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  1. Audacter calumniare, aliquid semper haeret. Or one might bring up the colorful Australian quote about things sticking to walls.
  2. USU78

    Life span on the decline.

    Not another illegal immigration thread. 😈
  3. My thinking was that since preparing the body for burial was women's work, and since it is plainly a ritual act similar to the priestly purification rituals in Exodus and elsewhere, that (a) women are pretty clearly engaged in priestly functions in a very hands-on way; and (b) those functions may well be emblematic of the Heavenly Mother's role, represented by the Tree of Life/Asherah that Lehi/Nephi saw, in some fashion.
  4. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Some of Blake's best sentences: The "fearful symmetry" of G-d's creations are fearful precisely because we lack the tools to take them in ... they are too vast, too complex, too holy, and G-d's workplace too fearful. Enoch feared what he saw there. The Tyger, you see, is holy, too. It was fashioned in the same holy, fearful place. And Blake, I think, saw that. Even idiots like Ginsburg see that everything made by G-d in his fearful workplace is holy. We are incapable of achieving the same quality of holiness in here, and what's out there in all its fearfulness we can at best approximate, I think. It would burn us up if we tried, I fear. But our rude, rural, inadequate tools in here were fashioned out there, so they're good for something. Sorry. Babbling.
  5. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    If it ain't "in here," I have no idea. As Mr Emerson said to Miss Honeychurch, while pounding his chest one-handed: "Here is where the bird sings! Here is where the sky is blue!"
  6. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Regardless of what our heads lead us to write or say or commit to, when things matter, the heart's needs dwarf the head's.
  7. Contextualizing your youthful self-examination's conclusions following a lengthy period of a life experienced, including self-forgiveness, even if the concluded guilt was imposed from without, is wisdom.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. I had perceived that you were imputing a mere personal experience to others. I'm still unconvinced you are so terrible a person as you apparently have perceived. Maybe the black folks you later encountered just happened to be unpleasant people. It happens.
  9. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Here's a bit on Blake's early life: Blake wrote to his patron William Hayley in 1802, “I am under the direction of Messengers from Heaven Daily & Nightly.” These visions were the source of many of his poems and drawings. As he wrote in his “Auguries of Innocence,” his purpose was He was, he wrote in 1804, “really drunk with intellectual vision whenever I take a pencil or graver into my hand.” Blake’s wife once said to his young friend Seymour Kirkup, “I have very little of Mr. Blake’s company; he is always in Paradise.” https://www.britannica.com/biography/William-Blake I can well see poor Emma saying something similar about Joseph: poor woman's husband was absent in Paradise, even if he was sitting across the room from her.
  10. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    We know we have perceived a phenomenon as or nearly as G-d experiences it when He reveals the perception's sweetness. Yes?
  11. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    ... to the extent it is experienced, it is experienced "in here" and not "out there," and thus whether the manifestation as experienced has really been "known" by the experiencer is very much in doubt. G-d's eye view: we just see that darkly, through a glass.
  12. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Now you're bringing me joy!
  13. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Both tell you in your mind and in your heart.