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  1. I'll try one more time, and then I'm going silent again. If someone has been resurrected and glorified, why would you assume he had not already received his saving ordinances at some point in the past? Why would you think he needs to have them vicariously done now?
  2. But not everybody needs proxy ordinance work -- or did you not "get the memo"?
  3. If someone has been resurrected and appeared in latter days as a glorified angel (Moroni; John the Baptist; Peter, James and John), I think it's a fairly safe assumption he no longer needs proxy temple work -- if he ever did.
  4. Temporarily breaking my self-imposed exile to say that I wonder if you all know that Johnnie Cake, in the guise of "Craig Paxton," is habitually rushing over to the Trailer Park (tm) to tattle whenever something is said or done here that doesn't meet with his approval.
  5. This is as good a place as any to do this, I suppose. Starting a new thread for it would give it more prominence than I desire (and perhaps more than it deserves), and I don’t intend to enter into protracted conversations about it. Some days ago, I mentioned in passing on a post on this board, that I was nearing the 12,000 mark in rep points, and that I was considering using that as an arbitrary milepost for cutting back or curtailing altogether my posting here. So I passed that point a couple of days ago in a solid -- albeit distant -- second place behind Calm, although bluebell, who overtook Nehor a while ago, is fast closing in on me (and may have already passed me up; I haven’t checked in a day or so). So I’m thinking this is as good a time as any to call it a day. I’ve been posting here – and on the predecessor board operated by FairMormon – for a good many years now. I have been impressed and at times inspired, even thrilled, by the eloquent defense of the faith of the Saints given by many people, some of whom are still posting here today. There are too many to start naming names. But a gradual shift in the dynamics and dramatis personae over time, the types of topics presented for discussion and the nature of the discussions that have ensued, etc., have caused me to question whether the board is still a good fit for me. Some of my favorite participants, notably Dr. Peterson and now, Pahoran, no longer post here. (Some may recall that I threatened to summarily resign some time ago when Pahoran was banned, and that I only relented after he was allowed to sign back on as Russell McGregor). Add to this the fact that the posting on the board does take a lot of my time and energy when considered in a cumulative sense. And as other before me have observed, it is addicting – very addicting – probably not a good thing, especially when it concerns anything having to do with the cyber world. To make it less difficult to wean myself away, be advised I likely won’t be checking back in to read responses to this post So, to use some people’s favorite Book of Mormon expression, I bid everyone here adieu. It has been a long and interesting ride and, to say the least, an absorbing one.
  6. Nothing in my post shed doubt on or called into question Rain's faithfulness as a member of the Church, and my post should not be interpreted as doing that. I've had a feeling for sometime now that, as the Church grows in size, we may be losing touch with our legacy and heritage, the historical memory that helps to define us as a people at a time when our unity as the covenant people of God ought to be increasing rather than diminishing. The founding of the Relief Society is an important event worthy to be observed and commemorated. But so are discovery of the gold plates, milestones pertaining to missionary work and temple construction, the settlement of the Intermountain West by the Mormon Pioneers, publication of the Articles of Faith, and the establishment, development and growth of family history stemming from the prophecy about turning the hearts of the children to their fathers. Some, maybe all, of the foregoing are at least as important as the founding of Relief Society. And yes, marginalizing of such things as "a stretch" does strike me as an expression of contempt.
  7. Revelations in Context has been out for a while, but she's asking about a new section in the Gospel Library app that includes the Revelations in Context. And yes it is fairly new.
  8. I understand that, as pertaining to the countries covered by the Trump executive order, there has not yet been enough intelligence gathered from those countries to make screening effective. Regardless of how strict the screening process is, if there is not sufficient information in the database to flag potential terrorists, they could still slip through.
  9. I'm generally pretty good at spotting trolls. But I have to admit, I don't know whom you are referring to in this instance. I'm all for not feeding trolls, though.
  10. I see this as simply a reasonable acknowledgement that the Church has grown so large that anniversary celebrations at a general level are no longer as feasible as they once were (think of the Pioneer Sesquicentennial in 1996-97 for which an overland wagon train re-enactment was a centerpiece that drew international attention).
  11. The establishment of a headquarters for the Church as a base of operation from which the gospel could be carried to every nation -- this in the face of oppression that for many years threatened the very existence of the Church -- is an apt cause for celebration wherever a Church member lives. I'm saddened that some refuse to see this.
  12. Looking over the list, I'm puzzled about your contempt. I don't see anything there that could not be viewed as having Church-wide sgnificance. That said, I'm not eager to get into a war of words over the significance of this or that event.
  13. No reasonable person objects to requiring churches to comply with safe building codes. (And in truth, I think you just pulled that out of thin air.) I have in mind controversial, real-world examples of abridging religious freedom, such as requiring Catholic charities to act in ways that violate the religious principles of Catholicism.
  14. What constitutes a "well substantiated secular reason"? Therein lies the rub. Potential abridgment of First Amendment rights sometimes results from goverment thinking it has a "well substantiated secular reason."