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  1. Continuation of the scenario.... "On second thoughts Dad, the $120,000 plus benefits for life will come in handy."
  2. I think there has always been nepotism in church leadership.
  3. Temple endowment presentation.
  4. This knowledge only came to them when Lucifer told them. "See, you are naked...."
  5. But if God told them to eat the fruit when the time was right, they could have had children. Thus no contradiction. In my opinion Lucifer jumped in while they were still very immature and said, in effect, "you can have it all now", which is exactly what he continues to tell us today. I have never believed the church's teaching on the fall. It has never made any sense to me and I believe the reason is because it's non-sense. The God I worship does not play games.
  6. Being thrown out of the garden and Eve being told she was going to suffer pain during labour because of her disobedience, sounds like punishment to me. It may be the natural consequence of disobedience, but it can't legitimately be claimed that they we're being obedient to God in taking the fruit, when he specifically told them not to. Your claim was that either option - taking the fruit or not taking the fruit - was obeying God. This cannot be true; God is not the author of confusion. In partaking of the fruit they obeyed Lucifer.
  7. I can't believe God would set them up like that. He doesn't engage in double-talk. Also, if they were obey God, why punish them? It makes no sense. In my view the clue is in Lucifer's words when he complained he'd done nothing wrong in tempting Adam and Eve because he was "doing what had been done in other worlds". He didn't do it in other worlds, but it had been done. I suggest that taking the fruit in other worlds had been done at the behest of God. We know God frequently visited the garden and walked and talked with Adam and Eve. I'm sure they weren't discussing the weather and the price of chips! They were being trained. I believe there would have come a time when He would have told them they had learned all they needed to learn and could now take the fruit. What actually happened is Lucifer jumped in first, got them to partake of the fruit prematurely at his behest, and threw the whole enterprise into disarray.
  8. In my view I think the accounts we have of the pre-existence, the council in heaven, the Fall etc, are very brief and lacking in any meaningful detail. So it is very tempting to read between the lines and develop our own theology. There is nothing wrong with this as long as we don't try to pass it off as the truth and demand others accept it. I believe the Fall was a catastrophe at the time. When we say that Adam and Eve didn't sin but instead transgressed, we talk in riddles. Of course they sinned. They were given a straight choice. Obey God or obey Lucifer. They chose to obey Lucifer. This isn't rocket science.
  9. Just because you think something about someone, it doesn't mean you have to articulate it. So he could have apologised for calling Trump a liar, or immoral or a phony, without rescinding what he said and without changing his mind about him. In other words, he could apologise for what he said, not for what he thought. Obviously, he could only apologise for saying what he said if he was sorry for offending Trump and causing him to be upset. But I maintain that simply to apologise for saying nasty things would not make him a liar even if he still believed those nasty things.
  10. If this is true, Romney should certainly have apologized. It seems his personal pride has deprived the US of a potentially very good SofS.
  11. Entertaining the home teachers is a chore I could do without. Having said that, I've only had to do it once in the past 2 years so I shouldn't complain.
  12. I will make a point of being absent from the SS lesson regarding D&C 132. I wouldn't be able to keep quiet about my committed view that Joseph was a monogamist and that Sec 132 has been seriously tampered with. I have a feeling a discussion would ensue which could land me in trouble.
  13. I'm glad I was already ordained before I got married!
  14. This has been the case for a while. We had a 19 year old sister go out on a "two transfer" (ie. 3 months) mission quite recently. An 18 year old Elder from another ward in the stake also went out on this basis recently. It is usually done this way if there are grounds for concern regarding the prospective missionaries health.