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  1. Depends on how close and important this person is to you. For someone I don't know so well I would just nod my head, and tell them I understand their position. I might question the reliability of their account but probably not tell them that to their face, because how can I know if they are telling the truth or not about their own personal experiences?
  2. "Aging LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson has decreased his regular, day-to-day involvement in leadership meetings, a church spokesman said Tuesday of the 89-year-old Mormon prophet. “Because of limitations incident to his age, President Monson is no longer attending meetings at the church offices on a regular basis,” said Eric Hawkins, spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “He communicates and confers with his counselors on matters as needed. “President Monson is grateful that the work of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles continues without interruption. He appreciates the prayers and support of church members.” http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865680602/LDS-Church-updates-condition-of-President-Thomas-S-Monson.html Critics love to complain about how the church abuses it's elder leaders by making them work so hard into their golden years. "Let the poor old men retire in peace" they say. They don't seem to understand the faith and devotion and the strength God gives them to be able continue on longer than most men their age. And you could not stop them anyway. In the end they always know when it's the right time to slow down and let others take the lead. Edited to add that I did not see this subject is already in the General Discussions page instead of here in the news section where it should be.
  3. Nope. But remuneration provided to a church leader can still be called voluntary service, whereas a salary connotes employment in a career to get gain. Actually they do have to pay taxes on the allowances they get.
  4. That would be hell. "These are they who are thrust down to hell." (D&C 76: 84)
  5. And being interrupted by every commercial ever made.
  6. Except it never ends. Basically. But as bad as the company and conditions sound, as mentioned in the above scriptures, it is still a level of heaven where they receive the Holy Spirit through the ministration of the terrestrial;(verse 86) It's the best fit for those people who have become the kind of people they were while on earth.
  7. I think this statement and any other like it is only referring to the tithing that members are paying today. I don't think we know for sure when and where all the money came from that the church used to start investing, but I suppose some of it did come from donations from members 150 years ago.
  8. The church has made the statement that no tithing money paid by members today is used for for-profit endeavors, like some real estate projects you are referring to.
  9. So your'e telling me you think they are lying about that? Not much else I can say then.
  10. LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins ... did comment generally in a statement on church officials being supported by funds from the church. "General Authorities leave their careers when they are called into full time Church service. When they do so, they focus all of their time on serving the Church, and are given a living allowance. The living allowance is uniform for all General Authorities. None of the funds for this living allowance come from the tithing of Church members, but instead from proceeds of the Church's financial investments." http://kutv.com/news/local/mormonleaks-web-page-posts-information-about-living-allowance-of-lds-general-authorities
  11. I think that's what I said. I said investments started from members donations who are long since dead and so they are not around now to thank them personally.
  12. The allowance that the church leaders get does not come from the members; it comes from dividends on investments made by the church in the past. In the beginning those investments may have started from members donations a long time ago but not anymore. The people they would have to thank for that are long since dead now. Besides that I hear them thank the members quite often in General Conference for their faithfulness and support.
  13. Not getting too excited. Haven't done that since my wedding night. My main points are that what church leaders get is not a salary and what they do get they have to pay taxes on. I would think their expenses in their leadership positions could be more than the average church member, with supporting their family and add to that all the traveling and other expenses they have to pay for related to the leadership activities. The pay that regular church employees get is commensurate with their education and experience and are competitive with similar jobs in other industries.
  14. You are the one calling it a salary when it clearly is not. What they receive is a remuneration for the expenses they incur for their service. They have given up their past lives and careers and have dedicated all their time for service in the church. If they are not earning money in a regular job how else are they going to live and pay for all they are involved in to lead the church? Didn't you see the leak showing Elder Eyring's allowance payment? It listed taxes that were taken out for federal and state and other common deductions. Edited to add that that there are many members of the church who are employed as regular salaried employees by the church, but they are not general authorities or other church leaders. Their pay is designated as a salary.
  15. I heard from another report that it was likely a combination of what he took in to his body along with what his body and heart could handle; not hat there were any known defects,but that his particular physiological makeup was just more susceptible to the combination of factors.