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Found 1 result

  1. Really impressed with Kate Holbrook's interview with Terryl Givens. She's thoughtful, candid, and inspiring as she speaks about her persistence to get a PhD and work full time for the church as a manger of church history. She's working on a project with Lisa Tate on the history of the young women's organization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2G7k1ggz7k&feature=em-uploademail One thing I caught that I hadn't heard before was when Terryl asks her about whether she felt a sense of loss and a sense of jubilation when studying the history of the RS. Joseph envisioned a more collaborative relationship with the male priesthood, more autonomy, abundance of spiritual gifts, authority to administer ordinances including healing by the laying of hands. Kate responds that she understands the hyperfocus on this time period, but she feels there is a lost opportunity in recognizing the accomplishments of the women of the 20th century - she then backtracks a bit and says: "I don't want to say that their isn't a difference, between - a time when a woman was able to say I have this terrific idea she's say the General RS president and she goes and talks to the president of the church about it. That is certainly different than now, when she goes and talks to someone in the presiding bishopric, and it has to go through several levels to even get to the president. There is a loss, and there is a difference." I had no idea that the General RS president did not have direct access to the quorum of the 12, and first presidency? Why in 3 heavens does the general RS president still have such an auxiliary level of access to the presiding apostolic quorum, access to financial influence through Pres Bishopric perhaps, but no real budget to work with? No seat on the correlation committee? Kate has a great story about how Ardeth Greene Kapp (General YW president 84-92') while receiving a downpour of revelation would use innovative, clever ways and technology to push the ideas upward through the hierarchy.
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