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  1. I've taken Econ 101 and 201. My statement still stands. In my professional life I went to 6 years of university. What I learned there is long past useful in my career. It simply opened a door, the real learning was that first day on the job, as a Social Worker facing my first clients. The class that gave me the most continuing satisfaction was an art appreciation class. Off topic video removed. Those who are discussing economics will be removed if they don't get back on topic.
  2. Small independent contractor based companies are not required to be covered by the ACA. Making teachers independent contractors is a fools game played by idiots for their rich masters. Sears tried making each store employee/manager an independent contractor competing against other managers. Now Sears is going bankrupt. Its former employees dispersed, while its owner made millions.
  3. If you are getting an education just to get a job. You will be sorely disappointed. Down turns in an economy, and sometimes temporary lack of positions make spending a small fortune make education a chance at best. I'm old enough to remember when Aerospace engineers were a dime a dozen. Men in their late 40's and early 50's were happy if they could be hired to flip hamburgers. Tell me I'm worthless. SEE The actual number of all government jobs actually decreased under Obama. SEE https://newrepublic.com/article/118954/public-sector-payrolls-under-obama-much-lower-other-presidents
  4. The purpose behind education isn't to get a job. The purpose of an education is to have a more enjoyable life. The Iron law of Labor is that there is always someone that will work for less. All the Supply in the world will not increase Demand in the slightest. There is a reason why Buggy-whips aren't big sellers any more.
  5. If doing such is a condition of employment then yes the employer has every right to fire that employee.
  6. The size of the government decreased under Obama.
  7. The Book of Mormon and D&C 132 have been available a long time before the internet.
  8. If Catholics believe LDS baptism of the living is of no value/effect then it seems arbitrary to claim proxy baptism for the dead is of value/effect.
  9. Have never heard of him. However I have no problem with God or Church doctrine. I just have no way to confirm by any known science any claimed supernatural pre- or post mortal existence. Maybe someday I will.
  10. If I worked as a math teacher in the public schools, and rejected Algebra based on my feelings. I could hardly claim academic freedom if the school didn't renew my contract.
  11. Say if I worked for the XYZ company. I was a good employee when on the job. However when in public I bad mouthed my employer and his/her company.. How long should I keep my job?
  12. You do know what a metaphor is don't you? She is pretending to be a devout Saint to secure employment from the Church. She used that position to teach false doctrine.
  13. Does any church have the responsibility of protecting itself against wolves amongst its flock?
  14. If I accept employment from someone/some organization I agree to the conditions of that person/organization. We can complain all we want about the lack of privacy in our modern world. But if we insist on making our private thoughts public ourselves, it can be self defeating.
  15. Not if she said this "This is my official announcement and declaration that I believe heterosexuality and homosexuality are both natural and neither is sinful."