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  1. New First Presidency

    As far as I'm concerned, if the new presidency is more orthodox and conservative, that is a very good thing.
  2. 4th Sundays in 2018

    I'm not sure the purpose of priesthood meeting is to be interesting.
  3. Progression Between Kingdoms

    Progression from kingdom to kingdom is clearly taught in the endowment ceremony.
  4. Mormon 95 thesis for our day

    I certainly can, but they don't get to take the sacrament.
  5. Mormon 95 thesis for our day

    We raised 5 children and didn't miss sacrament that I can remember. Parents who take their children out because they're not being reverent should teach them to be reverent. I attended a Catholic mass recently... no problems there.
  6. Mormon 95 thesis for our day

    Technically, we should also have closed communion because one cannot renew a covenant one hasn't made.
  7. Mormon 95 thesis for our day

    Thoroughly disagree with this. The late arrivals are the ones who limit their access to the sacrament. The most important ordinance in the gospel and they can't be bothered to get there in time, when a chapel full of people have! In my view, if you don't participate in the prayer, you're not part of the ordinance. You might as well get confirmed without bothering with the baptism.
  8. It is very difficult to argue that OD-1 was from God.
  9. I think it can be successfully argued that the church has already surrendered on such issues in the past. I'm thinking of plural marriage and priesthood ordination, but there may be others
  10. Joining this discussion late. I would just like to point out that people with red hair are, in fact, denied the priesthood. My sister has red hair and has never been given the priesthood. 😉
  11. Modesty standards

    I think modesty in dress should also include the "costly apparel" element. To wear expensive designer labels is not being modest.
  12. Evangelical Creation Movie

    Shouldn't be too difficult for them, because they were.
  13. The Lincoln Hypothesis

    I have read this book. I thought it was quite impressive. However, my father, who is an American Civil War expert, was totally unimpressed by it.
  14. Temple Predictions

    There won't be a temple in Scotland any time soon. We should get one in Yorkshire though, because every time we go to the temple we have to cross into enemy territory - Lancashire.
  15. If the LDS Church obtained the Kirtland Temple I very much suspect it would function as it does now. There would be no need to change anything.