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  1. The Truth is available to all those that want it. We get to decide whether we accept what God has put out there as Truth.
  2. Those are not mutually exclusive goals.
  3. Mormons are "creepy and admirable"

    Well at least there has been some improvement over the last 187 years. We were just plain creepy then.
  4. Satan's reaction to Moses

    Nothing precludes Satan from acting differently to each one of us. The better to deceive you with, my dear. Satan does not have a physical body like you and I. He has a spirit body that looks like our spirit bodies(Complete with teeth).
  5. Resurrection Question

    We know how to do it for atoms right now. SEE https://phys.org/news/2015-01-atoms.html
  6. Institute = the BYU

    You can get anything you want at BYU, as well as somethings you don't want. Including a loss of testimony.
  7. Resurrection Question

    I believe God knows how to do it, even if we don't.
  8. Honest discussion about disdain

    That and $5 you buy a cup of Starbucks coffee.
  9. Progression Between Kingdoms

    I think only small minority of God's children will choose not to repent when hearing the Gospel either in this life or the next. Only God has the authority to determine what is fair chance at hearing and accepting the Gospel if they had endured, and that extends into the next life for most people who have ever lived.
  10. Progression Between Kingdoms

    The only unforgivable sin is the refusal to repent. As I said everyone can repent, but not everyone will repent.
  11. Progression Between Kingdoms

    That makes hash out of the Gospel. Either everyone can repent or no one can. That doesn't mean all will repent however.
  12. Progression Between Kingdoms

    Even Hitler has the opportunity to repent. Whether he will accept it or not is beyond my pay grade to say.
  13. Progression Between Kingdoms

    We have no idea as to what biology an eternal being has. We simply assume we will have whatever it takes to have one.
  14. Progression Between Kingdoms

    I don't believe it is a matter of physical perfection per say, as much as it is a matter of type of individual we are. IE: We will all be free from mortal illness, and defect. However we are all different in how amenable to God we choose to act. I personally believe The Son of the Morning is physically beautiful beyond our comprehension. It is his actions that are ugly.
  15. Progression Between Kingdoms

    We are assigned the type of body that can abide the Kingdom by the type of life we led. We don't die again after the Resurrection. So I believe there is no progression between Kingdoms.