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  1. Not now. Perhaps later. I greatly appreciated your message earlier. Thanks again.
  2. Not all others. Certainly I've enjoyed and valued our interactions. I certainly don't value the moderation policies, however, and decry the "narc 'em out" philosophy of several posters. Too many posters.
  3. Thanks, Stargazer. I truly appreciate it.
  4. If you need a legal shoulder to spout-off from and bounce thoughts off, send me a message and I'll give you my personal contact info. And your money's no good here, so don't worry about that.
  5. Rod, it surely does suck getting older and getting these things they used to call "aches and pains of aging." Lots of ice, brother, and keep that sucker as stretched out as circumstances allow!
  6. He was given a public ultimatum by those who must be obeyed.
  7. No. I think they are so worried about the attackers being offended that they go overboard motherhenning the more faithful types. This place used to be unapologetically friendlier to faithfulness, with the attackers nowadays getting quite a long leash, especially if they've been around for a while. Now the faithful are compelled to go overboard in their innocuousness. They are utterly defanged. And, yes, the overall effect is to create a venue not particularly friendly to the faithful poster. Smac97, of all people, being stagemanaged so he doesn't offend people who're being decidedly snotty to him. Imagine.
  8. Smac97 was compelled to walk back parts of a perfectly innocuous post in a highly contentious thread last week in which he was the recipient of some pretty snotty attacks, IMO. I reached out to him to express my sorrow at the unfairness, etc. He's more patient that I, though my impatience probably arises from having participated in the wars going back to the late 70s, and online from the early '90s. This treatment of him under those circumstances was beyond beyond. After stewing on my exchange with him and his treatment, I decided to post the OP. I know a seachange when I feel it in my bones, and this feels like that. It's no longer me watching my then friend Peggy herding the then Sunstone cats-of-all-stripes while she struggled with her own feelings of ambivalence while I struggled with mine. This is feeling, like I posted above, like enemy territory, with the mods and the mob on one side, with the precious few on the other. I don't much respect what's happened, and how things are. Room full of passive-aggressive narcs and mother hens. Yuck.
  9. Definitions: the rules are subject to human interpretation, and provocations, like certain posters' incessant drumming their disdain of prophetic counsel and perceived aggrieved status into threads without regard to whether what they're saying is inapposite or on point, get ignored. There is, moreover, this: thread bans, warnings, and thread closings are rarely explained, and then, or so it appears, only when the one being banned or warned is in the privileged class.
  10. The editorial and moderation policies of MDD, after the change in ownership and change in direction, have created a spirit that I struggle with, and I imagine I'm not the only one. AntiMormon screeds and pro-homosexuality propaganda fill the posts, with ad hominem permitted if the recipient is a faithful poster or safely dead Mormon of some fame, and stamped out if the recipient is one of those perveying the screeds and pro-homosexuality propaganda. I've coped with this by disappearing for months at a time, but I'm wondering if, this time, I would be better off just leaving for good and finding somewhere else where discussions are useful. I'm reminded of Sunstone in the early days, when Paul Toscano, a professional colleague at the time, invited me to participate in the Mormon Antidefamation League project. He represented it to me as an opportunity to respond to unfair press stories and other publications being used to defame the Church and curtail missionary work and, if possible, whittle away at the edges of the body of believers. I attended a meeting or two, but left sorely disappointed when the only topic ever discussed was clergy malpractice. If you've been around long enough, you'll remember what came of that. I ended up leaving Sunstone altogether. This place feels like that. Thoughts?
  11. I'm about done again. The mods. The trendylefty politics. The narking. The motherhenning.
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