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Found 2 results

  1. I’m not here to argue with anyone or change anyone’s mind. I’m just curious what compels you guys to believe the Book of Mormon and teachings of Joseph Smith? A lot of what of what I know about Mormonism comes from sources that have an anti-Mormon bias, and I want to see y’all’s perspective on the LDS church.
  2. You only need to listen to about the first two minutes and 30 seconds to catch Christopher Hitchens admit that we are all born with a conscience, something inside us, that guides our moral compasses. After that I think the theists in the debate blow it and don't follow up, but stick to their pre-planned arguments and miss the opportunity right under their noses! https://youtu.be/bx1yXvcT2kw Hitchens is a noted atheist and Positivist who believes that any statement is "nonsense" if it cannot be verified through objective evidence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Hitchens He is known for "Hitchens Razor" which virtually defines positivism itself And yet he believes that the answer to the question "Why would you do the right thing when no one is watching?" leads him to quote Socrates who speaks of a "daemon" or "spirit" - variously translated- to gives our lives direction, a kind of "voice" that everyone has inside of us. At one point he almost uses the word "spirit" to describe this "daemon"- pronounces the "s" and then switches terms hopefully before anyone notices the "S"-Word. So atheists and agnostics- do you have a conscience? (And please let's not get into the argument that one has to believe in God to be moral- I readily concede one does not have to be a theist to be a moral person) So what if the James 1, Moroni 10, and all that we call "revelation" can be described as coming from this "Daemon"? Does that mean that all moral atheists are tacit theists- not because of their moral behavior but the EXPERIENCE of making moral choices seems to come from an inside "voice"? What IS that "voice"? Where is his evidence for the existence of such a "Being/ Daemon/ Spirit I brought this up in another thread but I thought it deserved its own so as not to hijack the other thread- I admit readily that this "Other" outside ourselves can deliver wisdom and all we need for a meaningful life to us, and I use the word "revelation" to describe what I personally hear from that "voice" I know the church likes to slice and dice this into "The Holy Ghost" and the "Light of Christ" and the "Second Comforter" (perhaps) but I find it hard to define them all that closely from experience. I KNOW (ie am totally psychologically certain) that such a phenomenon exists and has been a benefit to my life. I call this Other in my consciousness "God". At some point it all gets pretty undefinable and I don't see much point in trying to slice and dice it further. So if everyone has this "Daemon" speaking to him- isn't that admitted that everyone has "God revealing wisdom" to him? What's the pragmatic difference? If it is a distinction without a difference in our lives is it even a valid distinction?
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