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  1. Modesty standards

    I think modesty in dress should also include the "costly apparel" element. To wear expensive designer labels is not being modest.
  2. Evangelical Creation Movie

    Shouldn't be too difficult for them, because they were.
  3. The Lincoln Hypothesis

    I have read this book. I thought it was quite impressive. However, my father, who is an American Civil War expert, was totally unimpressed by it.
  4. Temple Predictions

    There won't be a temple in Scotland any time soon. We should get one in Yorkshire though, because every time we go to the temple we have to cross into enemy territory - Lancashire.
  5. If the LDS Church obtained the Kirtland Temple I very much suspect it would function as it does now. There would be no need to change anything.
  6. In the statement issued by Stephen Veasey (President of the Community of Christ) it says they have been negotiating for the sale of the Manuscript for a year. Apparently, the proceeds are to be used to meet pension liabilities for retired church ministers. They are disposing of $25 million of real estate for the same purpose. In light of the announcement that negotiations for the Printers Manuscript have been ongoing for a year, I found the following statement very interesting: "Negotiations are continuing to sell other historical assets not essential to mission".
  7. The Community of Christ are in financial free-fall, so this will help them limp on for a few more years. They got a $40 million donation from a rich member back in 1999 and have squandered the lot on their "Transformation 2000" initiative. This was based on a ministerial recruitment programme which they expected would kick start a period of growth. The opposite happened and they have laid off ministers and reduced commitments every year. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before they sell us the Kirtland Temple.
  8. We have two married gay men with kids in our ward. They are married to women.
  9. Also, Daniel's 1260 "day" prophecy places the apostasy as being completed in 570AD (rise of Gregory the Great, birth of Muhammad). 570 plus 1260 years brings us to 1830.
  10. Upon this rock I will build my Church...

    The "gates of Hell" is a reference to death. Therefore, death will not prevail against the progress of the church. Peter was given the sealing keys in order to bind on earth and in heaven (eg beyond this life... after death). That is how I understand the scripture. I think Nibley promoted this view.
  11. I understand the MHS covers the whole of the Mormon movement, not just the Utah version. It might be worth looking into the understanding of the apostasy held by the Community of Christ, the Restoration Branches, The Remnant Church (RLDS), the Church of Christ (Temple Lot), the Strangites etc. They all have a different take on the issue. For me, the scriptures describe the church as "being in the wilderness" prior to the restoration. Maybe it's just the way we use and understand words, but the church being in the wilderness does not mean the same thing and non-existent.
  12. I admit to being a bit miffed with Elder Holland. It all sounds a little Paul H Dunn-ish.
  13. Personally, if I had to make a choice I'd go with B H Roberts on this.
  14. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    Poor old Joe can't win. If it had been 3+9+JS=13, he would have got it in the neck for using a number sacred to the occult. Or to Freemasonry. If the witnesses had totaled 7, that too would have been a Biblically significant number. As would 70. Or 66 (the number of books in the Bible), or 4 (the number of Gospels in the Bible), or 666, or ...... the list goes on. I think there were 3 and 8 because there were.
  15. My (Ex) Stake President is a Woman

    Joseph wasn't sealed to men. Men were sealed to Joseph post-mortem. Big difference.