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  1. JAHS

    Temple Recommend Questions

    <u><b>10/10</b></u><br> I always say yes...the National Education Association....teachers’ union. Still get the recommend. I would also say yes.... the Boy Scouts.... and I would get a laugh and the recommend.
  2. JAHS

    And they came to pass...the sacrament?

    I know in the 40s during the war the young women sometimes prepared the sacrament table and in some cases even passed it when there were not enough priesthood holders avaliable.
  3. JAHS

    What Would You Do?

    I would say you better start your own board.
  4. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    I remember going to the Nauvoo historic site and found out the south end of the city belongs to the CofC and the people working the historic sites there seemed to get along OK with the Brighamites who own the rest of it.
  5. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    On their website there is no mention of them referring to themselves as being Mormons nor can you even find the word Mormon, except the very few places where they refer to the Book of Mormon.
  6. I remember hearing an interview with Joseph Freeman who was the first black member to receive the priesthood and he claimed that there really wasn't any recent pressure that would have caused the change to happen although there might have been in the earlier 70s.
  7. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    I agree. I agree as long as "astray" does not mean a permanent diversion towards an incorrect destination. That will never happen. If a course correction is all that is needed and is applied then we are moving towards the right destination.
  8. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    I look at his statement as a going forward type of application; that now since he had this revelation from God impressing upon him the seriousness about it, from now on when we call it the Mormon Church it is a victory for Satan. There have been other similar revelations that were meant to be a going forward type of command, like the Word of Wisdom being more strictly followed but not a condemnation of how it was followed in previous times.
  9. JAHS

    Disguising the Church

    I presented this in an earlier thread: https://janariess.religionnews.com/2016/03/04/jesus-less-joseph-changes-mormon-general-conference/
  10. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints butterfly (aka Mormon butterfly) Lepidopterists will have to revise their books.
  11. JAHS

    Disguising the Church

    Your Stake President and Bishop are the ones who decide on the topics for Sacrament meeting. Ask them about it.
  12. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    I think in general they are not contradictory. President Hinckley was trying to make the best of what the world would continue to call the church and President Nelson was telling us that the Lord says now is time to make the full change to the correct name and encourage the use of the name. Both messages are useful.
  13. He is claiming that he is doing it solely to protect his stake president so that he won't ultimately be blamed for excommunicating him. He wants all the blame to be placed on church leaders. What a nice guy. 🙄
  14. JAHS

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    Nope, but being fallible human beings we let it go off course a little. Our prophets are not perfect. God does not take over their brain and make them do and say everything perfectly.
  15. Something that will have to be different at least in my ward is that the Bishop often uses the second hour Sunday school time to meet in his office with members who need to talk to him. I guess those meetings will all have to wait till after church now.