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News Article On Mission Costs

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I just found out the mission is getting even more expensive.  My son has been out for a while and was one of the missionaries that got iPads as part of the trial group over a year ago.  I am now told out of the blue that I owe the church for an iPad.  Apparently, the church swept the ward mission account already and took the money and I got notified I owe another $400 on top of already sending him out and outfitting him.


I am not real pleased with this, just give another $400 for something that is not needed.  I served just fine without one, our current missionaries in my ward do just fine without one.  Frankly, I don't think I should pay.  What comes next on top of the monthly money, paying for the car lease, auto insurance, etc.  Do I get a bill if the ward kitchen needs a new stove?


Yes, I am a bit irritated at this moment with it.  That $400 would be going for a laptop for school when he returns.  There are far cheaper alternatives than Apple.  Venting right now, still not sure if I will pay, I just don't see what was done as appropriate.


Am I off the mark here?  Especially being a full tithe payer, church purchase of a summer camp in southern CA, a billion on a mall???

I'm more curious to know why the church would have to pay full retail for an item that was obviously ordered in bulk.  iPads are nifty items though.

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Maybe this is what use to happen, but learned recently, that my husband's friends parents, two brothers, went on their mission and were not told of the cost until after. They couldn't afford it later and had to borrow from the bank to finish their mission, it was a Scotland mission. This struck me as very odd that they weren't informed before going. The couple told my husband this personally.

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