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Last shall be first: Dan Peterson's FairMormon presentation 2017

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 It was decided to put Dan's talk on live streaming for yesterday and then continue on. I can't embed the video, doesn't take, so follow the link please:


Transcript will follow when ready.

Have at least another in the wings waiting for final call, so shouldn't be long (transcript though, paid video...helps cover the conference costs)

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Out of curiosity what's the usual time frame of conference talks being transcribed.

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I haven't kept track well enough, plus it improves overtime as speakers are better at sending us their stuff and we (meaning the committee I am not on) get better at coordinating the work as well as the tech gets better for the videos.

I would say (but might be totally off) that now most transcripts get put up within three weeks with a few taking another month or two (a lot just depends on the speaker's getting a chance to clear it if they didn't keep to a script well or have more difficult words, such as obscure names that need to be doublechecked); videos I have no clue about because I don't use them.  You might look at the threads with the FairMormon Conference tag, I tried to remember at least last year to tag the announcement threads.  Not sure I got them all or if I did it the previous years.  Others might have though when they beat me to getting them up.

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Many thanks! I tried listening to this when I got home from visits with the Elders late last night ... and then woke up around 2:00 this morning, still in my tie, laptop out of battery power. The few minutes I remember hearing piqued my interest. I definitely need a transcript...

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I listened to a bit of it, and it was interesting to think that we're now at a point where not only must the claims of our specific religion be defended, but the very idea of religion itself must be defended!

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    • By Calm
      The conference starts Wednesday this year instead of Thursday, hopefully most of us can get that extra day off.
      More info will be following.  With the expansion, things aren't as far along as they usually are.
      From the Nov 2017 FM Journal:
      The Women's Workshop is being put on in partnership with the Church History Department.
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      Here's a thoughtful commentary on racism and the priesthood ban by Scott Gordon. I think we've discussed each and every point on this forum at some point. 
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      Did anyone else notice the reference to the Gospel Topics essays during general conference?  Sunday Afternoon Elder Ian S. Ardern said this in his talk entitled "Seek Ye Out of the Best Books:"
      This is the first reference to the essays that I have heard in conference as far as I know.  Did anyone else notice this?  It seems to be worded such that if you are not already aware of the essays it will not draw attention to them.  Is this the first step towards openly talking about these essays in conference in the future?
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      At the FAIR Mormon conference a couple of years ago, the following was presented:  https://www.fairmormon.org/conference/august-2015/the-mother-in-heaven-and-her-children
      This commentary was particularly striking:
      So, here we have the Heavenly Mother being presented as a Maker Who wraps us up in a priestly garment woven by her. 
      Her role in creation and in the life of Israel is hidden, however, in apocrypha like Ben Sira or in Proverbs and Psalms (as well as elsewhere).
      The discussion in the linked address on deliberate changes in the Tanakh, like, for example, the switching of an aleph for an ayin [both of which are rough equivalents for "A"], in order to obscure original intent, is especially interesting given JSJr's reference of a deliberate change to Genesis 1:1 [King Follett Discourse] and the BoM's first book's repeated mention of the removal of "plain and precious" things from scipture [Nephi 13:26,28-29,32,34-35,40]. 
      What I find most interesting, however, is the representation of the Mother as creatrix.  What exactly is meant symbolically and ritually by Her weaving and providing priestly vestments for the king and/or initiate will no doubt be a matter for some considerable debate.  In any event, we know from scripture, especially LDS scripture, that both Father and Son are creators, and that is both part of what they are, as well as what they do.  How else should we expect the Heavenly Mother to act and be, other than as engaged in the creative process, represented by weaving in the above references.
      I would love some input from those not of the LDS persuasion on especially Psalm 2:6's mistranslation of nasakh "to weave" and the implicit reference to the Great Weaver.
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