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Dehlin And Kelly Summoned To Disciplinary Councils. This Should Keep Us Busy For A Few Days.

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It probably doesn't help their cause that upon receipt of their letters, both called their contact at the New York Times. Personally, I think Dehlin, of the two has caused more damage and has a larger following, but has the greater probability, small as it may be, to come to himself and get back on the right side. His anonymous GA contact might just have a heart to heart with him.

Kelly just comes across to me, anyway, as an angry "my way or the highway" type. When I heard that the first of their discussions included a game called Patriarchy Bingo, I figured-and posted-that I thought she had crossed the line. Looks like I was right, proving the old saw about blind pigs and truffles. 

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A thread in the other forum is buzzing away already....;).

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