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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ, just need a little feedback here... Not sure how to describe this but here goes- So I've noticed a trend among certain adults in my ward, like going to choir and then complaining about how the Bishop asked peope to join it but you had to exit since the music was too challenging, and just in general complaining when situations you put yourself in are challenging, or having so much pity for yourself and the situation you worked very hard to put yourself in that others have to compensate and do what your supposed to do in your calling - I can't help but ask myself: why did you put yourself in that situation? Like if the thorn in your side is asthma, you don't have to set your life's goal in running a marathon - but when you do, we should all applaud you, buy your book, hear your fireside, etc.and perhaps do something similar in our own lives? Not sure what the name for this is but curious as to if anyone else has seen this? Further, it seems psychologically unhealthy to be encouraged to blame yourself or your own perspective for drawing boundaries and saying no when it's necessary, this being the opposite of what a self-martyr complex-holder would do. “On ward and stake levels leadership changes are necessary and, often, too frequent for our convenience and comfort. Some of us are inclined to resent and resist personnel changes. “Why can’t they leave him in?” or “Why do they have to divide our ward?” Our vision may be limited. Seldom are changes made that do not bring needed progress to a person or a situation. How often in retrospect have we thought, “I didn’t understand why that change was made in the program or why that person was given such a calling, but now I can see that it was just what was needed for the time. During transitional times, patience, love, and long-suffering are needed. A permanent part of our philosophy should be, “Never allow yourself to be offended by someone who is learning his job.” “Change in our own church assignments may be even more disturbing. Often when we express a wish to never have that assignment, the bishop or stake president offers us the blessings of that self-same calling. At those times it is good to remember the words of Paul when he, troubled by many ailments, said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philip. 4:13). https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1979/10/progress-through-change?lang=eng
  2. 1. My father in law and a few other people I know seem to need callings more than those callings need them (Scouters, like for decades). It seems unhealthy to me, to need a calling more than it needs you; like to feel a part of your identity is literally missing unless you are called to serve in X group (Primary, Youth, scouts, RS, EQP, etc.) or if you attend church w/o a calling for a while (new ward, stake boundaries; you moved for work, etc.) So detaching the correct amount - accepting any calling that comes to you with no thought of specialization - seems a more healthy but also aimless approach. 2. If an EQP member was called to serve as the Primary Pianist, this seems like it woudl upset the hierarchy of responsibleness the ward and stake leaders have; BUT if there is no such thing as "advancing in the priesthood" per Elder Christofferson, why would such a neutral (not advancing, not retrogressing) calling be less preferred? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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