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  1. You are right about the alleged “hang by a thread” prophecy. The Lord’s endorsement of the principles in the U.S. Constitution, however, are in the Doctrine and Covenants.
  2. Why are you still saying “LDS Tools” contains the hymns? It doesn’t. “LDS Tools,” which has been renamed “Member Tools,” is the app that has the directory of members of the ward and stake, the local leaders, the stake and ward calendars and the stake and ward officers. The hymns (words only, not musical notation) are in the Gospel Library app, the one that has the scriptures and the extensive collection of Church curriculum materials. The hymns with musical notation as well as words are in the app that was recently renamed Sacred Music. President Nelson has asked us not to use the abbreviation “LDS”. I said these things to you before. Sometimes, conversing with you is like talking into a dead phone.
  3. Sometimes I forget things and need to be reminded. Or I, like anyone else, might get weighed down by the constant drumbeat of negativity on the public square and need the assurance that it is proper and right to pray for the leaders of the nation.
  4. For now, I am praying for the health and well-being of government leaders, that they can and will govern with wisdom, that they will be inspired to do right and be just, and that His purposes will be brought about through their efforts. If I discern that one of those leaders is pursuing a course that is proper and right, I will pray that the leader will be successful in his efforts on that course.
  5. First, <effect> does not mean the same thing as <affect>. Second, prayer is at its core a process of unification whereby the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into unity. Our prayers are efficacious when we ascertain through divine inspiration what it is we should seek from the Father and then pray earnestly and unceasingly for that thing. When one of the Lord’s prophets, seers and revelators, acting with inspiration and under the authority of his calling, counsels me to pray for a thing, and the Spirit bears witness to me he has taught with inspiration, much of the heavy lifting has been done. It remains for me to go ahead and pray earnestly for that thing, whatever it is.
  6. But all of it, indirectly or otherwise, impacting the vital interests of the United States.
  7. Because of what? Because of the Lord giving specific direction on some matters but not on others? I don’t accept that. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.”
  8. And even if he was referring specifically to the United States and its leaders, consider the audience to whom his remarks were addressed. Is there any good reason to think he would not give the same admonition were he speaking to a group in another country?
  9. Be that as it may, fealty to an organized religion is more apt to characterize one with a conservative than with a leftist political bent. Jusy my own impression. I can’t cite any studies or surveys at the moment.
  10. I said the following in a Facebook post: I hope we occasionally go deeper than generalities and pray for the country’s leaders specifically and individually, by name and position or office. It’s less easy to hate someone if you are praying for him or her. Of course, the implication of that is becoming better acquainted with government and political affairs, not just to come to know the leaders better, but to more thoroughly understand the challenges they face and the attitudes with which they approach their duties. Perhaps our prayers would thus be more earnest and efficacious.
  11. So I take it, then, that you dispute the authority of the Church president, acting under inspiration in his office as prophet, seer and revelator, to specify and sustain temple-worthiness requirements.
  12. The Saints should not have to be commanded in all things. The wisdom of avoiding so-called “energy drinks” is something we ought to be able to figure out on our own.
  13. As do I. And there’s no apparent reason why they should be scaled back.
  14. I got that when you used the phrase “Mormon pop star” in the very next paragraph.
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