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  1. And let's not forget the Master's rival for the hearts of Rome, Mithras, whose birth is sometimes associated with a tree, whose mysteries and rites evoke our temple worship (as well as the Mass), and one of whose most famous depictions is most evocative:
  2. Being Scots himself, it makes sense that he would have inherited a cultural aversion to RC symbology. Remember all that stuff during and about the English Civil War about ostentatious shows in High Church buildings and whatnot, and the marriage of convenience between Scots Presbyterians and English Puritans. Those memories have a tough time dying off. My grandfather used to recite a XIXth Century poem about the St Bartholomew's Day massacre, urging people to forget about it already.
  3. Here is a little something I found. May be something to it: This is as opposed to the Greek wood for cross: These come from a Matt Slick essay, which I understand shouldn't be linked to here, but it makes sense. The KJV translators appear to have liked the poetry of using "tree" for wood/etz.
  4. Translation from the Hebrew etz maybe?
  5. No OSHA for prophets. That's why so few are offered and take the job. Pretty hazardous to life and limb. As for "specific warnings," try this: [Emphasis added] That was in 1995.
  6. Hope yours has been uneventful and the delivery will be smooth as a Friends delivery.
  7. Babies. Yum. Our grandkid # 12 hit 1 week old Monday at 10:30 pm. Hyperemesis? Done. Gestational diabetes? Done. Bilirubin light bed? Done. Cheeks? Still smooshable. How old is your kidlet now?
  8. How can our minds not go there? I can't help thinking of my great-great grandparents (two sets of 'em) escaping the canonades over the frozen-over Mississippi as the Temple burned. My one and only visit to Paris was on Bastille Day 1975, 30 years after the big celebration a couple of months after VE Day and five years after De Gaulle's death. It was such an emotional experience, watching the solemn commemoration and wreath-laying at noon, visiting the Cathedral that afternoon, and watching the fireworks out the train windows as the skies over Paris darkened.
  9. Good question. It started with the ABA going all Pelosi by throwing its weight behind abortion for all and abolishing the 2nd Amendment in the mid 80s. Yes, I know that's hardly something the ABA should be weighing in on. And that's my point. They are so politicized. And whither the useless ceremonial magazine publishing legal arm of the DNC slithers, the state bars must surely sashay.
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