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Found 4 results

  1. An unusual tradition in Denmark is that many of the Lutheran churches have a small model ship hanging from the ceiling, several feet above one's head where people sit, just suspended there in the middle of the church, like the elephant in the room that everybody sees, but nobody is talking about. Ship burials in northern Europe, at-sea ship burials, starting with Scyld/Shield (descendant of patriarch ''Scef). Scyld was contemporary with Hagoth), as was his dying wish, who was sent back to the sea from whence he had mysteriously come... Tolkien had some very cool things/inklings to say about Scyld Gokstad ship replica @ SLC museum and very cool hanging-rivet display/explanations in Vikings exhibit at SLC museum, In some burials, many rivets suggested an entire boat had been burnt for others, meh, a rivet or two was sufficient. No need to waste a pefectly good boat. I love it. Sutton Hoo, confirming Scyld's account in Beowulf Stone-shaped burial sites throughout the north. Tacitus' affirmation ca. 100 Ad that there was a sacred tradition among the germanic people in northern europe, where a model ship was central to whatever the ceremony was, which Tacitus deemed for some unstated reason to be of Egyptian origin. Perhapas his belief that it may have been associated with ideas he was more famiiar with (Fx. Isis, Styx). Israelites anciently did LARPs, usually symbolic, whether Passover or Hannukah (sp), Was this observed memorial a reminder of their origins from across the see...a new Passover-type reminder to be greatful for the exodus from one land and their new future in a nother? A reminder, like the ships hanging in hundreds of Danish shps, and like every other ship burial that resonates throughout the north, that the two-if-by-sea ancestral cry has been waving in the church tower for 2,000 years? Seafaring tradiiton Venellli/Vinland, Nefi (buried gold ancestral treaure), Jo-seph (seafaring child), Ha-du-goth (which in Egyptian, can be deemed to mean to go down into the boat.. , i.e. to emb-ark, the essence of 1 Nephi 18 and Alma 63, Beowulf beginning (with Scyld's aririval by sea, and burial at sea) and ending with such a beacon message, the admonitio to erecting a roundhouse or tower or lighthouse for one's descendants to always remember from whence they came, to cast that beam across the waters for any sailor tempest tossed.
  2. 1. A few hundred views of the initial installment (w/the poll), but only 5 poll responses from members, and 0 would put it to use. 2. Another thinks it's a good-intention road to Oz 3. Another thinks it likely wouldn't help lead someone to Christ Tough room. Summary: BofM Onramp #1 (Scef/Jo-Seph in ancient Europe) BofM Onramp #2 (Hadugoth/Hagoth in ancient Europe)
  3. Marching on to the beat of Nephites in Europe. To the best of my reckoning:, Hagoth, in ancient Europe. http://www.beowulfinstitute.com/Hadugoth.html Comments? Would you leverage a meme like this to help a friend/neighbor give the Book of Mormon due consideration?
  4. Burial customs among forefathers / foremothers: Not long after the collapse of Nephite civilization in the Americas, we are provided a viewing of burial customs in Europe among one people (whose origin dates back to the Hagoth diaspora), a people who specifically spoke of origins across the water from a land's name meaning desolation, and who referred to themselves as "other sheep" Jesus had anciently promised to visit. A brief glimpse of their burial customs: 4 "Girls and women appear to have worn long-sleeved single-piece linen undergarments extending down to the knees..." 3