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  1. I've enjoyed the discussion thus far and appreciate the perspectives shared. Can anybody share how the issue is handled in other languages? Most languages have formal and informal forms of address, but are speakers of other languages asked to use archaic forms of address from their languages as well? Would the Swahili or Shona translations of the BoM be written in the formal form of contemporary language, or would older, archaic versions of formal address from the 16th century be preferred on principle? Rather than derailing the topic, perhaps one could inbox me with some comments or reference resources. Thank you!
  2. Bluebell, I am not LDS but have been studying with missionaries for quite some time. In my opinion, the specific topic of multiple first vision accounts is far overdue and is a tough topic. I have tried to discuss this issue (which is tough for me, at least) with two different sets of missionaries, and not one of the four had any idea what I was talking about. In fact, it was suggested several times that my misinformation likely came from hostile / anti sources. From my perspective as an investigator, this was highly problematic and raised a considerable number of red flags. It was not a positive experience to have both sets of missionaries be skeptical of my assertion that multiple accounts exist - namely, they viewed me with suspicion, and I viewed them as being ignorant; then I wondered whether this was a meat issue rather than milk, or a lying for the Lord issue, and it simply became a stumbling block rather than a discussion. I welcome your church's decision to address the topic, because while it may not be a tough issue for in-church individuals, perhaps they recognize reasons why it may be one for those looking in from the outside.
  3. S.S.M. And L.U.N.C.

    I rarely comment here, but I read just about everything as I work my way through understanding the ins and outs of the LDS faith and what it means to be LDS (and to that end, I appreciate everybody who posts). Jwhitlock, you weaken your argument by implying every single gay / same sex attracted / homosexual individual out there is exactly the same. Because some argue for sexual openness, you interpret that to mean every gay person argues for sexual openness. I think you can see the logical fallacy in these over-reaching statements. If you were to add quantifiers ("some", "most", etc.), your argument would hold up better under scrutiny. I'd like to add that I've been to a Mardi Gras parade once, in New Orleans. The number of straight people engaged in sexual immorality in plain sight was staggering. Does this mean I can now say all straight people engage in sexual immorality in plain sight? Such a statement doesn't hold up, so unfortunately it's too easy to disregard everything you say. I think you could craft a more persuasive argument if you relied less on sensationalism and more on precision. At risk of being clobbered on, as seems to happen so often on this board, I'd like to say that I don't understand your perspective on the topic. If two people wish to exercise their free agency and do what they will, how does it affect your own salvation? If my gay neighbors are promiscuous or exercise fidelity to each other, how does that affect me and my own faith? I simply don't see why some get so worked up over this topic, but it makes for fascinating reading. As a conservative one would think I'd be up in arms, but I guess I'm far more live and let live. I like to think that's the point of free agency. Good discussion.