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  1. JAHS

    The Name of the Church

    They both got started at the same time.
  2. JAHS

    The Name of the Church

    LDS can stand for many things in the world. Liberal Democratic Party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. League Division Series Leak Detection System Layered Defense System Lethal Defense System Logistics Data System Among many others. That first one might be a major concern in some parts of the world.
  3. A company accidentally put the Mormon temple on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ phone cases, and the internet bought them all "Katie Hoyos didn’t know what was missing from her “Beauty and the Beast” collection until she saw it: a phone case featuring Belle and the Beast striding toward the Salt Lake City. She thought it was amusing that the Australian manufacturer probably had no idea that the majestic six-spired granite building isn’t a fairy-tale castle but rather a place where Mormons complete religious rites, including baptisms for the dead and eternal marriages......" This could become quite the collector's item.
  4. JAHS

    Individual v.s. Office

    I have always understood it that there have been many Gods and will be many more in the eternities past and future over their own universes. But as far as we are concerned in this universe there is only one God that is the father of our spirits and whom we worship and are obedient to. Pretty much what you said. But of course since this is based on latter-day revelation and not just the Bible other Christians are not going to accept it.
  5. Here's a DN link: Judge dismisses sexual assault lawsuit against former MTC president U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball found that McKenna Denson's legal claims for sexual assault, fraud and emotional distress expired under Utah's statute of limitations. Kimball also threw out those same claims Denson made against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but said the statute of limitations on her contention that the church concealed Bishop's predatory sexual behavior did not begin until she confronted him in December 2017. The judge found Denson reported her claims to her local bishop, stake president and Elder Carlos E. Asay. "Carlos Asay allegedly told Denson that he would inform her of the outcome of the investigation, but never did," the judge wrote. "Despite her efforts, she was not able to uncover that the (church) allegedly had knowledge that Bishop was a sexual predator prior to calling him as the MTC president."
  6. JAHS

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    Saavik: You lied. Spock: I exaggerated.
  7. Judge dismisses lawsuit against former LDS mission president for alleged sexual abuse "A federal judge has formally dismissed a lawsuit against a former LDS mission president Joseph L. Bishop. The lawsuit against the LDS Church for fraud, however, has been upheld. The attorney for McKenna Denson, the alleged victim, released the following statement about the dismissal: While we are disappointed that the claims against Mr. Bishop were dismissed because of the statue of limitations, we are pleased that the fraud claims against the Church were not dismissed. We respect Judge Kimball's decision. We look forward to the discovery phase of this case."
  8. JAHS

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    Any amount of exageration employs some degree of dishonesty.
  9. I think this sums up the type of articles posted in the SLT and how I usually treat them.
  10. What makes President Young's statements confusing about the Adam/God issue is that in some discourses, President Young definitely states that "Adam is Michael, the Archangel, the Ancient of Days;" (Journal of Discourses, Vol.1, p.46-51), which means that Adam is not Elohim, or God the Father. President Young also explained that Adam helped to make the earth. If he only helped then that means that he was subordinate to someone who was superior. Young also states, "It is true that the earth was organized by three distinct characters, namely, Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael." (Journal of Discourses, Vol.1, p.46-51). Here he places Adam, or Michael, third in the list, and hence the least important of the three mentioned. Quoting Joseph Fielding Smith, "This is from one of the discourses of Brigham Young: "We are all the children of Adam and Eve, and they are the offspring of Him who dwells in the heavens, the Highest Intelligence that dwells anywhere that we have any knowledge of." Now, if he believed what some people like to interpret him as saying, then he could not say such a thing as that!" Why would Young say this if he thought that Adam was God the Father? He also said, "And what shall we say of our Heavenly Father? He is also a man in perfection, and the Father of the man Jesus Christ, and the Father of our spirits." (Journal of Discourses, Volume 11, p42) Here he states that Heavenly Father, not Adam, is the father of the "man" Jesus. Brigham once said that Jesus "was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the Garden of Eden, and who is our Father in Heaven." (Journal of Discourse, vol. 1, pg 50-51) It sounds like he is talking about Adam, but Brigham knew that God walked and talked with Adam while in the Garden. So the "character" he is talking about could be God and not Adam. There are many other instances, like those I have mentioned, where Brigham Young correctly describes the proper identities and relationships of God and Adam. Hard to know why there are so many seeming contradictions in what he said, unless he was being misquoted a lot or changed hi mind a lot.
  11. 😲 I mentioned these news articles to demonstrate that there are a number of various factors that can contribute to the depression that leads to suicide and not just what people claim the church is responsible for.
  12. JAHS

    Austria is Beautiful

    This is Hallstadt. In a cave in that hill behind the church are thousands of nun bones. They have a cemetery whre the nuns are buried when they die but it is so small that they have to dig up the old skeletons and stack them in this cave so they can bury recently deceased nuns in the ground for a while. Each skull has some sort of art work painted on it. A general authority of the church once visited this place and remarked how crowded it was going to be in there when the resurection came.
  13. This Breastfeeding Mom Who Was Told To ‘Cover Up’ At A Restaurant Had A Hilarious Response
  14. I think of a stiff-necked person as one whose head and mind are set in one direction that they want to go and because their necks are stiff they can't or are not willing to turn their heads towards God and follow Him instead.
  15. Yes, but I think it's mostly that the mother does not put herslf in a position where she is not at home to nurture and care for her children when they need it. "Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children."" (Proclamation on the Family) The church has always encouraged women to get an education to prepare them for life, to teach their children, and when necessary to provide for temporal needs. Women and Education - June 26, 2015