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New/Old Documentary of American Prophet

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Apparently PBS has updated its documentary of the 1999 film American Prophet:  The Story of Joseph Smith.  They kept the good stuff (the late Gregory Peck is still narrator and may I say his voice rates in my top ten of all time) and added much more including remarkable technology (the quote was along the lines of iirc 'before we told you the story, now we show it to you').  The below is a link to the original, I believe.


I have an acquaintance who saw it last night at the premiere and said it was fantastic.  The target audience is nonLDS, but is fair and is not negative even giving plenty of time to nonLDS experts who obviously don't agree with the Church's truth claims, so LDS will find it informative without awkwardness.  All PBS stations apparently have this available to them, they have the choice to show it or not, so if you are interested you should contact your local PBS station and ask for it to be shown.

I am trying to find a link to the new production.  Here is a link to a blog by Dan Peterson that mentions it


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The trailer for this just showed up on my Facebook feed.

Looks like they cast Jesus as Joseph Smith. Interesting choice.


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