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  1. This guys been around for years. He joined the LDS Church at one time, but later left and flirted with the RLDS/CofChrist, Restoration Branch movement etc. I exchanged emails with him a few years ago. Seemed harmless enough.
  2. It didn't refer to "princes" at all. "Popes and priests" was the reference. There has been more than one pope (hence the plural "Popes"), so that would suggest multiple popes, if not all, are part of Lucifer's kingdom; as are priests and protestant ministers. There is no doubt that the temple endowment presentation clearly taught that all of these were part of the devil's kingdom and false religion. A Great & Abominable Church just as Nephi described.
  3. It certainly made reference to the Pope as part of Lucifer's kingdom.
  4. Like I said previously, just think of the pre-1989 temple endowment presentation.
  5. As far as I'm concerned this was settled a long time ago. You're welcome to twist and turn all you like in order to be as PC as possible, but the fact remains that this is a clear description of the RC Church and of nothing else.
  6. When I first read the passages in question, it struck me immediately that it was referring to the RC Church and it's siblings/offspring. It was as clear as day to me. Later, as I started to study the subject in greater detail I found that my interpretation was in agreement with many of the founding characters in the restoration movement and other Apostles/GA's. It is only in relatively recent times that the church (meaning leaders and apologists, not the actual church) have retreated from that interpretation in favour of some other explanation designed to appease the sensibilities of Catholics and others. Just think back to the mention of the Pope in the pre-1989 temple endowment ceremony if you need a little more clarity. As for my figure of speech; have you really never heard someone suffix a sentence with the phrase "to be honest....." ?
  7. What I mean is, approaching the passages without any preconceptions. To read it honestly for what it says, rather than for what you want it to say, or what you have been told it says. I think you probably knew that's what I meant. The "honest reading" comment is perfectly straightforward to understand as a figure of speech in the context of my comment, and no dishonesty was implied.
  8. In my view, this is wrong and is designed by church officials to avoid offending Catholics. The truth is that any honest reading of the scriptures clearly reveals that the organization being described is the RC Church. This isn't rocket science.
  9. But the GD teacher was correct. The Great & Abominable Church is the Roman Catholic Church and it's siblings.
  10. Not the same thing as GMO. Selective breeding is exactly that. GMO intervenes in a completely unnatural way. For example, introducing fish genes into a tomato to make it more tolerant of lower temperatures.
  11. In my view, Sunday School needs ditching.
  12. Not really an accurate picture though. For some reason only certain areas and countries are listed. No numners for Germany, or Ireland, or any number of nations where the church is established. The total numbers in the UK increased between 2008 and 2016.
  13. Oh it is absolutely clear. In the KJV it says that Abram gave one tenth of all he had. But in the JST it says he gave one tenth of all he had, above that of which he had need. The meaning here is clear as day. Abraham was tithing his surplus.
  14. For me JST Genesis 14:39 is the big clincher. Joseph actually took the trouble to add the words "more than that which he had need". This is clear and unequivocal.