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Bill "Papa" Lee

When all that you have to give, is no longer wanted.

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11 minutes ago, Rain said:

Some of it is just getting out there. You tell the Lord you are willing and then take a step in that direction. Sometimes I will offer to do something and what I have to give isn't needed and that's ok. It just helps me know that a different thing is for me. 

So with your ministering sisters, if your partner isn't responding then you just do it. If there is a widow in your ward then you just ask to come visit her. Sometimes those conversations lead you to other people. 

Another thing to do is look at your interests and talents. Do you prefer to work with children? Look at organizations that help them. You and I have common things with our brothers. Perhaps asking what you can do to help at drug treatment places will help you find where you should be - or perhaps, like for me, that is a little too close to home.

As I look over my life I find that I just stuck my toes in the water a little bit when I heard of needs or there might be needs. Most of those never stuck, but I did learn things that helped me elsewhere, besides the fact that they were good things to do.

So while I wholeheartedly agree with praying more, the key thing is to just get out and do something.

Thanks Rain, my problem is that my RS president said things were being changed up soon. I guess I can reach out to my ladies and just apologise since I'm feeling very guilty. 

What wonderful suggestions about the going where I feel comfortable. I did try to work with the elderly but found out you need to take a drug test.  This was in their program of visiting them, helping them around the house, drive them to their appointments etc. And I worried that my CBD/THC oil will show up on the test.

But I will look into helping with substance abuse programs. I'm sure there is plenty for me to do all over. But sometimes it's kind of a hurdle, awhile back I visited an animal shelter to see if I could volunteer to walk the dogs, but they said they didn't need new people. And they weren't very nice. But I will keep trying, thank you!

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Some humane shelters in Utah allow for fostering animals as they are overcrowded and there is a variety of needs.  I think we will go that route rather than get another dog or cat as we need breaks from the responsibilities during certain times of the year.

check out your local library to see if they need volunteers for any program including literacy or even just shelving books (a good way to explore what is on their shelves).

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