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  1. I think there's another issue you need to bring in here: Why did Martin go ahead and mortgage his farm [quite against his wife's wishes and without her knowledge] to pay for the BoM's publication immediately after his encounter with Anthon? Which version of this "he said/he said" encounter best matches Martin's later actions?
  2. She reminds me of the Bulls' coach <whose name I refuse to speak or even type out> who said, commenting on Jazz crowds: "Too many [email protected] Mormons."
  3. There's precedent: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865561906/LDS-Church-buys-ad-space-in-Book-of-Mormon-musical-playbill.html
  4. Thought it was an Italian-Irish thing: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065642/
  5. I know. It was just a hook for my minirant. 😎
  6. Just how would one go about ridding oneself of one's "culture and narrative?" I've never heard of anybody ever doing it. Moreover, you appear to be dancing on the head of a Neoplatonic pin. Help me out here. You are working under the assumption that it was reasonable to believe that the Poles would have been stupid enough, given what just happened in Czechoslovakia not to mention the Anschluss, to attack the 3rd largest army in the world at the time with cavalry. Actual horses. Not horses hauling tanks that had become mired in the mud, but horses carrying sword-swinging hussars. No reasonable person could possibly believe such a thing. Remember also that since 1851, at the end of the 1st Schleswig War against the Danes, the Germans by their demands in the treaty ending that war ensured the Danes would surely annex Schleswig proper into Denmark, rather than it remain a fief to pass outside Denmark upon the death of the Danish king, which surely would happen in 10 or 20 years. Prussia and her allies demonstrated total war, blitzkrieg, schrecklichkeit, and devastation in 1864, and the Danes have never recovered to this day. People were alive in Poland in 1938-39 who would remember what happened kitty corner from them in 1864, let alone what happened in 1870 and during WWI. A near airtight argument can be made, has been made, and has never been refuted successfully that the Poles did nothing but exist as provocation for the Russo-German Polish Reduction Pact. Thus it is not unreasonable and is indeed necessary for a reasonably well-informed and -educated person in 1939 to be horrified by the objectively evil Newsreel and the objectively evil response to it. But you're right, I suppose, neither of us was there, either on the Oder or in that Yorkville theatre.
  7. That's because you eat that Provo bland of chocolate ice cream. Come to the Aggie side. You'll be glad you did.
  8. Drive up 700 No in Logan through USU's main campus; hang a left at the light by the Eccles Music Building; drive about a block and pull into the parking lot by the Dairy Science Building; enter said building and order yourself some at the Creamery. Here is your link: https://aggieicecream.usu.edu/ You're welcome.
  9. Huh. Never figured you for a fundamentalist.
  10. Please don't help any more. This is not remotely useful.
  11. When do we get to see your revised and improved offering?
  12. Rosalind Russell. Rolling her eyes while composing a several megaton quip to devastate the idiot child with.
  13. The Color Purple How Stella got her Groove Back Sounder Carmen Jones Etc Etc Etc What in the world is she talking about?
  14. "My kingdom is not of this world." What political kingdom are you speaking of?
  15. Except He didn't take any manna out of anybody else's pot to put in Jacob's children's pots. And He didn't just promise, relying on the compulsory contributions of anybody else to fulfill that promise, but rather delivered in full out of His own generosity. And He made free water into free wine, simply because it was asked of him; He ennobled a farthing joyously and voluntarily given making it worth more than a kingdom; He brought a surfeit of fish to no-luck fishermen, and not by emptying anybody else's nets; and He multiplied a couple of fish sandwiches to feed thousands, and not by raiding anybody else's lunchboxes. Doesn't look like the New Deal to me.
  16. Did they? Or was it still possible in those less cynical times of dying of shame? Seems the gene has been bred out of a whole lot of folks.
  17. If we want to compare ancient legal codes with the Torah and postulate the worldviews of those who promulgated and lived by them, we would be taking on a task well beyond the usefulness of this here board. Private property is as endemic as a bird tweeting out "Mine! Mine! Mine!" from a tree top, a terrier snapping at anyone getting near his bone or putting an unwelcome hand in his kennel, and a toddler seeing his sister with a toy he hadn't yet noticed that day and asserting his ownership of that toy by grabbing it away and leaving baby sis in tears. The human condition presupposes our ownership of the things we want. The Torah allows for this, even enjoining our stuff's replacement if it's taken or damaged by another. I suspect G-d doesn't much like this, but suffers its continuation, because of the mischief that has historically ensued when somebody tries to change it up. I don't agree with JP, PhD. But I get his point. I don't think G-d's ideal for His children holds much truck with either philosophy or the various attempts to harmonize them, as JP, PhD tries.
  18. The Law He authored and revealed to Moses on the Mountain presupposed private property and enjoined its protection. The Law He authored and revealed to Israel on the Mount presupposed an obligation to serve and aid all of one's fellows enjoined its prosecution. The political concepts implicit in most folks' use of the terms conservative/socialist-liberal would make Him weep.
  19. Do they still have that polenta and sausage in marinara? So good.
  20. True enough, and in my completely inaccurate and provocative OP, I very much used loaded Volksphilosophische phrases. Back to Herrn Professor Doktor's article, however, don't you find it fascinating that it is a flash of recognition that "this ain't right!" that provokes a complete reconfiguration of a reasonably thoughtful athiest's world view? Kant thought and wrote what he thought and wrote because of what he experienced and what he observed and what he heard. Rousseau the same. Schiller the same. Their hearts burst because of the painful recognition of things as experienced being evil, not right. Each went a different direction with those experiences, but there are certain themes that tie, for example, German Romantic thought together. Mark, if he ever gets here, will, no doubt, have a few things to say about how that something in ourselves, which we experience as if it were not ourselves, acting as a check and a guide. I observe my thoughts even as I'm developing them; same with my emotions. And what I find delicious, I recognize as unalloyed good. What I experience as bitter, I know to be evil.
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