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  1. Mission calls and Monday nights

    One could as easily suspect that harm could result from undue austerity. These are young men and women who for the most part haven’t altogether emerged from adolescence yet, most of whom are undertaking the biggest challenge and sacrifice of their lives.
  2. Treat gay people as a race.

    This makes no sense. Klindley is right: Your argument is beyond silly.
  3. Treat gay people as a race.

    A homosexual couple is not “lawfully wed” under God’s laws. Doesn’t matter how many times you repeat it, it doesn’t make it so. Heterosexual marriage is acceptable under God’s laws; homosexual marriage is not. SCOTUS has no jurisdiction over the God of the universe. Neither does any other earthly group.
  4. Treat gay people as a race.

    A lot of “commonly accepted” things are not acceptable in the context of the commandments of God, marriage redefinition among the rest. That’s why the prophets and apostles defined it as an act of apostasy when engaged in by those who are under covenant.
  5. Mission calls and Monday nights

    There are a lot of harmless things that are not necessary that we do for pleasure and happiness. A mission call is a major event for young women and men in this stage of their lives. I won’t begrudge them this social rite of passage, and I won’t look down on it just because we did things differently in my day.
  6. Treat gay people as a race.

    This is according to your own definition. Again, you are entitled to your own definition, but don't impose it on God, and don't pretend that the rest of us are bound by it.
  7. Watching a Bird...

    The folly of trying to gain happiness from pursuing what is in reality sham or illusion. Just a quick thought from the top of my head. Have you arrived at anything?
  8. Treat gay people as a race.

    In the eyes of God and the Church it is is violating the law of chastity, since neither recognize the validity of same-sex marriage. You are welcome to your opinion, but you have no authority to change the laws of God or the doctrines of the Church.
  9. It has already started to wane since, say, the mid-1990s.
  10. Are you a farmer? I was reared on a farm. Never had much inclination to pursue it as a livelihood. Until recently that is. Sometimes, I long for the agrarian lifestyle.
  11. Treat gay people as a race.

    That depends on whether you view same-gender attraction as a condition that will transcend death. I do not. Furthermore, I believe that all who, for whatever reason, will not have the opportunity to marry in mortality as God has ordained it but who remain faithful to the commandments of God will enjoy all the blessings of exaltation in the hereafter, including eternal marriage and endless posterity. I thus reject your allegation that "LDS culture would like to deny LGBT people from having a family and being exalted."
  12. Treat gay people as a race.

    Furthermore, it was foregone prior to 1978 that the priesthood ban would one day be lifted. Church leaders had said so and, in fact, had been praying for it to happen. That is not at all the case pertaining to homosexual behavior.
  13. Mission calls and Monday nights

    Even that surprises me -- though it doesn't strike me as frequent enough to be remarkable.
  14. Treat gay people as a race.

    Considering the source, don't hold your breath.
  15. Mission calls and Monday nights

    Yes, intimate "gatherings of family and close friends" are indeed what I'm talking about. Though I must admit that my son did post an advance notice on Facebook. But that did not result in anything even approaching what you describe here.