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  1. Title IX sexual assault investigation duties are such a new phenomenon in the University universe it's pretty rotten to see ill intent because of not yet being fully up to speed on this year's mission creep drama
  2. Temple Predictions

    Sassanach swine
  3. Knee-jerk lefty anti-white responses or crickets. Should we be surprised?
  4. So ... Driving others out of commerce is good, better or best, in your view?
  5. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    Ridiculous preening
  6. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    Bin a full bunch verrueckt.
  7. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    Der Okrahomer hat das recht gut gemacht.* *Engl. trans: Okrahomer eats fancy turtles.
  8. You're right: it was a foolish quibble
  9. Sorry. Won't be able to respond. Notimegottagosorry.
  10. And thus I elaborate who preferred not to. {sigh} J'accuse on four points: "expressed malice, judgment, uncharity and sanctimony.' 1. Malice: If one falsely accuses another of lying, and knows or has reason to know the person so accused is not lying, one is malicious. This is the legal definition. CB has been serially making this accusation against his local leaders for years. 2. Judgment: If one judges another and applies unrighteous judgment, using unfair criteria, one is being judgmental. CB has been serially making this accusation against his local leaders for years. 3. Uncharity: Calling another a liar when he may simply have been mistaken is uncharitable. Charity would "translate" the mistake into the loving advice intended by the, at worst, mistaken volunteer doing the best he can with the resources at his disposal. CB does this all the time and for a long time. 4. Sanctimony: CB's "righteous indignation" about the alleged lies by his local leaders while himself malicious speaking falsehoods, calling someone who at worst was mistaken a liar, is the height of sanctimony and hypocrisy. Now can I please leave this conversation? I'm getting nauseous. The fish are calling. And I've got a plane to pack for.
  11. My Older Brother's Birthday

    I like it. Here's another I wrote right after I came home from my mission, in memory of my 2nd brother's lost baby: Sleep, Baby, Sleep in the evening's warm stillness we sit not speaking, waiting for a breath of wind to tell us the time and melt the walls away five years we've lain in the darkness and listened for the lost sounds distant, hardly remembered to come again and tell us where and why the lost was lost the doors and windows are open to the wind and the echoes to let them come back home back home again from home to give us back the time and unloose the lost again
  12. I didn't say you were lying. I said you were saying they had been lying/were lying. Those accusations by you are malicious, in the legal sense, since you know or have reason to know they weren't lying. Do you want me to continue?
  13. We lack a common definition of "abuse," apparently. Now ... please note subjunctive mood in the following ... IF the Church were to announce an always applicable policy requiring those in homosexual marriages to divorce as a condition of baptism and IF that policy were applicable in all instances, including IF a couple had children, brought into the relationship or adopted or conceived in a petri dish, THEN one COULD conclude as a logical extrapolation from the Proclamation on the Family, Scripture, and prior declarations by general authorities, that the homosexual marriage relationship is in itself abusive of children. And such an extrapolation would be neither irrational or unkind, since the welfare of the children is of such great importance.
  14. Are you taking the position that you have never accused Church leaders, especially local leaders, of lying?
  15. I don't take the position that these two Saints are required to tell us everything they know. That's private. And I allow for the possibility that advice may [and I mean may in the subjunctive, ALarson] have been given either as suggestion of possible course of action or just something to think about. I agree what's reported is what's reported.