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  1. So I was bored tonight so I watched some History Channel on demand. Ancient Aliens S12 Ep 6 The Science Wars What does this have to do with Mormonism? Mormon Apologists and theists in general are routinely lambasted online by supposed "Imperical Scientific Facts" proposed by Atheists and intelectuals of all walks. So perhaps we can talk about a few things from this episode that peaked my interest and reminded my of several discussions I had years ago on this board. 1) What do we do when Carbon Dating gives us "Future Dates"? This episode gives several examples of recent Carbon Dating from core samples that give us future dates using the current and most recent scientific methods for obtaining these Dates. Here is a couple more examples of future Carbon Dates. (Please... I know this is a creationists site but the Scientific Peer reviewed emails these guys are getting back from the accredited labs... Science doesn't lie. http://creation.com/carbon-dating-into-the-future It is explained that volcanic eruptions as well as exposure to radiation can scew Catbon Dating results. If that's the case... how can we trust/know for sure that ANY of the carbon dates that scientists have given us so are aren't subject to suspicion? 2) Georgio "ALIENS" guy... has one of the elongated skulls DNA tested. The providence of the skull is Paracus, South America, by the Museum who loaned the skull to be DNA tested. Now... I'm not claiming the Skull is "Alien" and neither is Georgio ("Alien" guy). It comes out that the DNA most closely matches Scottish ancestory. So... what is a 14000 year old Scottish man doing buired in South America?