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  1. I'm about done again. The mods. The trendylefty politics. The narking. The motherhenning.
  2. Yes, of course, which recorded evidence of behaviors. Not "identities." Which are recent wholly imagined constructs by individuals in real time.
  3. You seem awfully certain. Wayback Machine?
  4. I like to imagine nobody on the Israelite side spiking the ball after they got what they'd hoped for. This song sure captures that. That Exodus tells of the Egyptians following with revenge on their minds and in their hearts makes you think maybe this song pretties things up a little much.
  5. Not entirely true. The concept was invented in Germany by a person whose name is known, though arguably homosexuality as exclusive amatory sprung up in the XVIIITH Century..
  6. There's this as well: https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-arter/castro-we-already-pay-health-care-illegal-aliens-its-called-emergency
  7. Defense of self ... and of others from bullies. By the time high school came about, few were fighting. My line: "Are you quite sure you want to escalate this?" Nobody seemed to want to.
  8. My only son has a mental age of two. It never came up.
  9. He taught my bar review con law course. I liked him a lot. He looked and sounded exactly like Tennessee Tuxedo.
  10. She died at about 97 in the early 60s. I only saw her 2 or 3 times when I was very young. She prepared this to submit to the local paper, but never got around to publishing it: LIFE IN THESE UNITED STATES
  11. Boys don't hit girls. Didn't you go to kindergarten?
  12. Not an honest question, in my opinion. What that just was was political correctness trying to douse honest expression of feeling. It is my business or the business of whoever is affected by the wrong place/wrong time expression of personal preference when that expression invades the solemn, the sacred, etc. Wearing a Goldwater in '64 lapel pin would be of the same kind: wrong place/wrong time personal expression in a venue and at an event that has nothing to do with the feelings of the crossdressing or conservative bully, honestly felt or otherwise..
  13. Fashion has nothing to do with it, as envisioned by me. I don't care if women wear pant suits and such things to church or in conference. I don't figure it's any of my or anybody else's business. If fashion choices are politicized or are a big "up yours, mom and dad," then I imagine it's worth a conversation between the chooser and whoever. They become evidence of sickness of soul that needs addressing.
  14. So long as the democide against black folks and the disabled can continue unabated, we'll all salute, but not genuflect.
  15. Is that a tautology or a doxology?
  16. Where is the kindness and regard for the grieving, broken-hearted, and bereft? I can place my personal issues front and center during these folks' grief ritual, and and I've projected power, enforced by the Vth Army Nuclear Strike Force. I am a bully. I am truly despicable and evil when I do this. I get to "feel my feels," but the bereft don't get to because my "feels" trump everybody else's "feels." If we cannot address the ethics of public life in which we all participate, honestly and openly, without getting howled down by political correctness, then just what are we doing here?
  17. Prof Kingsfield's character gave us all the impression that the law is a living abstraction permitting people to live in harmony and beauty. My first year contracts prof, Harvard law dude, also the dean at the ewe at the time, wrote three words on the board early on: "Tools, not rules." Everything we learned thereafter in every area of law was to be looked at from this perspective: everything you encounter gives you a tool for crafting aggressive, defensive, and/or malicious outcomes* for your client. The idea that the law is a benign if not wondrous bit of magic became laughable. There are no answers to life's questions to be found there, only a scrum where competing interests battle it out using the tools the attorney on each side is clever enough to employ at the right time and in the right way. I sigh and weep a little maybe at the good-intentioned naivete implicit in your post. The law ain't what you think it is, and nothing's ever settled so long as interests compete, which is forever. *Hence vexatious lawsuits, writs of habeas corpus, and, again, vexatious lawsuits described by JSJr.
  18. So missing the point. The selfish, ostentatious worker makes himself the focus of everyone's attention. And this at a time the berieved are supposed to be coddled and cared for. They are or should be the focus of the event, not the spoiled brat. I myself would refuse payment to the mortuary if my wife's funeral were coopted in such a fashion. Appalling.
  19. Yeah. I've noticed that when SCOTUS speaks, hundreds of thousands of babies get slaughtered, and everybody is fine with it. See how I'm smiling? See how happy I am to see Moloch fed? See how not a soul has ever dissented? Yup. SCOTUS rules.
  20. Except that, in my experience, ostentation is the whole point.
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