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  1. I’m reminded of a line of dialogue from Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story”: “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”
  2. If Happy Jack Wagon’s sarcasm detector isn’t flawed, his comprehension of word definitions is. Sarcasm is a form of derision. Yes, HJW, I was deriding you and others by means of sarcasm in anticipation of your whining and virtue signaling about “Praise to the Man.”
  3. I’ve already disputed your conclusions about what the words are saying. But even so, some prophecies in the scriptures are written as though they had already occurred. It’s called a poetic device. And nobody here has said Joseph was perfect or without fault. I don’t know where you’re getting that. By the way, you’re right when you said a comparable situation to the Expisitor incident doesn’t exist today. Even so, we can discuss it in terms of broad principles. As I said yesterday in another conversation, freedom of the press is not absolute, not even today. There are restrictions pertaining to libel, for example. The remedy for libel in 1840s Nauvoo was to have a libelous press declared a public nuisance and to have it abated. There were legal precedents. If course, that wouldn’t fly today, but as you have intimated, times have changed.
  4. Well, we’re all descended from Charlemagne. Just sayin’.
  5. I’ve already responded to some of these points when I answered your other rant, but fot the umpteenth time, there’s nothing in those words about “worshipping” Joseph Smith. Learn the distinction between praise and worship. When I tell my son how proud I am of him for his A average, am I worshiping him?
  6. But are you one of THE King cousins?
  7. Why couldn’t it mean that? I guess I’m not understanding why that doesn’t make sense to you.
  8. Yes, that’s true. And Tina Cole, one of the “King cousins” went on to have a starring role in later episodes of the long-running sit-com “My Three Sons.”
  9. It was not universally acclaimed by teens in my world (born and reared in the Church) either, but even so, for those of us who felt kinship and community with other members of the Church, it was exciting to see some of our own achieve such success on the national stage and to see one of our indigenous hymns performed every week on a national network variety show.
  10. It’s not self evident to me why a distinction like that should be drawn, but you are entitled to your opinion.
  11. I don’t remember seeing anything in there about Joseph already being exalted, though I do believe that at this point his exaltation is assured. I believe he is now in paradise in the spirit world, so yes, in a sense, he has ascended to heaven. I believe that, like all the faithful who have departed this life and gone to paradise, he works under the direction of the Father and the Son to help bring about Their work, which pertains to the salvation of God’s children. Furthermore, as Prophet of the Restoration whose grand mission was foretold in ancient scripture, he undoubtedly has a key role in that great work, for which he does interact or “mingle” with Deity. As for the earth atoning for his blood, I’ve already said in this thread that this strikes me as poetic language, but I do fervently believe that the wicked of this world will be held to answer for their acts in oppressing and slaying the prophets of God, Joseph Smith among the rest. I’m shocked and a bit saddened that this expression of belief seems to upset you so, but I can’t help that. For future reference, though, be it known that I hold the prophet of the Restoration in high esteem and will boldly express that, even as I witness the fulfillment of the statement of Jesus Christ I have quoted in my signature line, that “fools will have [Joseph Smith] in derision.”
  12. I’ve read that when the 1985 hymnal was being prepared, one of the Tabernacle organists recommended that singing in four part harmony by congregations be disallowed. T’would have been an epic mistake. Part of the charm of Mormon hymn singing is the harmonization that is standard. Much of the enjoyment for me is singing the bass parts. The melody line of virtually all of our hymns is not arranged in a comfortable key for me. I have to either strain to hit the higher register or growl down in the nether regions. Had that proposal been taken seriously, I would had to have ceased singing altogether as part of the congregation in our meetings. I don’t know what would have motivated such a foolish proposal. I hope they don’t consider anything that stupid this time around.
  13. I was beginning to think I was the only one left alive who remembers that show. It was quite the sensation. A 1960s national network variety series starring a huge, extended Mormon family stemming from a Big Band era sister act that had competed with the Andrews Sisters in the 1940s. This pre-dated Osmondmania by a few years, although the Osmond Brothers had already made their mark on the Andy Williams Show.
  14. No, I’m not doubting the oath existed. I’m asking why he said the oath was for the Church members to carry out the vengeance themselves as opposed to praying that God would do it. Quite a difference, as I see it. Clearly you don’t know. I’m waiting for ALarson’s response.
  15. Scott Lloyd

    MormonLeaks does not break the law

    Courts have generally rejected reporter privilege as a legal concept, even with respected and established journalists, much less wannabees with an axe to grind.