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  1. When I was a missionary, in a different century, we were prohibited from wearing ID badges. For precisely these reasons. Later we were accused of dishonesty for hiding who we were. Now you're recycling the early '70s argument. Will somebody please make up their friggin' minds?
  2. They figured the Supreme Court would support the plebecite. Who knew that SCOTUS would refuse standing to plaintiffs and, by default, change the world? They'd granted standing on the flimsiest of pretexts before.
  3. Wrongo. cb is saying they'll continue to seek to use anti-discrimination laws and pressure upon regulators and via the courts otherwise in order to compel compliance by the noncompliant.
  4. The whippings shall continue until compliance is ensured. Got it.
  5. Enfoeffment. Imperialism. Yup.
  6. As a friend of mine recently said of a basketball player counseled out of USU's program, he works as hard as he knows how.
  7. So ... I am not sufficiently acculturated into the Larry Tribe brand of constitutional analysis that you apparently ascribe to? Sorry to say, I take federalism very seriously, especially the 10th Amendment, and decry judicial fief-building. Every time a law is passed or judicial pronouncement made, I cringe and cry for the death by a thousand cuts the law suffers at the hands of Socialist adventurism. But the old gal isn't dead yet, so ... there's hope. And, no, I won't comply. Larry Tribe was an outcome-only guy, when it comes right down to it, and the outcome is always and ever the Socialist's wet dream and the religionist's nightmare.
  8. No offense to the OP, but do we really need two threads on this subject?
  9. Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Californii!
  10. If tolerance is empty-headed, cowardly kowtowing to the bullying of the unscrupulous ... then I would tend to agree.
  11. Need to know. Though it was hardly secret. The Mormon net was buzzing with the news.
  12. Yes, I'm quite familiar with the socialist adverturists' argument. It means no more to me than you probably imagine it does.
  13. I don't get to what? If an organism fails to behave as it is designed to behave, it has something wrong with it. It is imperfect whether it behaves properly or not, but when it behaves improperly, it is not being judgmental to describe its imperfection. That is what we call observation. A desire not to self-thwart the desire to behave improperly is as good a definition of sin as I can think of. And refusing to accept one's own imperfection is arrogance. I have no desire to be dominated by the arrogant, but at the same time I am ever bowled over by the imperfect who, despite their imperfections, create beauty in a too often ugly telstial world. Are you saying I have to celebrate the imperfect arrogant who chooses to define himself by his imperfection, claiming it is not an imperfection?