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  1. /snark on Personally, I'm looking forward to the day when the racially-based priesthood and temple restrictions can be restored to their proper order. We old line stalwarts know that the church had to cave to the pervasive equality movement. If we did not conceal the truths about the curse of cain and pre-existence choices, Satan would thwart out ability to proselytize, provide university-level education to our youth, and maybe even compromise our protected tax status. I believe that in some future day, when the saints are less carnally minded and less influenced by the wisdom of Babylon, the Lord will restore much, if not all, of the proper restrictions between the races that have been taken away. /snark off
  2. Thank you. I’m so happy to hear the sealing is being made equal as well.
  3. I agree with most all of this, up to the inference that the change of covenant wording was to accommodate social movements. I know many good couples (mostly older) who, like you, took the heartening language very seriously and worked to build a beautiful and successful marriage. Is your heart open to the possibility that a marriage of the same worth can be built through covenants where neither person presides over the other? This change need not be a rejection of your sacrifice and success. I certainly don’t see it that way.
  4. Yeah, he predicated a shorting of the ceremony. Other predictions included no more garments outside the temple and the SL temple shut down for renovations. Those are not currently on the table but, after today's news, who the heck knows anymore.
  5. I just thought of something else. F/T is going to be awesome ... and weird ... this Sunday. People crying and testifying about something that is really a huge deal (on par with the 1978 revelation), but also something they can't discuss with any detail. Kids and teenagers confused out the wazzoo. No one has any certainty of where the line is. Big props to you all you bishopric members out there who have to protect the podium. And to missionaries who bring investigators to church and try to answer their questions when you haven't been through the new ceremony and likely know nothing about the changes.
  6. Me too. This is pure speculation, but perhaps the new video is merely a placeholder so that the substantive changes can be made now, but that new dramatizations will eventually be made. They take a lot of time to make and Pres. Nelson doesn't seem to be one to wait around.
  7. SL Tribune and Herald have articles. Not a lot of details but there's obviously been some big changes. What a great day. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2019/01/02/lds-church-releases/ https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/faith/lds-church-reportedly-makes-adjustments-to-temple-endowment-ceremony/article_214f082e-0686-5418-a73d-982c0485cbf1.html
  8. Perhaps (although confirmation and ordination of MP holders would also apply). But what about temple prep classes and the church's online instructions regarding temple clothing, garments, etc? On the face of this statement, all a member could say is that we do ordinances call "initiatory, endownment, and sealing" but we can't tell you anything about them. How do the ordinances bring us closer to Christ or unite us as families? Can't discuss it now. What's a celestial room? Another good question, but I can't tell you anything. Its just unworkable.
  9. The key statement is below. Very puzzling. Every time my ward's youth do baptisms I meet with them to discuss the ordinances they'll perform. Because of changes last year, I meet with the Priest's Quorum for a significant discussion of how baptisms are to be performed, witnesses, and other things they'll encounter as they perform those ordinances. That seemed entirely appropriate (and necessary) to me. Still does. "A dedicated temple is the most holy of any place of worship on the earth. Its ordinances are sacred and are not discussed outside a holy temple."
  10. Here's the DN write up. Interesting that they are allowing comments to the story. I'd hate to be the guy that has to police those comments. Scott, don't draw the short straw ! https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900048809/first-presidency-of-church-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saints-issues-statement-on-mormon-temples.html
  11. I participated in the temple ceremonies that contained covenants I believe are appropriate for my marriage and family. I was not vocal at all and did not boycott anything, but I could not in good conscience participate in the endownment and sealings. I continued to take my children and youth groups for baptisms and to witness sealing ceremonies. I've been praying for this day to arrive (as has my wife, who continued to participate in all temple ceremonies, but did not share my same level of concern).
  12. Thank you SouthernMo. My link is still broken. While the BCC article does not explicitly list the changes, it gives me great hope that I'll soon be returning to endownment sessions. What a great day. FWIW, I have not qualms about discussing temple covenants (or changes thereto). The temple forbids disclosure of specific signs and tokens; nothing else. The covenants in the temple are no more sacred than those outside the temple that we show to the world each week.
  13. Did anyone by chance save the contents of this post? It appears BCC has taken down the post, likely because of a concern that the contents discuss temple ceremony wording.
  14. I haven’t posted much for awhile but have been following this thread closely. Praying that the rumored change is true that women will now covenant to God rather than their husband. Also praying that sealings will become equal in that husbands give themselves, not just wives I haven’t been to an endowment session in three years because of the existing covenant structure. I know others have ways to deal with the wording but I could not. It’s simply contrary to Gods plan for my marriage (not passing judgment on anyone else’s marriage) and so I could not in good faith participate. I’ve been a TR holder my entire life and still often attend the temple for youth baptisms with my children and in my calling leading the ward youth. This has been a huge issue for my family. My wife still attends all temple ceremonies. She greatly misses my presence and struggles to explain to others why I’m not there. My oldest son graduates HS this year and is set to receive his endownment before leaving on a mission this summer. If the rumors are true, this would be a godsend indeed.
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