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  1. Ah... but what if it is from God? You would then be held accountable for condemning God's revelation to his prophet. These things cut both ways. The way I look at it: Joseph had his stewardship and I have mine. I have far too much on my plate right now to worry about Joseph's. I believe he remained a true prophet until his final breath. But the question that concerns me most is, will I do the same.
  2. As I said before, no apology is necessary, neither will it be forthcoming. I suggest you take it up with God. It is, after all, his priesthood and he can share and withhold it from whoever he jolly well pleases.
  3. So Joseph is to blame for the sins and abuses of others? If so, perhaps he should get all the credit for any good you and do as members of the church.
  4. Negroes were not permitted to hold the priesthood at one time, now they are. Gentiles were not permitted to hold the priesthood at one time, now they are. Non-Levites were not permitted to hold the priesthood at one time, now they are. How far back do you want this apology to go?
  5. There will be no apology because it wasn't wrong.
  6. Not in Nauvoo it wasn't. Marriage was Marriage, sealing was sealing. That much is absolutely clear... at least to me it is. It is only once the Saints were in Utah that the two became conflated to such as extent that they actually became considered to be the same thing. Here in England we have to get married legally (usually in the church with a registrar present and the ceremony open to the public) and then have that marriage sealed in the temple sometime later. Because the US and Canadian governments recognize temple sealing as marriage you tend to view it as the same thing. However, on this side of the pond they are two distinct ceremonies. The same was true in Nauvoo. In fact, the D&C of the day even detailed what was required for a marriage ceremony. It had to be public and legal.
  7. In my view, people just need to get over this. There was a restriction, there isn't now, that's the end of the matter. What is the point of constantly raking this over?
  8. I believe your friend is correct. Joseph practiced multiple sealings.
  9. On Jewish/Mormon Relations

    I think you might be getting me mixed up with someone else.
  10. On Jewish/Mormon Relations

    I have never been happy with the church retreating from proxy temple work for deceased Jews just because the Jewish lobby doesn't like it. If they don't like it... so what? It is a religious practice we have, and they would be crying foul if we or someone else was trying to curtail their religious practices. In my view the church should have told them to take a running jump.
  11. By faith only, or also by blood?
  12. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    I think the LDS leader who was closest to Billy Graham in terms of delivery style was undoubtedly Paul H. Dunn. In terms of theological explanation and exhortation either Neal A Maxwell or Bruce R. McConkie, with McConkie just shaving it I think. In contemporary terms, Jeffrey R Holland is the closest we have now.
  13. President Nelson on Gun Control

    I applaud President Nelson for saying what needed to be said.
  14. New First Presidency

    As far as I'm concerned, if the new presidency is more orthodox and conservative, that is a very good thing.