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  1. Treat gay people as a race.

    What makes you think you know what each member needs? Why should any of them do what you want them to do if what they are doing now makes them happy? If I only want what "God" wants makes me a sheep then, Baaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaa. Sure there are a few unhappy ones, but that's because they don't want to live certain principles of the Gospel. How confusing and chaotic this religion would be if everyone started living only the commandments and principles they think are right. Leadership is needed to keep it orderly and true.
  2. Treat gay people as a race.

    The 10 commandments aren't the only commandments God gave us. Have you read the New Testament? "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Thou shalt not steal; neither commit adultery, nor kill, nor do anything like unto it." (D&C 59: 6) "Anything like unto it" includes homosexual activity.
  3. Treat gay people as a race.

    What is a black lifestyle? Whatever that is it does not violate any commandments of God.
  4. Treat gay people as a race.

    No, that's what God wants and whatever He wants is what LDS people want. LDS culture does not "like" to deny it, but it's what God says so they follow it. It's a difficult thing to understand and accept but I do know a few faithful gay members who are able to choose to remain celibate. Such people will eventually get all they want and deserve.
  5. Do you really think the church has the power to do that? I don't think so. The church is merely standing up for what it believes is important for the welfare of the country and the families in the country. It is simply voicing an opinion. If the majority of Americans want same sex marriage then it will happen and the church, while not agreeing with it, will accept the decision, but will keep the restriction within its own membership.
  6. Watching a Bird...

    Like maybe if someone opened the window?
  7. Got it. Priesthood is not required to heal or obtain forgiveness of sins but if someone is healed through a priesthood blessing it is comforting to know that their sins have also been forgiven.
  8. Mission calls and Monday nights

    My mission call 1972: Brought the mail in and saw the letter. Opened it. Said I was going to Austria. Gave it to my mom who read it and she shouted Australia? I said No, Austria. Oh, she said. Where's that? That was it.
  9. Like I said forgiveness can come at other times as well. It doesn't require the priesthood but it does require true repentance, faith in God, and a change of heart to not want to commit the sin again. This can happen to anyone regardless of their religion, but it is Christ who ultimately provides forgiveness.
  10. Prop 8

    I supported the concept but I certainly was not going to stand on a corner holding a sign or call strangers on the phone and tell them what to vote for.
  11. Even though I have left the nest got married had kids and now grand kids I always continue to give credit to my parents who raised me right and I consider myself fully adult. In the spiritual sense we are not finished being raised until we have died, been resurrected and have entered heaven. The main issue is a matter of humility. The person who is faithful and humble is one who recognizes that God has given him everything. That kind of person is one who is worthy for exaltation in heaven. That's what religion is about. Not sure how you can have any real meaningful conversation with most anyone on this board if you don't have a basic belief in God and who He is to us. Why are you came? (Dr. Janosz Poha, Ghostbusters)
  12. He is saying this for our behalf; not because He needs it. His work and glory is to bring to pass the exaltation and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). We cannot become the kind of beings we are supposed to be if we are not humble enough to give Him credit for all things and live His commandments. If we don't we cannot obtain eternal life and we become lost. Kind of like a loving parent who wants his child to be the best he can be but the child is being disobedient and not recognizing the authority of the parent over him and not being willing to follow what he is taught or appreciate what he is given.
  13. Yes, but it also requires the power through faith in Christ to be healed, which means that the person has so lived that he is entitled to have his sins remitted. Faith and priesthood authority combine to make it happen. Of course the Elders don't give forgiveness; that comes from Christ. And there are of course other times a persons sins can be forgiven through repentance and or baptism for example.
  14. I gave answers to this a while ago according to the following scripture: "Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. (James 5: 15) By using the priesthood not only are they healed but their sins are also forgiven. Also because we have been given the priesthood we are obligated and expected to use it for serving others by giving blessings.