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Found 1 result

  1. The feminist movement has really done a number on women with respect to the issue of abortion. We've been bullied into accepting that the decision to abort or not abort is 100% in the hands of the woman. It's her body. No one can tell her what to do with her body. Fine, but let's be honest about how that harms women. If 100% of the decision making power is hers then so is 100% of the responsibility. The man who impregnated her is off the hook. So is the doctor who performs the abortion. They're only doing what she has decided she wants. They're serving her desire. Is that fair? Of course not. What is fair is to have everyone involved share the weight of the decision. The boyfriend or husband shouldn't be able to hide behind her decision. The doctor shouldn't be able to pretend it's just another requested routine medical procedure. If abortions are to occur then let's share the burden and let everyone involved suffer the consequences. I think we'd have fewer of them in the end.
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