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  1. Apparently the study cited therein is still good soft science: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0145213417304064 But that there was some excellent snark. Thanks!
  2. The purple press' anti-religion, specifically anti-Catholic, bent is nothing new: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Catholicism_in_literature_and_media . Here's an example of the most recent terrible antiPapist screeds:
  3. I am unhappy that the scale of abuse by adults of children/tweens/teens has been so grotesquely burlesqued in the media and, unhappily, by folks on this very board. How can anyone have forgotten this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/has-media-ignored-sex-abuse-in-school/ ? We owe our Catholic cousins, as well as LDS Bishops everywhere, an apology. Scale, people!
  4. I'm glad you showed up for this heartbreaking conversation. People don't seem to get it that the Church itself is, arguably, the principal victim of the evildoers who wheedle and deceive so that they can use their positions to serve their own agendas. As JSJr reported the Master put it, I imagine there is something to similar effect in Canon Law. The mind boggles how one such can find forgiveness. It's certainly above my pay grade.
  5. Because of things like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_memory_syndrome, as well as the other items smac has listed, it is incumbent on us all to tread lightly and go slowly here. Actual evidence, and her story, unfortunately, is the worst evidence of all because of her serial public statements putting her credibility in the crapper. I sincerely wish she had spoken up when she should have spoken up, as the adult woman she was in 1984 upon the alleged occurrence so that the matter could have been dealt with then. Loose ends bug me. And, please forgive bluntness, but to excuse her failure to speak up is to infantalize her. Both our memories are such that we know darned well what the public discussion had been like for rape, etc back in the '70s and '80s. And there were resources available then. A final note: sometimes there is no remedy for a wrong but to have G-d Himself take care of it. The abuse people suffered scores of years ago as children is remedyless. People used to understand this. G-d will requite.
  6. There you go. Insurance companies, in order not to be turned over to a receiver and have their managers jailed, must maintain a ratio of assets to liabilities. Policies are liabilities. If present assets lose value for whatever reason, they must be replenished somehow by someone. The Church is that someone for Benny Life.
  7. You object to the concept of repentance? Or that people in responsible positions might be in need of it from time to time?
  8. Cover-up? Just what would such a cover-up look like?
  9. Oh, Romero, Romero! Wherefore art thou ...?
  10. See his son's statements quoted in the standard examiner article I linked to and quoted above wrt Weber State issues.
  11. We all suffer at the hands of others who suffered at the hands of yet others, ad nauseum. That's why we are required both not to judge and to forgive. I'm unimpressed by actions taken to stick it to innocent third parties in aid of ancient grudges, where the claimed actual malefactor is in dementia. Moreover, tricking dotards suffering from existential guilt into disclosing alleged ancient admissions in order to defeat privileges is immoral.
  12. You're unaware that she has been publicly confessing to chicanery?
  13. She's been flapping her gums on the internet etc about a lot of things over the last year. A PSJ to tie her down to unfriendly positions and limit her lawyer's maneuvering options might really be helpful. Put the 2nd year guys to work combing the nets.