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  1. Flyonthewall

    Once saved always saved?

    Read the very post you responded to. It is plain as day... or can you not understand the plain and simple words of Christ?
  2. Flyonthewall

    Once saved always saved?

    To me, the words of Christ in the parable of the sower, in addition to what everyone else has said here, refutes everything about OSAS. The majority of the words of Christ become false doctrine if OSAS is true.
  3. Whether or not the object is unnecessary is a different matter. The object is a tool as I see it. Could Lehi have led his family through the wilderness on faith alone? I think yes, as long as God was willing. Moses did not have a Liahona... of course he wandered for many years before arriving at his destination... Lehi arrived in a more expedited manner. Blessings of the sick are a matter all to themselves... one hears of miraculous healings without the aid of a Priesthood blessing - so is it possible - yes. I see the temple garment as a tool... a reminder of covenants, so do they help - yes indeed. Of course wearing the garment is a promise one makes so is there extra help in keeping yoru promises? sure. Can anyone pray and get an answer....well Joseph Smith believed it. As I understand it, answers to prayer depends on the stewardship of the one doing the praying. Could I get an answer to prayer concerning the direction the church should be led? No - that's not under my stewardship.
  4. And thus, as I see it, it is something or someone other than the object that the power comes from. If the object had the power, then whoever has the object has the power. It is a bit as an electrical appliance - it is built for a certain purpose but is useless without being plugged into a power source.
  5. I do not believe objects are imbued with "magical" properties - if they were, they would work more consistently. Any and all miracles or "supernatural" events are only brought about by God. Not even the power of the Priesthood can work without God's consent.
  6. Flyonthewall

    No Death Before the Fall?

    My thought on "No death before the fall" is that it is a point of reference. This rock may have had one or more previous uses, but after it was created or re-organized or flipped for our use, there was no death until after the fall. The Biblical narration only concerns itself from the time it was prepared for the use of man forward and does not take into consideration anything that happened before. Who knows, perhaps each one of the extinction events in the past was an ending for the current use and set the stage for the next use.