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  1. National exposure does not make it something that would warrant comment by the Brethren. Beyond satisfying the prurient curiosity of some I can't think of any useful purpose that would be served by it.
  2. We look for the good in people but we don't assume anybody is without sin. That condition applies to only one person who has ever lived in mortality.
  3. This is rank falsehood. There's no reason that would mean 7- and 8-year-olds would have to know or even be interested. But even if they were, that would be no excuse for defiling sacrament meeting with chatter that is all-too-inappropriate for children.
  4. No, I don't remember it being brought up in sacrament meeting, even during the height of the Prop 8 campaign or in the in the year the Supreme Court ruled on it. But it wouldn't matter if I had. I would still disapprove of it, regardless of the number of superfluous question marks you put at the end of your sentence.
  5. Withdrawn. Too much voyeurism going on here, and I don't want to get caught up in it.
  6. I'm trying not to read too much in to her manner of dress. Though it was a white shirt and tie, it seemed to me quite unlike what a boy or man would be wearing, and it did strike me as feminine, though very prim and proper, like a school-uniform. Were it not for the context of the occasion, I don't think her dress would have drawn my attention as being extraordinary.
  7. It doesn't matter if it is being talked about at school. Some locations and occasions need to be a sanctuary from worldly conditions and ungodly influences, and if sacrament meeting is not such a sanctuary, I don't know what is. This reminds me of an occasion years ago when Michael Medved, the prominent movie critic and radio talk-show host, came to Salt Lake City prior to fulfilling a speaking engagement at BYU. He spoke to the staff of the New Era Magazine. I was invited to sit in as a Church News writer. I clearly remember that Medved, a devout Jew, spoke of having banned television from his apartment because he did not want influences that were inimical to his values invading his home where they would be apt to influence his young children. I remember thinking at the time: Good for him! What a remarkable thing for someone to do who makes his living in part as a movie critic. And I beg to differ: Savanna's talk was, in part at least, sexual in nature.
  8. That's a good point. In keeping with the conception of a Church worship service attended by people of all ages being a sanctuary, I don't approve of speakers -- even pre-teen speakers -- discussing issues of sexuality from the pulpit. It is not appropriate content for children in the congregation. The parents in this incident should have been sensitive to that concern, even if their daughter wasn't.
  9. The tacit endorsement concern is very real. These things have a way of proliferating unless boundaries are established. So if you're going to be pilloried in public anyway, you might as well maintain the boundaries and do so clearly. There is a light-rail line and trail that run adjacent to my house and those of my neighbors. When the train line was established the transit company put up sound barriers between the trail and our homes to mitigate the noise. There was real concern that the sound walls would be magnets for graffiti. There has been some of that, but the company and the city have been good about removing or painting over the graffiti as soon as they are notified about it. The theory is that such promptness greatly reduces the graffiti over all, as the vandals get frustrated and move on to less-secure areas. I believe there is truth to that, and it applies in an analogous way to not permitting a violation of sacred spaces and occasions, no matter how well-meaning or popular the violation might be.
  10. I agree with you as pertaining to sacrament meeting, but only because my view is that a Church worship service is and should be a sanctuary. If you were to raise the same objection about, say, a concert or a seminar or some other public gathering, I would earnestly disagree. In fact, in the course of my work, I have taken pictures of the audience in such gatherings and have published them. In my view, I am entitled to record and disseminate what takes place at a public event, as any one who happens by would be apt to see you there. If you don't want to be seen there, don't show up.
  11. There is another literary instance in which a fictional character utters a truism that is in marked contrast with the character's own behavior. In Charles D-i-c-kens's famous novel, the spendthrift Wilkins McCawber gives this advice to young David Copperfield: I believe there may be method to such madness. By that I mean that, for the reader, the statement is all the more striking by reason of the paradox in which it is framed, all the more memorable in its truth as it is seen contrasting with the behavior or integrity of the character who speaks it.
  12. I wonder if you're sad or just disappointed this social media isn't being magnified in public the way it would be if the leadership of the Church chose to make a a public issue of it.
  13. Sorry, it didn't register that you were talking about the bishop. I thought you were referring to the stake president (or stake presidency member or whatever he was).
  14. Anytime someone is unjustly vilified, he suffers harm, to his reputation if nothing else. As Shakespeare's Iago expressed it,
  15. This thread is doing quite well and will continue to do so as long as we can stay on topic and keep the straw-man arguments at bay. By the way, did you get that california boy was wrong? No poster on the thread had called anyone a "cultural bigot," much less anyone who "has a different view on the subject." It was an example early on in the thread of straw-man jousting.