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Who's Worse: Anti-Mormon Protesters Or Ow Protesters?

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So we now know a few things about the protest which occurred on Saturday evening during the Priesthood Session:


1. The OW group was told in writing several weeks ago that they would not be allowed to protest on Temple Square.


2. The OW group subsequently declared to news media that they would be defying this instruction and would proceed with their demonstration/protest on Temple Square.


3. Before the Priesthood Session, the OW group told the AP that "Two police officers her group hired for crowd security told her that Mormon officials plan to allow the women on to Temple Square." In light of the Church's statement after the protest, this claim appears to be false.


4. The OW group was "were met at the gate by a church representative, who asked them to go to the public protest area outside the square." Instead, "they walked onto the square, where they formed a line circling the Tabernacle." This was therefore a trespass and a violation of the law, both civil and criminal.

5. I think the OW group traded on A) their status as Church members, and B) the adverse news media they had drummed up to essentially coerce the Church into letting them protest on Temple Square while at the same time C) avoiding the consequences of trespassing that usually follow (I think they knew the Church would not press trespassing charges against them). The Church could have either had them arrested or escorted away by police (creating a scene, generating fodder for media coverage, etc.), or else allow the protest on sacred grounds. The Church apparently decided to take the less disruptive of the two options. It was nevertheless profoundly contemptible for the OW group to resort to coercion of this type.

In contrast to these considerations, there were a number of anti-mormon protesters who exercised their lawful rights of assembly and free speech, while still obeying the law and respecting the Church's property rights.

So which group, in the end, is more contemptible? The group that obeyed the law and respected the Church's rights (the anti-mormons outside Temple Square), or the group that disobeyed the law and violated the Church's property rights (the OW group on Temple Square)?



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