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  1. I admit to being a bit miffed with Elder Holland. It all sounds a little Paul H Dunn-ish.
  2. Personally, if I had to make a choice I'd go with B H Roberts on this.
  3. Why Three, then Eight Witnesses?

    Poor old Joe can't win. If it had been 3+9+JS=13, he would have got it in the neck for using a number sacred to the occult. Or to Freemasonry. If the witnesses had totaled 7, that too would have been a Biblically significant number. As would 70. Or 66 (the number of books in the Bible), or 4 (the number of Gospels in the Bible), or 666, or ...... the list goes on. I think there were 3 and 8 because there were.
  4. My (Ex) Stake President is a Woman

    Joseph wasn't sealed to men. Men were sealed to Joseph post-mortem. Big difference.
  5. My (Ex) Stake President is a Woman

    Joining this thread very late. I would just like to respond to the thread title by saying; no your Stake President is not a woman.
  6. Where are the "isles of the sea"?

    One truth you really need to understand my friend: the Welsh are definitely to blame. But enough of this nonsense. We should all unite in one great brotherhood, lay down our differences, embrace our diversity, forge a great alliance........ and attack the French!
  7. I have always had a problem with this.
  8. Reading the whole article, it doesn't appear to be a very successful method given that the convert rate has fallen. Service has a place, of course, but I am personally very uncomfortable with service rendered with an ulterior motive.
  9. Where are the "isles of the sea"?

    Angles and Saxons certainly did invade. It was the Romans who were invited to return to restore order and defend the Britons against the invaders (ie. the Angles and Saxons). It worked the first time but when the Romans refused to return the next time, the Anglo-Saxons were successful.
  10. Where are the "isles of the sea"?

    Celts, Angles, Saxons, Danes, Jutes etc all invaded and settled in the British Isles. Their insignia, such as lions, unicorns and harps, suggest a significant connection with Israel (not so sure about the Jews though). The Danes also populated Iceland.
  11. LDS Films

    Ephraim's Rescue; absolutely. I couldn't remember what it was called, but I agree with you, it is excellent.
  12. LDS Films

    The Best Two Years The RM The Home Teachers Mobsters & Mormons 17 Miracles None of these are church made or sanctioned films. On the whole, Church made films don't tend to be very good in my view.
  13. Garment changes

    It isn't in the ceremony. However, you are instructed prior to the endowment, usually by a member of the temple presidency, that you are required to wear them at (practically) all times for the rest of your life. You are free to leave the temple at that point. You are also given an opportunity to leave the ceremony prior to the presentation commencing. Therefore I would suggest that the wearing of the garment was both implied and instructed, and the continued participation in the ceremony can be taken as consent to do so.
  14. Garment changes

    Alberta's great.