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  1. Some people are easily amused.
  2. I don't concede that my post wasn't clear. When you start out a question with "Are you stating that ..." and then go off on something that bears no relationship to or does not reasonably follow from what I did say, I have to conclude that your object is not so much to seek clarification but rather, to distort.
  3. Referencing something by way of a quick jab sans clarifying context is, by definition, a cheap shot, whether the one doing so wants to own up to it or not.
  4. I never said that or anything close to it. What I did say is plainly written in black and white for anyone who cares to read it.
  5. LDS Living is not correlated and, like most of the content produced by Deseret Book, should not be viewed as binding upon the Church. And I'm not convinced that Deseret Book is micromanaged in the way you imply anyway.
  6. If you disbelieve a point of doctrine, so be it. Just say so. But don't imply or pretend that the Church doesn't teach or embrace the doctrine just because you personally don't believe or understand it.
  7. I'm not clear on what you mean by "I'll have to believe it when I see it." Do mean you doubt this teaching is written down anywhere? I've seen it taught a lot. This, for example, is in the Gospel Principles manual, the one designed to give a basic understanding of the doctrines of the Church to investigators and newly baptized members, among others. Quoted within the paragraph excerpt below are three scriptural passages that support the teaching, including one that explicitly declares it. Incidentally, if you type in the Google search string "Satan will be bound" (with the quotation marks) you will get about 27,100 hits, from LDS as well as non-LDS sources.
  8. Furthermore, to minimize the role of Satan and his minions in enticing people to do wrong comes perilously close to fulfilling what was prophesied in the Book of Mormon would happen in the last days: (2 Nephi 28:22) It is prudent to know and beware of one's enemy; it is imprudent not to.
  9. To those who are marginalizing or discounting the role of Satan in influencing men and women to choose evil, I wonder what you make of the doctrine that Satan will be bound for the duration of Christ’s millennial reign. What’s the purpose of binding him if he doesn’t pose that big of a problem anyway?
  10. By "you are done here," do you mean he is expelled from the thread or that he is expelled from the board?
  11. Pardon, Calm, but didn't you kind of provoke him into it by chasing after him and insisting that he define "certain groups"?
  12. Council to Quorum change?

    As to the reason why, I can only make an educated guess, but here it is. Together, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles form a council. It is called the Council of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. My guess is that to avoid confusion, they switched to calling the Twelve a quorum instead of a council.
  13. Council to Quorum change?

    I can’t pinpoint the date, but I’m thinking it has been 10 years or better. You would have noticed had you been alert to Church publications, introduction of conference speakers, etc.
  14. What Other Message Boards Do You Like?

    The blog was written on one of The anniversaries of the November 2015 policy leak. The author wanted feedback giving reflections on the policy. Apparently, they weren’t interested in comments in favor of the policy, because mine didn’t last long.
  15. Perhaps on a discussion board, one should not have the expression of one’s opinion so fettered.