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  1. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    One could argue the naivete keeps rollin' along, albeit in less advantageous tracks. What of my question of rehashing? If you're so pleased with your choice and needn't rehash for your own benefit, why the incessant rehashing?
  2. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    As in so many things, Church leaders sought and got best available professional persons' input. This advice was given in good faith with a conditional promise of success. But here we have anecdotal evidence of failure. That doesn't make the Church leaders liars. And why must we rehash this anecdote of failure weekly on this board?
  3. Homosexuality is quite secondary to the question. And this thread's OP, miserable as it is, made this bit of mindless whinery inevitable. Well done.
  4. Start using double letters. Easy peasy.
  5. QWERTY was an especially nice touch. Mazel TUIOP!
  6. There you go ... convincing the perpetrator tell others is just fine. It's not like he's entitled to be Mirandized by the Bishop. The perpetrator, on those facts, waived the privilege, and the Bishop [as well as the Church] is off the hook. The advice to get the Bishop out of the middle of this matter at that point was correct, too. It isn't his or the Church's job to do anything, even in jurisdictions where reporting is mandatory on certain people, beyond report upon waiver. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. Hard to be too hard on her. How was she raised? What horrors might she have endured that robbed her of common sense? What pain might have numbed her to the oh-so-obvious? The Bishop's hand in this affair, even if we have anything remotely resembling a clear picture, is quite minor, on that we quite agree.
  8. Your pain is real. The consequences will follow your children for life. The Master spoke of millstones and being hurled into the sea for those who offend the little ones. And, no, G-d didn't do this. Monsters abusing their freedom of moral choice do this. And no matter how hard we try to come up with procedures and protections, the monsters still figure out how to bypass them, because that's what monsters do. I cannot teach my 7-8 year old primary class without another adult present, or a door open ... and we're right next to the rowdy relief society, who always interrupt and disturb our lessons. Bishops call shadows to clandestinely keep track of people with records of monstrous behaviors whenever they are in Church buildings. Problem is, we cannot know who the monsters are until they act as monsters. People can have monstrous feelings, but keep them under control. Is G-d to require that even those of us with monstrous feelings but never act upon them to be treated as monsters? Are we? I weep for you. I weep for your children and all the others affected. I weep for the monster's spouse. I weep for his children, his parents, his siblings, their spouses, their children. Those of us who have ourselves endured monstrosity or who have had our children have to endure it, as well as the long-term consequences, understand, are triggered by, and seek to comfort you, them, and all the others. That's what we do. Because we all promised G-d that we would comfort those in need of comfort, mourn with those who mourn, and all the rest. Be comforted. Find strength in knowing you are not alone. Don't choose to be alone, hiding in the basement, holding your children under the weight of your body, a kitchen knife in your hand, hoping for the monsters finally to pass by. There is light out there. And love.
  9. Assuming you have all relevant information, then the answer to your question turns on the setting in which and source from which the Bishop got the information. If the sole and only source was the perpetrator and the setting was such that a reasonable person would expect the privilege to be applicable in that setting, then yes, the Bishop did a bad thing and, at very least, is at risk of discipline by the Church. At worst, the perpetrator could sue him and the Church and rightfully recover damages. The Church has defenses because of its training programs, online and telephonic resources and handbook, but that never stopped anybody from suing the Church, which is an attractive target because of all of those donated $$. And smac is absolutely right to elaborate on the societal costs of breaking the seal: Innumerable priests and pastors (I'm unaware of any cases in the XIXth-XXIst Centuries) gave their lives to protect the privilege so that you and I can enjoy the repentance process without fear of state intrusion ... as well as the privilege's offspring: husband/wife; doctor/patient; attorney/client; &tc.
  10. And this is why you make the big bucks.
  11. Example: http://www.churchlawandtax.com/cltr/2001/november-december/confidential-and-privileged-communications-part-1.html
  12. Yes they are so required, and it isn't a close question. It holds in all Common Law countries
  13. "Requiring" somebody to turn himself in in pain of Church discipline happens all the time. Going public with a confidence belonging to an offender is absolutely not happening. This is a huge deal. A rogue Bishop disclosing confidences would subject himself and the Church up to big money liability.