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  1. "A full-time missionary serving in Mexico City has died of asphyxiation in his apartment. Elder Andrew Carr, 19, who is from Fort Worth, Texas, and was serving in the Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission, died Saturday morning, May 18. His companion was unharmed in the apartment incident. The asphyxiation was apparently due to a faulty water heater located near the shower in his apartment, said Daniel Woodruff, a spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Full-time missionary serving in Mexico City dies of asphyxiation in his apartment Sad to hear about such things. Strange that he died but his companion was OK. He must have been sleeping closer to the water heater. Doesn't say if it was CO2 or the natural gas that did it.
  2. Some of Mesoamerica’s metallurgists at the time of the Spanish conquest wore what they called "steel" helmets. However, what they called "steel" was actually a meteoric nickel-iron alloy, which was available in Mesoamerica (Sorenson, An Ancient American Setting, 283). It is likely that during the translation of the Book of Mormon the best modern-day English word that could be used to represent the metal spoken of was "steel", even though it's composition may not have been anything like the steel we use today.
  3. That was good. They certainly are a diverse group who can identify with just about any woman in the church.
  4. I have also heard the term "sheeple" used in a derogatory way when referring to unquestioning members of the church. I consider it a compliment. Since Jesus is our Shepherd doesn't that make us His sheep?
  5. Your'e a TBM !!
  6. TBM's can be either Iron rod or Liahona members. Whichever they are, they are members who try to live the doctrines of the church and are not likely to give up on it or allow anything to cause a disbelief in the Church.
  7. Here's the schedule for the Big Boy train: https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR2SZRdSmEpnG9asQlENGfcjPggvrI3-B_znp6DOgfdziL2SJFoV0KZibEU
  8. It helps but the temple interview questions aren't much different from the Baptism interview questions. And a member is not going to go to the temple until they have been taught the temple preparation lessons.
  9. Interesting to note that while the media has been covering this they have mentioned that there were two other boys besides the one that was killed who tried to fend off the attacker. They interviewed one of them on the news and they said the other one (Josh Jones) did not want to be interviewed or have his name mentioned.
  10. Latter-day Saint 'hero' shot twice after rushing gunman at Colorado school shooting "A Latter-day Saint teen was shot twice while helping fellow students subdue a gunman in Tuesday’s school shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Josh Jones, 18, a priest from the Roxborough Ward, Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake, was hit once in the leg and once in the hip. His injuries were not life-threatening. He was treated at a nearby hospital before being released Tuesday night. Josh was in class Tuesday afternoon when one of the shooters “began what could have been a much worse situation,” said his ward Young Men’s leader, Josh Lewis, speaking on behalf of the family. Josh Jones is being credited for his heroic actions during the May 7, 2019, shooting at his Colorado school. “Josh and two other students tried to disarm the assailant. In the process, one of the other students was shot and killed.” Josh was resting at his home on Wednesday with his family. “He’s doing very well,” said Lewis. “He’s in good spirits.”
  11. I think it would help if members start with the premise that we are all not completely "worthy" or totally righteous. Paul said, "There is none righteous, no, not one" (Rom. 3:10) No matter what we do we will never be perfect in this life., and it is not expected of us that we are perfect, but that we just keep trying to improve ourselves and not give up. No one is completely worthy when it comes to answering the temple recommend questions. The trick is to not be too unworthy to enter the temple, and that can be judged by one's conscience and with the help of the Bishop.
  12. I have a brother who no long goes to church due to stress, guilt, and shame for things he never did. He just felt there was to much stress to be perfect that he finally just stopped going. Maybe more transparency would be a good thing. I think it's unrealistic to think that we would never feel guilt again about sins we have overcome. Feeling a little of the guilt helps us to not want to commit the sin again. Since we have all been given the light of Christ to know right from wrong I think for the most part we know in our hearts whether or not what we have done is wrong. Not sure I understand the feeling guilt for things never done. Perhaps it is because they feel guilt for wanting to do those things even if they never do them?
  13. Anyone who has been taught the Gospel well enough to be baptized should not have any problem making an assessment of their own temple worthiness. If they are not sure about a temple recommend question they can ask the Bishop about it. If he feels they are not ready he can tell them. As a judge in Israel that is part of his job.
  14. Oh I agree the parents would have had a few moments of happiness if they could have seen the actual marriage event and I am glad it has changed. It's just that people seem to put the greatest importance on an event that lasts 15 minutes, rather than on the reason for the event that lasts for decades.
  15. None of our parents were able to attend the temple sealing for me and my wife. Her parents were not members and mine understood why they couldn't attend. They all knew upfront they would not be able to attend and were not happy with it but accepted the situation. My wife's father did insist on seeing the marriage certificate just to make sure we were legally married. I understand that the wedding ceremony is an important milestone in life that the parents would want to witness, but it seems to me the marriage itself, that continues on for years later, is what is really important. And that the parents will gain the most happiness from it as they watch the new family continue to grow and hopefully endure their entire lives. Her parents were able to see that happen for the next 40 years. Their other children got married and divorced several times each.
  16. Marriage in a Temple for Time Only Marriage in a temple for time only may be performed only when all of the following requirements are met: The man and the woman are each already sealed to a spouse who is deceased. Neither the man nor the woman has been involved in a divorce while a member of the Church. The man and the woman each has a valid temple recommend and a recommend for living ordinances. Temple marriages are legal marriages in the country where the temple is located.The couple has a valid marriage license. Sealing after Temple Marriage for Time Only "Couples who are married in a temple for time only are not usually sealed at a later time. For such a sealing to occur, the woman must first receive from the First Presidency a cancellation of her previous sealing. Such requests are considered only in exceptional circumstances. If a bishop and stake president feel that a cancellation may be justified, they may submit an application to the First Presidency using the Leader and Clerk Resources system." (CHI) So the "time only" thing is called a marriage and then they can be sealed later if they get permission.
  17. Sorry. Missed that. Most people don't watch the news section so it can be missed. I never know for sure which page to start some threads on because even if it is a news item, if I put it in the news many people won't see it and so someone will start another new thread in the General Discussions for the same thing. Maybe we should just get rid of the News section?
  18. Can't say with certainty, but it's probably somewhere in the ballpark of around $40 million per year. If the Church's for profit holdings continue to generate positive returns on investment they'll have more income to spend on things like humanitarian aid each year, so this purchase sounds like a good thing. That's where you were going with this thread, right? According to the charities 2018 annual report they have spent 2.2 billion since 1985 which averages to about 67 million per year.
  19. How much does the Church spend in humanitarian aid each year? This will give you a summary. They don't just donate money but also a lot of supplies that cost money to produce. 2018 LDS Charities ANNUAL REPORT
  20. It is at least recorded in church records that it happened. The Catholic church pretty much just assumes that it did.
  21. Hope there's enough parking for all those cars.
  22. Yes I remember the Jonah issue, but the signs leading to the end of the world are things that are going to happen. Christ is going to come again and the conditions leading up to that event are going to happen no matter what we do. I am just wondering why the proclamation is warning the world of things that are going to happen as if there is something all the people of world can do about it. I guess like you say we just have to look at it on an individual family basis, that if we take care of our own family and keep it together, then we will be spared the terrible events preceding the second coming.
  23. Well it didn't copy over, but I was wondering, if this is a true prophecy about the disintegration of the families, assuming they were true prophets who said this, who are we to try to stop it from happening? Are such prophecies definitely going to happen no matter what we do or do we have the option and the duty to try and stop it from happening?
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