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  1. Vincenzo Di Francesca Testimony Donated to Church

    As indicated in my story, the movie is still available for purchase on DVD from the Church distribution center. I didn't link to the YouTube rendition, because I'm afraid it may have been pirated.
  2. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    Yes, Roger Nicholson, a FairMormon volunteer who posts on this board occasionally as Wiki Wonka, has made something of an avocation out of policing Wikipeida content in Mormon-related entries. He has spoken on that at one of the FairMormon conferences.
  3. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    Did you check Wikipedia?
  4. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    CFR that anyone is saying in the context of Elder Oaks's address that "whatever an apostle says must be true and the thinking is now done on the issue." As for your denial of there being backlash, here are a few representative specimens from the anti-Mormon Reddit page: There was another so vile and obscene I will not quote it here.
  5. Benjamin McGuire wrote: My response was to point out that neither is the baker refusing to provide services on the basis of "their sexual orientation," as evidenced by the fact he offered to sell them anything else in the store, and that what he is doing is refusing to participate in an expression of that sexual orientation that goes against his personal values. Whether he can be forced to so participate is a question that I understand SCOTUS will decide.
  6. Your understanding of the law was not the subject of my question, the answer to which, I now take it, is not to be found by rereading Benjamin McGuire's post after all, notwithstanding your urging me to reread it so as to find the answer to my question.
  7. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    One would hope he caught less self-righteous backlash from having cited it than Elder Oaks did this month from making it a subject of his general conference sermon.
  8. So .... after refusing to design a dress for Melania Trump, did the designer offer to serve her in some other way (as the baker in Colorado offered to sell the gay couple anything else in his store)? I"m still in the dark about that, even after being told the answer would be clear to me if I would only reread the post (which I did) and after being lectured by you about ignoring an answer even after I tried to find it, and after having a portion of the post, which I had already read and re-read, quoted to me.
  9. Scrutinizing general conference

    Even if he had spelled Packard right, he would have been wrong. The man’s name is Packer.
  10. I reread it, and no, it doesn’t answer my question, at least not in a way that’s clear to me. Did the dress designer offer to serve FLOTUS in other ways? The answer is not in his post.
  11. The Colorado baker didn’t refuse service to the gay couple on the basis of sexual orientation either (he offered to sell them anything else in the store). What he did do was to refuse to participate in the expression of that orientation in a manner that was inconsistent with his values. The dress designer, by contrast, refused service to FLOTUS ostensibly due only to her association with someone else, namely POTUS. Did the designer offer to accommodate her in other ways as the baker did the gay couple? I don’t know, but I doubt it.
  12. Scrutinizing general conference

    If Deity is the fount of revelation, then prophets, seers and revelators are its conduit — which surely you must recognize if you so sustain them. It is so rare a thing for the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve as a council to issue an official proclamation (it has happened only five times in the history of the Church) that it seemed self evident at the time that issuing this one was an act of great moment, a revelatory act, as it were. What seems strange is that this should be questioned today, especially after one of the signatories to that document explicitly affirmed it. That it would be necessary for him to do so (and that he would be vilified in some quarters for so doing) is a comment on the rampant unbelief in this generation.
  13. Sounds like your kids may have been adept at the Socratic method. Isn't that what SCOTUS is set to decide: whether or not the baker indeed behaved illegally? But it is connected to a specific group: a Christian group. A dress designer refusing to provide service to Melania Trump is discriminating against her because of her association with a certain political faction or ideology. That's connected to a group. As a Christian, I would not go to court to force somebody to provide a service for my Christian event, despite how bigoted I thought the service provider to be. A pig begins to squirm when he gets uncomfortable -- just like people who are not so certain of their position when it is carried through to its logical consistency. As one of the respondents in the video said, "That's such a sticky issue."
  14. Vincenzo Di Francesca Testimony Donated to Church

    The Ensign got it a little bit wrong when they published that article back in 1988. An introductory note said that one of the sources the article was drawn from was a letter that Vincenzo wrote to Avard Fairbanks. As we learned from an alert reader after my story went online, the letter was actually sent to Ortho Fairbanks, Avard's brother. I had my source at Church archives check the original letter, and we found that the alert reader was right.
  15. Wow! The Socratic method in action. Great video. Thanks for posting it! "That's such a sticky issue." Love it!