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  1. The operative phrase (and I think it is in Isaiah) is “thine own pleasure.” To me, that implies entertainment and recreation, the pursuit of worldly pleasure, as opposed to the joy of communion with God.
  2. That’s a relief!
  3. I wish you could reconstruct it. I’d like to see it. Write it I Word this time and save a copy.
  4. I don’t know if you are referring to me with this, but I have said nothing about your past stake presidents. I have, however, alluded to Church scripture and doctrine as I understand it with respect to Sabbath observance.
  5. Here you responded to my post before I had finished it. I accidentally hit the “submit” button before I was done. Please return to my post for the complete thought.
  6. Of course. But endeavoring to do so does not confer on us license to ignore the basics. Instruction that encourages us not to get caught up in lists of do’s and don’ts, as I see it, is meant to convey the understanding that there is more to Sabbath observance than mere avoidance of certain activities. It seems to imply that we are to follow traditional exhortations to avoid pursuing our own pleasure on the Lord’s day — as the scripture puts it. But we are to do more. We are to go to the house of prayer and render our devotion to the most high. In that way we call the Sabbath a delight and remain “more perfectly unspotted from the world.”
  7. I wasn’t aware that temple recommend requirements were comprehensive.
  8. As I just wrote in an opinion piece, Zion is as much aspirational as it is descriptive. We believers are trying to make what progress we can, wherever we live and whatever our circumstances. If the city of Enoch is the model for Zion, does any place on earth live up too it?
  9. A lot of the things we do might be viewed as “holier than thou” to those who lack understanding. Do I drink alcohol with a friend or relative lest he think I’m shunning him by not doing so? Some folks here would probably say yes.
  10. It occurs to me that if Saturday time is being spent preparing talks or lessons and Sunday time is being spent going out to dinner or to theme parks, something is askew. Maybe transposing some of the respective days' activities might help resolve things.
  11. Apparently the new, third-hour curriculum for next year is not coming any too soon for our L.A. brothers and sisters. The fourth-Sunday discussion topic over the next few months will be Sabbath observance. Sounds like the problem may be deeper than just not understanding or embracing the principles. If Saturdays are occupied with preparing talks, attending meetings and doing Church activities to the exclusion of family time, It sounds like the faithful members in your area may be over-programmed and that some reducing and simplifying are in order.
  12. What I’m wondering is how good they are at holding their millennials after attracting them. I seem to remember reports to the effect that the more lenient, liberal churches were losing members the fastest. Furthermore, people tend to grow more conservative and traditional as they grow older. I’ve seen it in my own generation, the sixties, rock-and-roll, free love generation. How appealing will these churches be to aging millennials over the long haul?
  13. Never seen that one either, but it sounds like yet another dystopian fantasy.
  14. Not to act longer-in-the-tooth-than-thou, but Saturday night was a milestone for me. For the first time, I took advantage of the senior discount at a movie theater.
  15. I lived pretty much where I do now: in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley, about 15 miles south of the capital city, pretty much in the heart of Mormondom. I’ve known probably thousands of Mormons, worshipped with a hundred or more at a time at least once a week. I’ve never met one yet who insisted that to observe the Sabbath one has to stay dressed in Sunday best all day. And that includes a fair share of bishops and stake presidents and a mom who was a stake Relief Society president and a stickler for keeping the Sabbath day holy. We were not permitted to watch sports or go shopping on Sunday, but we were permitted — nay, expected — to change clothes after coming home from church.