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Found 1 result

  1. For those of you who love to hate Bill Reel, get your knives out. But for those of you who love to listen to podcasts, you should listen to Bill's new 6 part series where he has a long and winding interview with Jim Bennett and they discuss virtually every hard Mormon issue under the sun. Seriously, they cover a ton of ground. Jim did an in depth response to the CES letter (https://canonizer.com/files/reply.pdf) and gives a solid response from the "faithful" side as Bill plays his usual role as devil's advocate. It's interesting that both Jim and Bill offer some concessions on their side when the other makes good points. Frankly, that's the way discussions should be. No person is ever 100% right and seldom is a person 100% wrong In any case, if podcasts are your thing you should definitely check it out. There is so much content that it's hard to just choose one area to discuss so I'll just throw out this question instead. Is it possible for a faithful member to confess that there are legitimate problems in Mormon History and doctrine, OR does that person immediately become unfaithful when they legitimize errors of the church and it's leaders? https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2019/02/jim-bennett-and-bill-reel-and-the-issues-of-the-ces-letter-part-1/
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