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  1. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Friends of Scouting in church today

  2. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Masonry essay on the church website

    This isn't really accurate. I'd say some of the signs/penalties are similar, and a couple of the tokens are nearly identical. I can't/won't comment further.
  3. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Masonry essay on the church website

    This is not true. I cannot comment further.
  4. I'd be more than happy to review it on Amazon, Deseretbook, and maybe could get my friends at FairMormon to post a review.
  5. DispensatorMysteriorum

    New Announcement on Youth and Primary Progression

    As the bishop in our ward, I am starting my interviews this coming week for the priesthood ordinations. We will sustain and ordain them the first Sunday in January. We will wait on the temple recommends until after January starts.
  6. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    He made specific reference to the law of obedience and the relationship between men and women in that covenant. That's really all I can say about it.
  7. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    What if it were only on fifth Sundays or some other arrangement? Regular church meetings could be cancelled for the day, and the temple be opened the entire day instead.... Just an idea that popped into my head.
  8. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    I heard it explicitly said from Elder Neil L. Anderson that changes are coming to the temple. I've also heard this from a couple of friends in the translation department.
  9. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Sources for Josephs Temple Revelations

    I don't totally disagree with this. I would just add or clarify that Freemasonry is to the temple what the KJV of the Bible is to the Book of Mormon. Masonry is no more the source of the temple than the KJV is the source of the Book of Mormon. Does the Book of Mormon allude to KJV Bible, or outright borrow from it in places? Yes. Does the temple allude to or outright borrow from Masonry in places? Yes. But the Book of Mormon translation is of a true, ancient source. Likewise, the temple has its source in antiquity.
  10. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Sources for Josephs Temple Revelations

    I disagree. Please see a paper I wrote on this topic published here: https://www.fairmormon.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/FMPapers_2.pdf
  11. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Interesting trek change

    Our stake is going to do one of these next summer. Could you send me those links?
  12. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    I really think there will be changes to the roles of bishop and EQP as you describe here. As a bishop, I am both excited and terrified by this at the same time. I'm excited, because it could mean more stuff gets done. I'm terrified, because it may also mean that things I am now doing won't get done any more as the EQP and RSP decide not to step up to the challenge. It could be a disaster.
  13. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Speculations for General Conference

    I guess it comes down to how you view the words "counsel" and "direction." The same words are used for the oversight of the bishop for ministering assignments, but I don't generally dictate all the details on that to the EQP and RSP. They work out the assignments, carry out the interviews, etc. For ministering, I give input, and approve the assignments, but they do the bulk of the heavy lifting. The same holds true for long-term welfare issues. They workout the plans, meet with needy individuals, and do the bulk of the heavy lifting. I give guidance, approval, and direction as needed.
  14. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Speculations for General Conference

    If someone asks to see the bishop for welfare needs, I typically meet with them first and assess what their most immediate and pressing needs are. If their needs are very temporary (a medical bill or the like), I just handle it. If it's more complicated, I have them then start to meet with the RSP or EQP (or sometimes one of their counselors) to work on a plan for going forward. Long-term welfare issues are not the bishop's responsibility. He is the only one that can authorize expenditure of church funds and resources, but it is not his job, nor his keys, to determine how to help them in these situations. That falls squarely on the Elders quorum and the Relief Society. Once I figured this out, the needy ward members have gotten much better help. Due to the number of ward members who are need, I alone simply cannot devote adequate time to help them really solve their problems. There is wisdom in having the EQP and RSP step forward and really take the lead on this.
  15. DispensatorMysteriorum

    Speculations for General Conference

    I respectfully disagree. You could call someone to do the heavy lifting, but leave it to the bishop to authorize the plan, or kick it back for further study. Ultimately the keys the bishop holds allows him to make the decision, but much of the grunt work of coming up with a plan could be carried out by others. In fact, that's my current approach in that I often delegate these matters to the EQP and RSP. They come up with a plan for the needy individuals, and then run it by me for approval. Usually I agree with the plan. Sometimes I ask for revisions.