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Why Do Many Restorationist Sects Of The Lds Church Disbelieve Js Ever Practiced Polygamy?

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The evidence that Joseph Smith taught, preached and practiced polygamy is irrefutable.

Polygamy-denial apologetics that attempt to demonstrate otherwise is some of the worst scholarship you will ever read - utter nonsense that other resembles other evidence-denying literature like holocaust denial and young earth theories.

The best course is for all Restorationist churches is to admit it happened, accept the mountain of evidence, and put the best spin on it possible.

Or just ignore it.

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I thought the Church Website added an asterisk to the biographies of the polygamous prophets, something like:

*Sarah Ann So-And-So was Prophet X's first wife, though he has later sealed to additional women and practiced plural marriage.

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you mean like this: polygamy

After God revealed the doctrine of plural marriage to Joseph Smith in 1831 and commanded him to live it, the Prophet, over a period of years, cautiously taught the doctrine to some close associates. Eventually, he and a small number of Church leaders entered into plural marriages in the early years of the Church. Those who practiced plural marriage at that time, both male and female, experienced a significant trial of their faith. The practice was so foreign to them that they needed and received personal inspiration from God to help them obey the commandment.

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