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  1. JAHS

    Attachment size

    Does anyone know why the size of attachments that I can add to a post has been getting smaller and smaller? Right now it is at 30 kb which is too small for most photos, etc. What determines how big of an attachment I can add to a post? Edited to add: OK I just did a little research into the attachments I have posted so far and I was very close to the 5 mb limit. Need to delete some.
  2. JAHS

    Linear growth in church membership

    The annual world growth rate has been slowing down since 1960(red) and is projected to continue to decrease in years to come(blue) I am sure this is and will also have some small effect on church growth rate.
  3. The letter seems to specify parents: "The means of communication may vary depending on the circumstances, location, and schedule of the missionary and family. If a missionary’s parents live in different locations, the missionary may contact each parent separately. It is not expected that missionaries will call or video chat with their parents every week." You can interpret that as you will. I am sure each individual mission president will have their own take on the policy depending on the makeup of their missionaries. I would assume if a missionary only had grandparents living he/she could call them. Or if everyone was all together in one place the missionary could talk to whoever is near the phone at the time of the call.
  4. I think this is a good option for some missionaries and heir families. However, I think once per week may be more than needed for some. They might not really have much new to talk about after only one week. How many people who are not on missions actually call their parents once per week?
  5. JAHS

    Left Hand

    Both principles are true. I don't think one excludes the other. It's just that as baptized members of the church we have taken upon ourselves the name of Christ and to be representatives of Him and His Gospel to others and we don't want others to judge God and His gospel based on what others see us do.
  6. JAHS

    Left Hand

    Like in this scripture: "And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, "She is my sister." And Abimelech king of Gerar sent and took Sarah" (Gen 20:2) Although Abraham was half right because Sarah was his half sister.
  7. Sometimes when the scriptures say forty it means forty, but most of the time Bible scholars believe it is used as a nice round number that was symbolically assigned to give a value that represented "many" or "some", but it's not always easy to tell which is which. In the Bible, next to the number seven, the number forty occurs most frequently. It was the number of days God made it rain. (Genesis 7:4) It was the number of years Israel ate manna (Exodus 16: 35) It was the number of days Moses was with God in the mountain (Exodus 34:28) It was the number of years the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness; (Numbers 14:33) It was the number of days Christ fasted before beginning His ministry. (Matthew 4:2) The risen Lord spent forty days with His apostles in Israel (Acts 1:1-3) and many other places throughout the scriptures. According to scripture scholars George Reynolds and Janne M. Sjodahl: "Sometimes the reader will be misled by the numbers of the Bible because he does not know how they originally were used. "Ten" sometimes stands for "several." "Forty," often means "many," "Seven," or "seventy," denote a large and complete number, although uncertain to the speaker." (Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price, George Reynolds and Janne M. Sjodahl, 1965) For whatever reason it appears that it is God Himself who assigned this value(40) to whatever dealings He had with His children. Throughout the Bible the number forty seems to be associated with a period of preparation or trials or purification for the person or persons involved; forty days for an individual man and forty years for a nation. And I guess we could say it took 40 years for the saints of Salt Lake to be prepared and purified for the temple once it was built.
  8. JAHS

    Left Hand

    Nothing, but as you can see the Priest took off his gloves before saying the prayer.
  9. JAHS

    Left Hand

    Something else from a long time ago when the sacrament was blessed you had to raise both hands in the air while saying the prayer.
  10. JAHS

    Left Hand

    President George Albert Smith said: "Our people have been taught to take the sacrament with the right hand; we believe that is appropriate, and proper, and acceptable to our Father. The sacrament should not be accepted with a gloved hand; nobody should receive it in that irreverent manner. We should partake of it in humility, with preparation of clean hands and pure hearts, and with a desire to be acceptable to our Father; then we will receive it worthily, and rejoice in the blessing that comes to us by reason of it." (Conference Report, April 1908, p.36) So take off those gloves before you take it with your right hand !
  11. JAHS

    What is the Good News?

    A good place to find it is in 3 Nephi: “Behold I have given unto you my gospel, and this is the gospel which I have given unto you—that I came into the world to do the will of my Father, because my Father sent me.” (3 Nephi 27: 13) The Savior then reviewed for the Nephites the facts of the Atonement, including the need to repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. (See 3 Ne. 27:13-22.) This Christ's own definition of the Gospel. It is the "good news" that He came to tell everyone about.
  12. JAHS

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    The preferred outcome is to not have to make a choice on what to do in the first place. There are consequences to such mistakes which require hard choices that aren't always happy ones.
  13. Here's a couple charts. One made by Elaine Cannon and another made by me a while ago. Both show the Relief Society (Auxiliary Organization) as under the direction of the Q12 (PEC). I assume it hasn't changed much since these charts were made.
  14. JAHS

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    I know the BYU Channel plays a recorded Sacrament meeting every Sunday (without the sacrament) called Worship Service.. They were recorded several years ago in an actual ward chapel and they play them over and over again on the Byu Channel. When my wife was confined to bed she would watch them each Sunday.
  15. JAHS

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    I also added this to my post from the church handbook : Meetings and other events that are held in the chapel may not be broadcast over the Internet or by any other means I think the OK to stream only applies to streaming to other parts of the building. Can you stream without broadcasting or using the internet?