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Found 2 results

  1. 1. My father in law and a few other people I know seem to need callings more than those callings need them (Scouters, like for decades). It seems unhealthy to me, to need a calling more than it needs you; like to feel a part of your identity is literally missing unless you are called to serve in X group (Primary, Youth, scouts, RS, EQP, etc.) or if you attend church w/o a calling for a while (new ward, stake boundaries; you moved for work, etc.) So detaching the correct amount - accepting any calling that comes to you with no thought of specialization - seems a more healthy but also aimless approach. 2. If an EQP member was called to serve as the Primary Pianist, this seems like it woudl upset the hierarchy of responsibleness the ward and stake leaders have; BUT if there is no such thing as "advancing in the priesthood" per Elder Christofferson, why would such a neutral (not advancing, not retrogressing) calling be less preferred? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. nuclearfuels

    Hopeless Quant; seeking zen

    Seems like the scriptures support ranking of certain things like sins (murder, sexual sin, etc.), which to me seems to suggest a specific amount of suffering required by the Savior in order to satisfy justice and provide forgiveness. And in prayer: seems like our ancestors whose Temple work we give them the option to accept, can pray with more faith and more power after we complete their Temple work and they choose to accept it. No? Seems like service (operationalized in the form of callings) might also be rank-able and quantifiable. (Perhaps framing it as an objective event like the Second Coming would help: "Wickedness will not hasten it. Righteousness will not postpone it." - since service is an eternal process not an event, though - gives me another disconnect... It is confusing to me then to realize that callings are not ranked and the fact that none of us "advance" in callings but instead, we progress in a nonlinear, individual path. My wife said this is the case because we all come to earth to learn the same lessons but we learn them in different ways. As a loyal spouse, I'm not allowed to question nor accept her advice on face value....but it seems to explain the disconnect my neurons so often confront. Her ancestors who held callings for 20+ years, I suppose, simplified things: I was called to do x. That's what I'm doing until I'm released. If any of you beautiful people could expound on these disconnects and my wife's wisdom, I'd be much obliged.