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A very remarkable video;  


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I have a large film library, and it is fun to decide what I want to watch... last night I chose an oldie titled "Broken Trail" starring Robert Duvall (one of my favorite actors)... this is the story of Duvall and his nephew (Thomas Haden Church) starting a trail drive of horses from Oregon to Wyoming... along the way they come across a human trafficker with 5 oriental girls who had been sold into slavery in San Francisco by their families... to be taken to the gold fields for prostitution... they end up killing the trafficker and rescuing the girls (who do not speak English)... they stop in a small town to try and find authorities to take the girls... but no sheriff, no mayor, etc... everyone just live and let live... (they managed to rescue a prostitute, and a Chinese man who was able to act as interpretor ) so they and the girls stayed with them on the drive...  This is one of the most beautifully filmed movies I've seen... shot mostly in Canada... the backdrop of the scenery/mountains with the story and the herd of approx 500 horses was exquisite... lots of action on the journey... good story... I encourage people to find this film and rent it as it is a real beauty...  (Netflicks?)

A few days ago I watched another Robert Duvall western titled "Open Range"... Co-starring Kevin Costner... another beautifully filmed movie with an excellent story... Duvall said he considered these two films, plus "Lonesome Dove" to be a trilogy of westerns he considers to be some of his finest work... I do too...


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