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  1. It’s an intriguing thought. When I think of the history that has occurred therein, I hope they don’t alter the interior too much.
  2. Thanks. A bounteous head of hair is one of my natural attributes— and one of the very few that have actually drawn spontaneous compliments from women.
  3. I believe I addressed this three years ago when this thread was new. If I owned a business or a farm, I would allocate a generous but prudent amount for a livelihood for myself and my family as remuneration for operating the business and assuming the inherent risk of owning it. I wouldn’t tithe the remainder of the profits. I would plow them all back into the business to pay for overhead, employee payroll, expansion, etc. But I don’t see this “cost of doing business” as the functional equivalent of the taxes I pay as a citizen. I don’t pay them out of fear of consequences for not doing it. I pay them out of the expectation that I’ll receive value directly benefitting my life, health and well-being and that of my family. I pay them because it is the most efficient way I know of to fund the essentials that I need. That is to say, I cannot afford to operate my own private police force or fire department or to build and maintain my own streets and highways or on my own to protect myself and my family from foreign invaders. I don’t have the wherewithal to educate my own children as efficiently as can be done at the local public school or on my own to ensure that the food and other products I buy are safe and wholesome. If someone violates my God-given rights, I don’t have the capability on my own to track him down and administer justice fairly and efficiently. I cant do this stuff by myself. So I pool my resources with those of my fellow citizens, and, together, through economy of scale, we get it accomplished in a mutually beneficial way. It’s not a perfect system, but it works well enough from day to day. Paying taxes is the mechanism by which I participate in this pooling of resources to meet common needs. I receive value from this participation, so I willingly include the amount I spend for taxes as part of the personal increase I tithe when discharging my debt to the Lord.
  4. The very thought of wielding such clandestine power is making me intoxicated.
  5. It’s the old wouldn’t-put-it-past-‘em innuendo. A handy way to cast a cloud over one’s character without just cause.
  6. Yes. I was thinking specifically of that phrasing.
  7. According to Wikipedia, it is only since the late 19th Century that historian has been a professional or academic occupation.
  8. The almanac has always been a product of the Deseret News/Church News. The Church leadership does not provide funding for it. Never has. And lest some here have a misconception, neither the Deseret News nor the Church News (nor the almanac) are funded by tithing. The Deseret News pays its own way through subscription and ad sales. It is a self-sustaining commercial enterprise.
  9. Since the Conference Report amounts to a verbatim transcript of the conference proceedings, and since the statistical report is no longer read during general conference, doesn’t it stand to reason that the statistical report would not be included in the Conference Report?
  10. Temple Square, not the Salt Lake Temple itself. There is a wall that historically has surrounded the temple block. Portions will be removed on the north and the south to give a better street view of the temple.
  11. Based on personal inside knowledge and what I have shared here (plus what I haven’t shared), I’d say that option number 3 above has a near-zero likelihood. In fact, since you have been pushing your narrative here, that the Church is covering up its statistics, the validity of your reasoning has pretty much evaporated. It was based partly on your erroneous assumption that the Church had ceased to publish its statistical report in the Ensign. It turned out you were looking in the wrong month’s edition.
  12. I suppose they could do a host of things they’re not doing now. The question is, why would they, or why should they be expected to? Or, more to the point, at hand, what could reasonably be read into the fact that they are not? The latter question is important, because it helps discern between reasonable expectations and conspiracy theories.
  13. DMC is a holding company, not a subsidiary. You seem enamored with that term, but I maintain it is misleading in that it connotes the Church is a commercial business, which it is not.
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