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Found 1 result

  1. "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, accepts the Bible as, the first and foremost, of her Standard Works, chief among the books which have been proclaimed, as her written guides in Faith and Doctrine". (Lecture XII, The Bible Article # 8...) The first Sunday of this Month, (March) our Bishop challenged our Ward to read the Book of Mormon, by Easter and General Conference. We can all rest assured (as members) we will hear many General Authorities, give us the same challenge, for each of us all to read, and re-read, the Book of Mormon, as well. In my 39 years as a member of, The Church, I have served at least 25-26 years as a Gospel Doctrine Instructor, the last time for, four years straight. Each time, I would always admonish my students to always read the volume of scripture that we are studying in that calendar year. Currently the entire Church is reading and teaching the Old Testament. When I was teaching, I too have even admonished members to continue to read the Book of Mormon daily, but to put more the lion share of their attention in what we are studying, as it has always been my practice of mine well. True it is, the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our Religion, but what of the foundation? You thoughts, Please Thanking you all in advance Wow, no more late night posting for me, I just had to delete most of the thread. Too much in errors, and just too much. What is left informs the narrative (I hope).
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