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  1. Please don't rename this forum.
  2. Alan

    No more MoTab

    Does anyone else think this is a bit silly?
  3. God Save the King is the national or royal anthem in a number of countries. For example, in addition to the United Kingdom, it is also an official national anthem of New Zealand (they have two), as well as a number of other small nations of the former British Empire. It is also the royal anthem of Canada and Australia. It therefore has a more global application than the other patriotic hymns, so should be kept. 😉
  4. One of the best accounts I have read on this subject is Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie. Although not LDS, his account is very supportive of our doctrinal position.
  5. That, of course, presents us with the problem that 11 other people saw them.
  6. Alan

    Incredible Temple Name Announcement Today

    Good point. Fish & Chips is a very popular dish with missionaries. Yeah... must have been the food.
  7. Alan

    Incredible Temple Name Announcement Today

    Probably because England was a land of religious liberty.
  8. Alan

    LDS Church cancels Pioneer Day Devotional

    There are too many of these "devotionals". Youth devotionals, YSA devotionals, Christmas devotionals.... the list goes on.
  9. Alan

    2 hour block

    My experience of the Sabbath in Utah is that it is very lax indeed. All the Walmart's are busy, restaurants are open, and I've even heard of church meetings being cut short to accommodate the Super Bowl. Generally, Sabbath keeping here is much better in my experience.
  10. This is absolutely appalling. What is happening to my church?
  11. Alan

    The Lincoln Hypothesis

    I don't know really, it's just always fascinated him. He knows more about the US civil war than he does about the English civil war, the war of the roses, the Norman conquest etc, combined. Maybe he's a bit of a weirdo... ☺️
  12. Alan

    Varying Valiantness of Plants and Animals?

    All a "witness tree" in the sacred grove would have "seen" is a boy on his knees. It is called the First Vision for a reason. It was a vision. Joseph saw a vision, not a physical visitation.
  13. Alan

    Missionary work and Gays

    Here in the UK the mission president has to interview any prospective foreign Muslim convert prior to baptism to enquire whether they intent to return to their country and, if so, if their life will be in danger.
  14. As I understand it, the issue came up more than once. The First Pres. and the Twelve operate a strict policy of unanimity when considering such things. I understand that a unanimous decision was not possible prior to 1978.