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  1. It does look awkward. But it's similar to saying "is it not the case?" when we really mean "is it the case?".
  2. While I appreciate your comments, I do not think they are correct in this case. There is clearly some drift occurring in church doctrine and teachings at the present time. In my view the leadership are trying very hard not to offend the PC brigade and are saying what they need to say to remain, for the most part, under the radar. This is not without historical precedent. The result is that church members are using these statements to develop their own teachings and passing them off as endorsed by the church. They are teaching for doctrine the commandments of men. I think the church leadership know there is going to be an almighty fight on this issue and they're just trying to hold it off for as long as possible.
  3. In my view the column describing the "past position" is the correct one.
  4. I have always understood that our pre-resurrection sojourn in the spirit world is part of mortality. Therefore, it is at the time of the resurrection that all things will be restored, including our memory of the pre-mortal life.
  5. We sing it occassionally in priesthood meeting. Whereabouts are you in the UK?
  6. Whereas you do of course. I know your comment wasn't directed at me, but just to let you know, I am a scientist.
  7. Absolutely! The idea that evolutionary theory has undergone rigorous stress testing and scientifically impartial experimental investigation is pure fantasy. Most scientists are taught as children that evolution is true and never question it as they move into their professional career. Neither dare they if they value it's longevity. Scientific modeling clearly indicates that biological evolution is not possible and cannot account for the existence of life here on Earth. It just can't. The one or two brave souls in the scientific community who have declared this have, in effect, been run out of town.
  8. I am right. I have studied this question for years and always believed the party line. Then I began to study the most reliable evidence. Not that supplied by Joseph's enemies like Bennett or Law, but contemporary accounts by his close friends and acquaintances. There are lots of accounts written after the fact, mostly decades after, by those who had, for one reason or another, a vested interest in Joseph's involvement; but those contemporary with Joseph clearly provide sufficient evidence to form the conclusion I have formed. In my view Joseph was involved in dynastic sealings and nothing more.
  9. Joseph didn't lie about plural marriage. When he said he had no involvement in it he was telling the truth.
  10. The problem is, most scientists decide biological evolution is correct first, and then let that inform their investigations. A mathematician schooled in the science of statistical analysis would start from the view that evolution is impossible. Ultimately, it's all about the assumptions upon which faith is based.
  11. That is what science should be, but it isn't. Evolution for example.
  12. In this arena "science" is a belief system based on assumptions, the justifications for which are dubious at best.
  13. It doesn't. I don't believe human beings have been here for a million years.
  14. While it is true that the assumption of six 24 hour days of creation is not Biblical, the passing of around 6,000 years since the expulsion from the Garden of Eden is.
  15. Of course there has been global warming. At one time the earth was in the grip of an ice-age, and it's much warmer now! Then there was the medieval warm period (now known to be global) which was warmer than it is now (must have been all those medieval power stations and cars). But human induced warming is clearly speculative at best.