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Found 1 result

  1. Recent events have caused me to reflect (again) on the Church's teaching that we are literally children of Heavenly Parents. While many of the Church's doctrines set it apart from other Bible based religions, I think the belief that we are literal spirit children of God is the most fundamental difference we have with other religions, and is the foundation for all other major doctrines of the Church. I believe this single belief enables a potential for faith among Church members that far exceeds what any other Christian religion has to offer. (which is easy for me to say, since I have very limited knowledge of what other religions teach 😊). I am curious, though, what others think it means to be a "literal" child of God, and what does the church actually teach as specific doctrine, as opposed to what many members may infer. I also wonder (no belief, just wonder...) if we, maybe, do not all have the same "Father in Heaven". When I look around my small part of the world, there are an awful lot of people...and I'm just seeing a tiny fraction of the current world population. I understand God the Father is capable of more than we can possible imagine, but still....that's a lot of children. The Church teaches that we have the possibility of becoming like God and creating (begetting ?) our own spirit children. If I ever got to that point, I would like to have spirit children...but not sure I'd want ( or ever be ready) to take on all the responsibilities of being "The God" that has to keep everything together through perfect Justice and Mercy. I would be open to the idea of sending my "spirit children" to a world where they could grow and learn and where I could hear their prayers and help them as permitted...but allowing "The God" to run the whole thing. So two questions I be curious to see responses for: 1) What do you think the Church means by "literal" children of God....or what do you think that means. 2) Any possibility there are a few "Heavenly Fathers" out there, who have children on this earth ?
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