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  1. Have you read up on the theory that holds depression is a survival strategy that arose in the harem? It accounts for women suffering three to one over men ... because depressed men got whipped to death before they could reproduce? Women in the harem, on the other hand, simply stayed in bed a lot and kept weird hours.
  2. You've never had anybody leave church on a rain day with your mackintosh?
  3. Certainly the Logan Temple is ... can't say as to folks in foreign parts like St George. http://www.moroni10.com/mormon_history/logan-temple-devil.html
  4. I found this quite beautiful, and I thank you for sharing it. The interplay between the hippocampus and the amygdala, the learned inability of these structures to sooth the self via chemical signals, the inability to send or receive chemical reward signals to give meaning to our existence, is at the heart of actual depression (not mere sadness, which is a fleeting emotional response to a stimulus). There is a whole lot of pain out there that folks are dealing with, including some in leadership positions whom some in this very thread dismiss with a knowing sneer. The advice to be kind to others, not to judge harshly, and to work on the assumption that the other is in pain more than half of the time works in both directions. How am I, for example, to judge BY, what he said, what he did, decisions he made, other than charitably towards his personal situation, his times, his experiences? And the same goes for addictive persons. At the heart of every addiction is pain, with the addictive behaviors crafted to ameliorate the pain ... unsuccessfully. You, my friend, are my my newest hero!
  5. Washington law: https://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.73.030
  6. I noticed some things today <spoiler warning>. Kick-butt, confident Natasha was, upon reflection, my favorite of the original Avengers here. She took on quasi-mythic qualities at various points. For example: - She is acting as mom for everybody else after the realtime trip to take down Thanos in the 1st Act, "keeping it together" for everybody, giving out instructions, acting as the go-between and keeper of the information and the details on the plan: she's the only one taking notes, so they're all relying on her to keep track of who's doing what; and everyone's reporting to her on what they've done, what they're up to, and looking to her for instructions. - She is the mom providing sustenance (the peanut butter sandwich) for others, offering her own lunch to Steve and actually giving her lunch to Scott. - She is the mom offering forgiveness and solace to Client in the 1st Act. - She had made a joke about "picking up after you boys" in Ultron, signaling her function in the final film. - She is the mom listening patiently to a wayward child on Vormir tell why he should be allowed to do what he wanted, but refusing any other outcome than the one she knew was best. In her faith-filled decision to sacrifice herself for the Soul Stone, she steps into the shoes of Mother Eve, whose agonizing decision in Eden, only on incomplete and contradictory evidence, with the outcome very much in doubt, made possible the birth/rebirth of trillions. The plan could well have failed: Strange had made that clear. But Nat had faith in the plan, she exercised faith that Schmidt wasn't lying in laying out the rules, and in taking the impossible decision to let her fall out of Clint's hands by doing a Black Widow gymnastic trick, she exercised faith in her decision despite the doubts that anyone would nurse. As she gazed up at Clint, I noticed upon first viewing and confirmed today, there was a look of impossibly expansive love as only a mother can have for a child. Nat, in that moment, saw his agony, saw his determination to save her, saw his guilt, and gave back to him nothing but love and forgiveness and gratitude. Yup, Nat's my favorite. And her intimate "funeral" by the pond, attended only by the remaining 5 and a few others, provided, as did Coulton's sacrifice in the first Avenger's film, the unifying motivation for all the heroics that came later: she must not be permitted to have died in vain.
  7. Roommate.aggiecribs.com may be worth a look.  It's the analogue to the old roommate board with the 3x5 cards.

  8. Me, too. Kept expecting Hela [the ever-scrumptious Kate Blanchett] to be that gal. OH well.
  9. It's a rowzer. Just sit back and enjoy. Save the nitpicking for later. The issue in this film is finding a satisfying story arc resolution for each of the original 6 Avengers. Everybody and everything else, including Thanos, is just background for that. Taking my mentally ill stepson for a matinee today.
  10. Without sincere mutual consent sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, how could any sealing survive death?
  11. I'm not crazy about it either, though for different reasons.
  12. I guess I'm just skeptical of steel or bronze being much used in weaponry, but being rather a luxury item. Beads and such.
  13. The only difference between now and 1916 is now there are show elections for the Tsar.
  14. My oldest brother did HR for a while in the air Force back in the day. He and his colleagues had a saying: "If you say you are, you did."
  15. Interesting that you choose this particular verse, which has to do with commerce and wealth creation through artistic endeavors.
  16. Fair enough. Fie on anybody, however, who uses a minor's inexperience and unsophistication to induce them to apply labels to themselves which are inapt.
  17. Seems an odd thing to do. Suspicious me wonders where they got the notion that tweener/teen experimentation has anything to do with one's identity. We are not defined by what we once did, unless we choose to let what we did define us, seems to me.
  18. I'm saying that the demands are irrational and conflicting, with every group claiming some sort of voice that should be taken as authoritative having a differing opinion and that opinion seems to change weekly. When something doesn't make sense, there's usually a reason it doesn't make sense. What are our choices? 1. Somebody's nuts. 2. Somebody's distracting us from what's really going on. 3. Somebody's projecting power (which always feels great). 4. Somebody's lying. Are there more?
  19. Does "dry" as used in that sentence mean "icky and irrational?"
  20. Here's a notion. Is it necessary to credit the irrational demands of the mentally ill? Isn't it rather kinder to ignore irrational ravings and obtain assistance for the condition? A few statistics from here: https://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/lgbt-mental-health - 3.4% of the population of the US self-identifies as homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or something similar - Those among the 3.4% are 3X more likely to suffer from mental illness than those among the 96.6% - Those among the 3.4% are 2.5X more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and drug abuse - The youth among the 3.4% are 4X more likely to suffer from suicidal ideation - As many as 65% of the transgender persons among the 3.4% suffer from suicidal ideation - As many as 30% of the 3.4% are drug/substance abusers (compared to 9% of the 96.6%) Why is it useful, in any case and despite the fact the above stats may be as much as 5 or so years out of date, to spend time beating up on those not up on this week's list of forbidden words when there are so many and much bigger fish that need frying? Why shake shiny objects to divert attention from the real issue?
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