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  1. I leave that judgement up to God. But the Scriptures and Classic books are replete with examples of those that love money.
  2. Ethnocentrism does have its advantages.
  3. Some people wouldn't be happy if they couldn't complain.
  4. You are exempt if you have no income. IE; The stay at home mother who has no outside income. She is not required to pay tithing on what her husband makes.
  5. I don't see it as wide spread as it used to be. But any is still too much.
  6. No. We should be leery of those that love money. Whether they are rich, middle class or poor.
  7. Please don't give up on us. We need your voice to counter that of the bigots that all religions, and non religions have in them. The Restored Gospel is true, and good, regardless of what some think of it.
  8. No. The Alt Right is a term created by Richard Spencer, a well known racist. SEE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-right
  9. Ever attend a Gospel (Rumor) Doctrine class?
  10. When I started college it was as a Chemistry major. But transferred to Social Work after 2 years of course work. I don't claim to be a chemist, but I do have a pretty good understanding of how it works.
  11. I am very sorry for his victims, and their families, and friends. my deepest condolences. PS; I've had a bushy mustache for longer than I've been a member. Facial hair doesn't mean much.
  12. The most common course requirements include: Biology, cell biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology. Biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry. Calculus, physics, statistics. English.
  13. I have no idea as to what that means. SEE "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" is a 1973 essay by the evolutionary biologist and Eastern Orthodox Christian Theodosius Dobzhansky, criticising anti-evolution creationism and espousing theistic evolution.
  14. Yes and no. Fast Offerings are now sent to Salt Lake and returned on the bases of need. So it is entirely possible for a member in Mexico to underwrite a member in the US.