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Found 1 result

  1. Has anyone sorted out the mystery of the secret writings of the Brother of Jared, the stones or interpeters that were hidden up with them, and how both Mosiah (Ether 4:1) and Moroni may have gotten them (Ether 4:4)? Ancillary question would be whether Alma's Gazelem (Alma 37:23) are the same as Ether's "interpreters/stones" (Ether 3:23,28; 4:5)? There is no indication I can find that the 24-gold plates found by the exploration party sent by Limhi to find the land of Zarahemla, contained anything other than the Book of Ether . .. . no indication they also contained the secret writings of the Brother of Jared OR the interpreters, else why would Limhi ask Ammon if he knew who could interpret them, or that Ammon knew that Alma had such devices before the 24 plates were found?
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