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Stay Funeral - Personal Letter From Thomas S. Monson

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I recently posted in the General Discussions regarding the Stay family tragedy. Their funeral services were held this week and here is what I just found via facebook and my post there:


Ok, to keep things straight in the following quote, first speaking is Bishop Scott McBride. typically, that would be the active bishop whose stewardship was over the Stay family at the time of their tragic deaths. Later, Elder Bradley Foster of the Second Quorum of the Seventy (apparently he came from officially representing LDS leaders in Salt Lake City) spoke. he shared a personal letter from Thomas S. monsoon, president of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which remarks focused on the eternal nature of the family and the Savior and this latter portion is what Elder Foster focused on. That through Christ we can overcome tragedy and through Christ good will triumph over evil quoting John 16:33, "I [the would be resurrected Jesus] have over come the world". Having outlined my chosen portion of the article to quote, here it is:

"He continued, “People have been asking me what they can do. What can we do? We can open our hearts and eyes to see heaven. We can know we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. We can know that we are not alone. We can be more patient. We can be more forgiving. Be ministering angels here on earth. We can be the windows of heaven as we serve each other. As we do so, we will feel the eternal love of our Savior.

Addressing Cassidy, McBride said, “Family and ministering angels are watching over you. You’re not alone.”,=

Concluding the service was Elder Bradley Foster who began with a personal letter from Church president Thomas S. Monson. In the heartfelt letter of condolence, Monson marveled at Cassidy’s remarkable strength, testimony, and courage.

The letter encouraged her to continue in fasting and prayer for help, reminding her that she was sealed to a family, an ordinance that binds families together forever.

Monson also promised that she would find strength as she followed the Savior.

“The gospel is what makes people like Katie and Stephen,” Foster said. “They understood the plan of salvation. They understood we were brought here to experience earth, but our environment changes daily because of people’s choices. There is no earthly explanation for something like this. But it’s not what happens to us but how we handle those things.”

Foster spoke of the enabling power of Christ to get us through these times.

“Think about the Savior on that Friday. He was about to be put on a cross by evil men. After he died people around Him cried and asked how God could have let this happen. Wasn’t He God’s own son? But as dark as Friday was, Sunday came. The tomb was empty.

“Good will always triumph over evil. We will have trials but 'be of good cheer. I have overcome the world' (John 16:33).

“The Holy Ghost brings peace, comfort, and understanding about those things that there is no earthly understanding for. The Holy Ghost reminds us of the eternal perspective.”

Foster’s take away message, however, was one of hope and that some of us could finally know how to emotionally process what we were experiencing.

“Cassidy had to stay behind to carry on the family name. She had to stay to carry on what her parents had taught her. Cassidy, you’re a sermon to a world losing faith, to a world that doesn’t believe in families anymore.

“The plan of happiness is real,” Elder Foster promised. “It’s produced people we’ve seen here.”"


God, angels, and mortals uniting together, focused on the Savior Jesus Christ, as one body is the true form for eternal happiness.

Article's link: http://ldsliving.com/story/76392-president-monson-sends-condolences-to-texas-shooting-survivor-at-family-funeral

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