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  1. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    I think he had reference to my whimsical and satirical rendering of LGBTQWERTYUIOPXYZ. I have explained it was a comment on an unwieldy abbreviation that keeps growing in length. I didn't think a member of the community would be so humor-impaired.
  2. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    I didn't insult the gay community. It's meant merely as a comment on this convoluted and unwieldy abbreviation, one that keeps growing in length with each, passing month, it seems. Just when one gets used to the alphabet soup, another couple of letters are tacked on, making it necessary to re-learn the whole thing. If abbreviations are supposed to be both convenient and memorable as a brand, this one is an epic fail. I don't think it was well thought-through. You all need to get together in a summit meeting or something and come up with something better, more elegant. Surely there's a clever marketing whiz within the LGBTQWERTYUIOPXYZ community who could be of service. Afterthought: Perhaps you could borrow the computer convention and use asterisks as a wildcard for those who can't remember or simply don't want to type out all forty-eleven letters, e.g. "LG**".
  3. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    You're trying to draw a comparison to people who have been taught "their whole lives" about the plan of happiness. Gay people have not been taught their whole lives that homosexuality plays any part in the plan.
  4. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    Your analogy fails in that no one has been taught "their whole lives" that the plan of happiness in any way countenances homosexual relations.
  5. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    Rest assured your comments are no less palatable than the underlying attitudes they reflect.
  6. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    The Church of Jesus Christ has the same message for the LGBTQWERTYUIOPXYZ community as it does for everyone else: Weeping may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning.
  7. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    This is ridiculous. There are no "latter addendums." The law of chastity has never allowed homosxual behavior. It was society that endeavored to redefine marriage, not the Church. He is playing games with frame of reference, and that should be obvious to any reasonable mind.
  8. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    The Church is not making the statement in a vacuum. It is consistent with past expressions of compassion for those who deal with these issues even as it has upheld the doctrinal position that homosexual behavior is sinful. And your calling it a "PR stunt" speaks more to your own hostility and cynicism than it does to any intent in the part of the Church.
  9. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    What you did was post the law of chastity in the context of a false frame of reference. The term marriage in the law of chastity cannot apply to same sex relationships, because neither the Lord nor his church regards them in an ecclesiastical sense as marriage. Applying something to a false frame of reference is the very essence of what Bobbieaware characterized as twisting words and manipulating facts.
  10. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    That you would characterize Smac97's well-reasoned arguments and rock-solid logic as "frantic replies" is extremely telling. Methinks your refusal to engage him is due more to your inability to rebut what he said than that his "tactics" are "unworthy of dialogue."
  11. I mention this because I was on a message board years ago that was infested with Protestant anti-Mormons. One woman came on one day to brag that she found out "it works." She had prayed to know that Mormonism is false and God had answered her prayer. This to me is a textbook example of not praying with real intent.
  12. There must be "real intent," though. If one is doing it with the purpose of showing up the Mormon missionaries, I don't think I would call that real intent.
  13. Is Talmage's Jesus the Christ outdated?

    This story smells bogus to me. When I was doing my story on the 100th anniversary of Jesus the Christ, I never came across this. There was nothing spectacular about his doing the work in the temple. It was just a place where he could get away from the press of duties and appointments.
  14. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    I'm still unclear about the relevance of this case to the discussion at hand which is about the potential of bishops to perpetrate abuse. No bishop did that in this incident.
  15. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    I have no way to determine that. Not sure you do either. So is there none of those links that pertains to a bishop molesting someone while doing an interview?