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David Bokovoy

Boasting vs. Praising

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Not to say I have run out of arguments for your gnats, just that I don't see the point of repeating them on two threads at once.

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David, you took the words out of my mouth.  Those Biblical references in that verse are very misleading.  Those Bible verses are obviously NOT the source for the quoted Book of Mormon verse.

They are not misleading, and I never said they were the source that were quoted from the Book of Mormon verses. I wanted to express the notion that anything new or considered to be new revelation etc., is already revealed, explained or communicated in the Bible. Important lessons learned or expressed are already found in the Bible, you can already find those "Messages" in it. And you think its hard being LDS... :P

don't want to seem like a brute fellow, but I still don't see anything truly new that hasn't already been revealed to us from the Bible. For every verse/message in the BoM that uplifts the soul, you can already find that exact message in the Bible.
You missed the point. And much much more.

Heh..my sentiments exactly, I too am misunderstood. <_<

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I was running a search on some threads and came across this one that never did see too much action. I had forgotten how much fun this idea was. I still maintain that this is a pretty interesting link.

Bumped for others to read.

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