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You Die, Go to Heaven, And Then...

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For those of you non-LDS folks...

You die, you go to heaven, and THEN?

I've heard all kinds of interesting ideas. I've heard we are genderless beings. I've heard we get mansions that have magic walls that you can throw roses against that will automagically stick. I've heard you get crowns of jewels, the jewels for each soul you bring unto Christ.

But seriously, you go to heaven and then what? What do you do for the rest of eternity?

Ummm, living things die. The end.

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In heaven will be employed. We will not be on vacation. It is written that we will be the judges of other lower beings.

1Co 6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

This infers that saved humans who go to heaven will be on a higher level than at least some of the angels in heaven. This in turn suggests that in heaven we will be administrators over some of the affairs of running a universe populated with beings on some lower level of some sort than us in heaven.

And heaven is a really big place--- lots of work to to there.

The righteous get no rest.

We'll continue to serve others. Just as we're supposed to do here. Just as we will do forever.

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