion that there may be a smidgen of sarcasm in your statement.

Excuse me while I go cry.

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