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The Ongoing Restoration

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14 minutes ago, smac97 said:

So did I.  Beautiful.

I particularly liked the "And this is organized religion" line, spoken over images of volunteers in yellow shirts helping their neighbors.  Ragging on "organized religion" is an increasingly popular thing, among both secular and sectarian folks.  But there is a lot of good that can and does come from communities of faith organizing themselves and working together.



Yeah... I had that same thought.  My ward's Elders Quorum is doing a "day of service" this Saturday.  We'll be splitting up to different locations/homes to tackle projects for members, non-members, and the community.  Certainly nothing wrong with the "organized" part of organized religion!

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17 hours ago, 2BizE said:

Not all change has to be revelation.  Many of the changes so far have been more business changes.  Revelation would be needed to change doctrine, not how long we go to church on Sunday.

Maybe to change policies but not doctrine.

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Can a restitution of all things happen without Christ returning? Or without the tribes gathered and organized ?

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