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Al Jazeera Series On Flds

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Like I've mentioned to you before, Laban was murdered for the good of mankind. According to scripture. What happened in TX doesn't come close, if they had not gone in to the YFZ Ranch they would not have seen underage pregnant women. They would not have had a case. Oprah is going to do another show coming up on the aftermath, should be interesting. Maybe shed some light.


Poor analogy.  In the first place Laban was not subject to nor privy to the civil liberties of the USofA.  Second, The State of Texas is/are not prophets receiving revelation to kill Jeffs.  Third, God did not command that fiasco.


Your irrationality on this subject seems to prevent you from acknowledging the illegal raid did not help one child or pregnant teen.  They did not have a case.  Read my previous post.

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THIS!  Would more than likely not have existed had the raid not occurred.




Compare these children's reactions to the ones in the reopened school shown on the recent Oprah interview.  

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