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  1. This reminds me conceptually of Fromm's "Art of Loving."
  2. Our ever-shrinking Primary (no more than about 20 kids, maybe 25) sang to the fathers, "I'm So Glad" and "Families Can Be Together," and there was a rootbeer float offering after the block in the bowery. And me all lactose intolerant. But at least they tried. I share your concerns. My three grandsons (of 12 total grandchildren) and their activities are definitely in the "not very interesting" position from their other grandparents' perspective, while the girls' activities get a lot of attention. T-Ball? Pish. Meanwhile, we are killing ourselves supporting each of those kids as best we can from North Logan to Saratoga. And I'm with you, brother, all the way to the end: Gulag after Lager after Ghetto!
  3. ... the practical nay inevitable conclusion of which is the extermination of black babies in America.
  4. Whose opinion matters? The Master valued the widow's mite far more than the donations of foundations funded by the fabulously wealthy. Who's to say He doesn't value the folk etymologies found throughout Genesis and Matthew's tendency to find a prediction of the Master's earthly life and mission every time "savior" appears in the law, the prophets, and the writings, as well as Nephi's repurposing of Isaiah? Is Jacob a wrestler or a sneakthief?
  5. I imagine Bokovoy now takes the position that Matthew's work is likewise impossibly tainted by first century CE Christian ignorance.
  6. You get that my use of "genuine dread" in the context of our exchange yesterday was to differentiate between what you said was your use of the term and how I was using it, yes? Let's parse my sentence: IF + there is GENUINE dread + [then] SOMEBODY is encouraging or inculcating IT [genuine dread]. Genuine dread, as I used it and understood it had to do with sweats and shakes and a panicky feeling that I myself had encouraged and inculcated by a parental unit many moons ago. I could have used some dialing down of the drama when I was that age. As I stated earlier, it took me quite a while to get to the point of understanding that the Bishop is just me with a different job. Nothing wrong with kids learning this.
  7. I was part of the pilot program for the two-deep. When I was left solo (which happened because I had a chronically ill partner), the door was always wide open. Yes, you caught me using "crowd" hyperbolically to make a rhetorical point. I am concerned about what I perceived in the lead-up to to the policy's adoption, that there was an irrational attack on individual liberty interests. Many died in the acquisition of the priest/penitent privilege. I know that Elder Oaks would be keeping a sharp eye on this, but I have not yet rid myself of continuing growing dread that lust for revenge against Father and Church is driving a largely ignorant electorate to insist upon cancellation of rights so very hard won. I could list examples of what I mean, but attacks on privileged one-on-one priest/penitent communications out of fear of predators in confidential relationships with youth are part of a larger tapestry.
  8. I was differentiating between the sweat-inducing "genuine" dread and the one that JulieM was referring to. So I don't necessarily disagree much with what anybody's saying, I just have this apprehension of my own of what appears to be a knee-jerk "change the last thousand years of developing confidential confessional rights of the penitent" because of unfamiliarity with why things are done as they're done. That truly evil people are predating others is no reason to cut down every hedgerow in England.
  9. I'm not saying anybody's doing it intentionally, but by indulging the fear of sexual misconduct, talking of putting 3rd parties in the middle of a one-on-one accountability transaction where youth is now faced with confessing (or not confessing) to a crowd rather than a person, are we not adding to rather than alleviating the dread? "Who has had masturbatory experiences while acting out sexual fantasies?" asks teacher. No hands go up. All eyes are on the back heads of the persons ahead of us or on fingernails or the floor. Why all this discussion of making a private conversation more public?
  10. This morning I had the old movie, The Incredible Shrinking Man, on my mind, and I discovered, while pondering why it should pop into my head, that it was this thread. And it was also the voice-over by the hero as he continues shrinking while facing the uncertain future of being infinitesimal in an infinite universe: The point of all of this is whether we exist and whether we matter, isn't it?
  11. Well, I actually experienced honest-to-goodness dread, and it came partly, I suppose, from my father, but more from my mother. He was large and strange and monstrous and "other." But that's not reality in the hearts of everybody involved, is it? Increased familiarity, one-on-one communication, learning to look past preconceptions inculcating whatever form of dread is present in the younger person, is a good thing. And if somebody who's 11 is now being seen as sufficiently accountable to be acting as proxy in our esoteric temple rites, he/she is accountable to the person for whom the proxy stands in the temple, to G-d, as well as to the ward community from which the proxy comes. The Bishop is the representative both of G-d and the community in this transaction. It seems like fear is overcoming every other consideration when it comes to one-on-one accountability sessions with the Bishop. Since we agree youth are apprehensive especially early on during these annual sessions, why add to their apprehension because of our own dread? From a numbers game perspective, the occurrences of abuse behind closed doors are still vanishingly low. They just seem high because of press' "bleeds it leeds" coverage and our tendency to discuss such things across the back fence. Perhaps letting the light in between parent/child, Bishop/youth, adult/adult dries up the fear.
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