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  1. The So Utah [Short Creek] folks who later became the FLDS didn't have a particularly odd style of dress or hair until relatively recently. Back then, the women's fashions were pretty much what you would have seen in Anytown rural western US. A lot of homemade clothes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Creek_raid
  2. Let's play a game: Hi, Tacenda. My name's '78. How you doin'?
  3. Luke 4:16-21: Hmmmm.
  4. http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/hebrew-bible/when-was-the-hebrew-bible-written/ This is, of course, a single quote from a single source, but the implications, supported by others in this and other publications, lead the non-minimalist to conclude that the captives brought their literacy with them to Babylon, and returned later with a much more wide-spread literacy, encouraged and brought about by the priestly class, in order to preserve their Jewishness in exile: through the written word. I understand that, especially since Aramaic had developed into a lingua franca for the entire Levant, and that Greek and, to a much lesser extent, Latin were, the languages of officialdom, Jews were heavily involved in commerce. There's no reason to hold that they were largely illiterate in Hebrew or Aramaic or Greek. Illiterate Jesus is something the non-minimalist cannot bear to let go of. I don't buy it. I don't buy that he didn't read from the Isaiah scroll in the synagogue, and I don't buy neither he nor any other Jewish kid was bar mitzvahed in the Roman Levant.
  5. So ... your position is that the Master's Bar Mitzvah in the Temple never happened?
  6. Do you trust Biblical Archaeology? I'm a subscriber. They've had several pieces over the past few years on the subject. Problem is, it's hard to link to 'em.
  7. How did you miss I was slamming the mother and not the child? Feckless fools messing with children's lives, especially for political purposes, deserve to be slammed. Look at what that harridan O'Haire did to her poor son. Ruined the guy's life. All for her politics, caring not a d@mn about his needs. Where's the compassion for the innocent victims of their parents' hatreds? Sheesh.
  8. Right on cue. The suffering of both the men and the women who were called to endure such a horrific test should be honored, not made the subject of childish titters and ill-intended and always bad jokes. Read the journals ... the depression, the loneliness in the midst of all that hustle and bustle. Yet they carried on, enduring what PA and, I'm happy to admit it, I couldn't have endured. I hope never to have to endure it. Yet, as Elder Oaks stated, we don't know much about how things work in the hereafter, but we do know that promises we make for eternity are promises we make for eternity. He lost his first wife, as did I, and he made the same promises to both his first and his second wife as I did. Which promise need be kept if only one promise can be honored in the hereafter? I have long been convinced that polygyny won't happen in the hereafter, since it is, at its most fundamental, a test, and happiness is what the hereafter's all about. Elder Oaks brings me back to utter ignorance. We don't know a dang thing, and must trust that He Who always watches out for us has the right answers, and those answers will surprise and delight us.
  9. One really ought to keep up: http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/study-literacy-ancient-israel-was-far-more-widespread-previously-known If there was widespread literacy at the time of the Captivity, why should we infer a 600-year dark age, especially since the priestly class, the teachers of the people, was plucked wholesale up and transplanted in Bablyon?
  10. It's almost comical how some folks stumble over themselves to impute evil motives to those whose jockstraps they are not worthy to carry.
  11. Ah ... you are correct. That would be JulieM who posted that. My apologies. But let's be honest ... you did jump to that conclusion, didn't you?
  12. I've explained in my next 2 prior posts. Here's the poop on O'Haire's son [not daughter -- oops!]: http://people.com/archive/the-son-of-atheist-leader-madalyn-murray-ohair-turns-away-from-mother-to-god-vol-13-no-22/
  13. I'm not letting you off the hook here. Regardless of whether my writing is too cryptic for easy decipherment, you have to take some responsibility. You jump to the conclusion (because of a predisposition, I suppose for lack of better information, to despise what white Mormon males have to say and how they think and how they act) that my mention in an ecstatic moment of hope for a poor, manipulated child, that my reference to O'Hare necessarily meant I wished the child or her mother to die. How cruel and nasty-minded is that? With one quick wiki search you could have found that O'Haire's previously manipulated daughter [sic, should be son], who most recently has been quite vocal and public in her repudiation of her mother and her mother's work, was my quite obvious reference. Look at the context of this board. It is about parental manipulation far more than it's about giving disaffected Mormons, former Mormons and anti Mormons another reason to be p!$$ed off about things that, frankly, don't remotely concern them. And it's also, in the context of my own offerings on this thread, which are quite consistent, about using another human being to advance one's political agenda and power. Here's the map: this mother: her politics: her agenda: her desires: her used child.