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  1. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Nonsense. It was never okay, and no sane person would have believed it was okay. My father, a "greatest generation" vet, wouldn't even put up any cheesecake pics in his locker/on the wall or engage in any "Bouncing Betty" type tagging of aircraft during the late war. Mormon boys just didn't do that sort of thing in the '40s, '50s, '60s, or '70s. Those that did were wrong, those that do are wrong. It wasn't "normal" at all. American Mormon manhood was more like Sessions than Trump.
  2. Solemn Assembly

  3. If they were Rechabites, why did they engage in agriculture in the new land?
  4. Where did the Book of Mormon come from?

    ??? There's no such thing as a "meaningless [or] ordinary thing[]." Mankind imbues as primary as well as second nature all phenomena with meaning. Otherwise everything he experiences is a chaotic jumble. We, even as infants, create cosmos out of chaos. The ordinary is only ordinary because we've previously imposed a name and a context upon it. The creative process we go through is a freakin' miracle. You do poorly to mock my or anybody else's miraculous achievements. And just because someone creates deeper and multilayered and novel meaning out of your mundanities doesn't make them stupid or you wise. Maybe you're the creatively retarded one, not them.
  5. Irreligious Intolerance

    Bigotry is bigotry, whether one honestly believes or merely feigns belief.
  6. Irreligious Intolerance

    If one were to insert "homosexuals" in the place of "organized religion" in your post, you and a bunch of others would be having puppies about now. How about that?!
  7. You don't value the burden personal responsibility for moral/ethical choices imposed upon parents/potential parents ... or the growth in strength and humanity gained through the stretching that pushing one's capacities to and through their limits imposes. Interesting.
  8. Irreligious Intolerance

    Bigotry. Arrogance.
  9. You know what they call couples who practice the rhythm method, don't you? Parents.
  10. Beside Me there is No God or Anything

    I had the honor to sing that at conference a few years back. Love the hymn.
  11. The enemies of the Church are wrong again

    Would one of those actions be antiMormon advocacy?
  12. Your Daily Faith-building Devotional Thought

    And yet it's people of faith who are out there anthropomorphising.
  13. Has the commandment to multiply and replenish been revoked or suspended?
  14. President Nelson on Gun Control

    How do you know he didn't have judge-generated restrictions on housing of mentally ill? Or the fecklessness of judges whose kneejerk response to an attempt to take a plainly dangerous person off the street? Or dishonest politically motivated medical practitioners who, for a fee, lie to judges about the true dangers of leaving the mentally ill on the street?