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The Mountain Meadows Massacre

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Methinks this Topic has been "massacreed" for too long!

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Last night, at an event observing 20 years since the publication of the current Church hymnbook, I saw my friend Glen Leonard. I expressed to him again how eagerly I await the publication of the book he is writing on MMM, along with Ron Walker and Richard Turley Jr. He said they expect it to be out a year from now. (I last spoke to him about it some six months ago, and his projection then was Labor Day 2006, so, from that point in time, they are roughly on schedule.)

He said people are constantly asking him about it, wondering why it is taking so long, but said they want to do it right. I replied that doing it right is a good thing, since it has been done wrong too often.

He mentioned that he had given a presentation on the subject the other night at a Sons of Utah Pioneers dinner. He said he had the rapt attention of everyone in the audience throughout the speech (no small feat, given the propensity of people in that age demographic to fall asleep). Afterward, a man of considerable affluence and influence approached him and remarked that, based on the speech, the book will definitely not be a whitewash. Glen told me the authors' intent is to be as forthcoming and straightforward as they can.

I suppose that will contradict the expectations of (and perhaps disappoint) some of the critics, who have already given their reviews before the book was even written.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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