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Found 2 results

  1. So now that President Nelson has shown us how he roles and how the inspiration he receives roles, I can't help but ask/ponder aloud with my cyber-ward-family/friends (I don't know any of you well enough to consider our relationship to be that of frenemies, my apologies): - I figure we have maybe two years until the BSA program (love it or hate it) will be replaced - Several years ago, maybe 10+ years, there was talk about mini-Temples being created in levels other the main entry level of stake centers; wondering if this idea might come back? Really I'm just looking for an excuse to goto Ireland and a Temple openhouse seems to be that opportunity; slainte! - Wondering if any of you have written to General Authorities and asked about topics like these; anyone received a response? Since "marriage" has been legally "redefined," I'm curious to ask the GA's if redefining marriage in the vein of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many others defined marriage. Waiting for SCOTUS to "redefine marriage" again (before reinstituting), would be more palatable no doubt, but aren't we on kind of an accelerated time schedule/ last days etc.? And when you attend the Temple, don't the Sisters outnumber the Brothers by a factor of 3 to 1, on average?
  2. My question as I am still a new convert is how many times can you be sealed to someone or others. Say for example you were sealed to your current husband but he pass away. Years later down the line you meet someone and want to get sealed with the new husband instead. How does it work in the end. I never understand this and every time I ask someone nobody seems to really want to explain it. Please clarify only if you truly have the answer. Thank You
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