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September 27, 1886 Revelation -- a forgery?

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Well CV75, if a revocation of authority to perform plural marriages happened by 1890 then there must be a whole bunch of disappointed GA's of yesteryear on the other side. See THIS THREAD.

Naturally, such changes take time. Look at how long it took for the practice to receive official sanction in 1852--some 21 years after Joseph Smith's first revelation about it. Hence the need for the second, 1904 "Manifesto".

It is comforting that Christ will judge those who didn't "get" the memo (could not read, hear, adjust, comprehend, properly interpret, implement, execute, etc).

Some 100 years on we've had plenty of time to adjust plus we have the advantage of repeated clarification. Using the document to justify modern polygamy is an abuse.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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