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  1. A lot of members have trouble parting with their money, because they think it is their money. It's not. It all belongs to God who has given us the strength and ability to earn a living in this life and be paid that money. Tithing is just giving some of His money back to Him. Once one does his obedient duty to obey the law of tithing he has no reason to worry about it anymore or how that money is spent, because it was never his in the first place. The Church leaders have to walk a fine line between how much they spend on growing the church, helping the community they work in, and giving to humanitarian aid. Their first and foremost duty is to save souls and where they can, help in also providing for the physical needs for God's children. They are God's Church first and a charitable organization second.
  2. I served in LA in the late 1990's and they took my passport as well, my friends think that is inconceivable. I didn't care though, one less thing for me to worry about I was in Austria early 70s and we kept our passports. Sometimes we had to cross the border into Germany and had to show them at the border.
  3. Maybe , but notice the word "Ruptly" in the corner of the video. Ruptly is a video news agency specializing in video on demand, based in Berlin, Germany and belonging to the RT (Russia Today) televised news network.
  4. They are there as Volunteers to do service. The rules they are supposed to follow is that they do no proselytizing outside of the church buildings. They were inside the church building and not proselytizing; they were just having a conversation and playing some games in English with the members. They were arrested for teaching English without a license, but they were not teaching it they were just talking with others in English.
  5. Interesting that the media just happened to be there with their cameras at the time of the arrest. Hmmmm. Do you think maybe the Russian officials were making an example of them?
  6. I never have considered tithing as MY money. It is always God's money and I am just exercising my faith in His choice of church leaders by turning it back over to Him through them. Once it leave my hands I no longer have any say in how it's used. And so far I have never had a reason to question how it is used. And if my great, great, great grandfather were here who made the original contribution to fund the current investments, I am sure he would feel the same way.
  7. Perhaps. I don't know. I guess it's considered a priesthood responsibility. I don't recall any female church leaders going to any other temple dedications.
  8. Somebody has got to stay home and run the church while they are gone. I think some of the female leaders were out on assignments in other countries.
  9. I think the church leaders have gone as far as they can go in giving the sisters more responsibility and recognition. Any imbalance that still exists, perceived or real, is something that only God can change.
  10. They want to be the saviors of the Church and force change from within. And so they can become more famous and sell more books.
  11. I think the love of the parent for the child is always there. It just takes some time for them to realize that the situation is real and is not going to change.
  12. They also have cast some doubt on the historicity of the Book and its importance to their faith: "At the 2007 Community of Christ World Conference, church president Stephen M. Veazey ruled as out of order a resolution to "reaffirm the Book of Mormon as a divinely inspired record". In so doing he stated that "while the Church affirms the Book of Mormon as scripture, and makes it available for study and use in various languages, we do not attempt to mandate the degree of belief or use. This position is in keeping with our longstanding tradition that belief in the Book of Mormon is not to be used as a test of fellowship or membership in the church." (Andrew M. Shields, "Official Minutes of Business Session, Wednesday March 28, 2007", in 2007 World Conference Thursday Bulletin, March 29, 2007. Community of Christ, 2007)
  13. New rules about how Boy Scouts can recruit Latter-day Saints issued by church SALT LAKE CITY — Beginning June 1, community-based Boy Scout packs and troops may begin recruiting boys from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to guidelines the church released Friday. The church announced in May that it would implement a new worldwide initiative for children and youth beginning in January 2020 and discontinue its centurylong association with the Boy Scouts of America. No church units will sponsor any Scouting units after Dec. 31. The faith's Priesthood and Family Department sent a list of four new instructions for the transition to general and local church leaders around the world. First, boys are encouraged to remain in their Latter-day-Saint-sponsored Scouting unit through Dec. 31. Second, BSA volunteers may provide a church-approved flyer for recruiting Latter-day Saints boys to their packs and troops beginning on June 1. The flyers must be provided to bishops and branch presidents, who will direct them to be posted on bulletin boards in church meetinghouses from June 1 through Dec. 31. Those flyers are not to include images that identify the church or quotes from church leaders. Third, BSA recruiting of church members should be done directly with families and not in church meetinghouses. "Bishops and others should not provide BSA with member information," the notice said. Finally, youth registered in Scouting through church-sponsored units who choose to join a community Scouting unit before Dec. 31 will be registered in both units through that date. Last month, the church issued a frequently-asked-questions document on the transition with a number of other guidelines. It instructed local church leaders not to recruit adults or youth for Scouting or distribute materials to those interested in remaining in Scouts. It also said church buildings or grounds will be off limits to Scout meetings or activities after Dec. 31. However, the documents say the church intends its leaders and members to stay fully engaged in Scouting through Dec. 31. Camps, high adventure activities and other outdoor activities may continue at the discretion of local priesthood leaders.
  14. It is less essential but if it didn't actually happen then it is just inspired teachings form one man, Joseph Smith, and not from the multiple prophets that it proposes to be from. And Jesus did not actually visit the ancient Americans and teach His Gospel and therefore it would not be another testament of Jesus Christ. It would only be the teachings of Joseph Smith and his testimony.
  15. Here's one for arrows used in the Gladiator movie.
  16. Of course not. Even I am right some of the time. But now you are talking about teachings and not history.
  17. I think the discovery on the Arabian peninsula of the place called Nahom talked about in the Book of Mormon is something that was not likely known about by people in New York in 1820's.
  18. I agree on the having faith that it is.
  19. I say it did happen the way I thought, so your question is irrelevant.
  20. I am also not talking about one prophet in the scripture. I am talking about the actual existence of the Gold plates and that Joseph Smith translated them into the Book of Mormon.
  21. I am not talking about made up stories within the scripture I am talking about the fact that the Nephites, Lamanites and all characters in the Book of Mormon actually existed.
  22. I expect that Joseph Smith actually obtained gold plates and translated them by the power of God and brought forth the history of the people. I don't expect the Book of Mormon to be 100% historical, but I do expect it to be mostly historical.
  23. The Bible has it's issues too. Did you know that placing striped sticks in view of mating animals results in striped offspring? (Gen.30:35--43) But I still have faith that both are true.
  24. How is that false? If Joseph Smith made up the whole story then he is not the prophet he claimed to be.
  25. If it's not historical, then all those other things don't matter. One has to accept the whole package or none of it.
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