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  1. Twenty years ago or so, two wards were split into 3, and as a result, there were very few boys in the Cub Scouts. I was the Cub Committee Chair, but we had no Cub master. One of the other wards had a Cub Master but no Cub Committee Chair. We each had den leaders. We decided to combine the Cub organization just so it could function better. We tried to combine all 3 wards but one chose not to. With the 2 wards combined there were maybe 6 kids total. One ward had he Wolf den, the other had the Bear Den. The Cub Master would run the pack meetings, and I would fill in if he could not make it. Each ward was responsible for purchasing the awards for their own kids and having them at the pack meetings. We would split the cost of any den activities or pack activites. It worked out pretty well for us.
  2. Here is a facebook post about this: " This is not something you expect to happen to you when you go to church on Sunday. As we sat in church today...... John decided to do a terrible thing. Sacrament was past and the children had sang primary songs about the Pioneers coming across the plains. John stood up and opened fire on his home teacher and ministering brother he called his friend. Drugs and mental illness are a big part of his decision to take the life of his friend. Our whole ward has been in lock down since about 12:50 today until about 4:30. Many witnessed him doing this as it was right there in front of us. When the shots rang out they were distinct loud and I counted, I think 6 or 7 shots. It was so unexpected and so sudden, you had no time to react. Fathers and mothers and children dropped to the floor then ran out of the chapel as we were directed to all huddled in one place away from the area. John ran out with men running after him In front of families, friends and children, John decided to do this terrible thing. So as you might suspect this has been a terrible ordeal for the whole Ward, the city and especially the family that just had their father, husband and grandpa taken from them. Please send all your prayers of comfort to those that have gone through this and especially this family. Please pray for the children too that they may be able to get past this and have some peace to be able to sleep tonight. " Suggests drugs and mental illness played a major part in this... Sorry - editing functions have changed since I last used them
  3. Here is a facebook post about this:
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