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  1. New First Presidency

    And I wholly reject the story. That the penitent's story is unintelligible, given what we know about how things work, justifies our distrust. He's leaving out something critical, to be blunt.
  2. Divine Love Is Conditional

    I'm confused by this argument. "This is my work and my glory ..." implies a God Who suppresses or overcomes ego for the benefit of infinitely inferior others. Such a being isn't dissuaded from His love of those others when those others misbehave. It's a ludicrous notion.
  3. New First Presidency

    You reject the notion that the penitent's sharing of his perceptions [however flavored by experience or bias or tendentiousness] against advice of the SP [and that advice is always given] makes 2nd or 3rd hand reports unreliable, as the SP will never share anything about the process where we can get at it. What are we to think?
  4. The Germans have a concept called Volksphilosophie, "People's Philosophy," which describes the phenomenon where folks on the street and the coffee houses and the board rooms absorb from their environment certain concepts and notions from the Intelligentsia, dumbed down and in many cases highly altered from the original. Volksphilosophie imbues day-to-day life and much of what we today say and believe and argue about comes from identifiable sources. Those sources affect the language, vocabulary, and arguments of folk on the street. JSJr's mis en scene was a place and time where cutting edge Protestant disagreements and scholarship were being broadcast and bandied about by barely educated travelling padres. Their language, vocabulary and arguments necessarily make it into JSJr's work, whether that work be translation, revelatory, or oratory. The stuff was in the air and water. We'll have to see what comes of this research, but we must be careful about making broadjumps where Volksphilosophie, the potentially simpler and more direct way of accounting for phenomena, will do the trick.
  5. Those of us who served in Europe, who may have seen but one or two or zero baptisms, not per month, but per mission, ... is that our White Feather? I cannot imagine the arrogance implicit in a "three-week baptism" program imposed upon European missionaries.
  6. Divine Love Is Conditional

    True enough. Is there a point at which a change in degree become a change in kind, such that the Son of the Morning becomes no son at all? Interesting notion.
  7. Divine Love Is Conditional

    I guess I missed the part where somebody said G-d no longer loves somebody. That His Mercy extends only so far as an individual potential recipient of that Mercy in his freedom allows doesn't mean that the Mercy, arising out of love for all, isn't available to the unwilling free agent, or that the unwilling free agent isn't loved. Wouldn't you agree?
  8. New First Presidency

    Every argument's participant has a "side," n'est-ce pas? As presented, your presentation trashed the SP and, by implication, the Church proper because of implicit alleged lack of institutional controls. You thus weaponized your friend's story [filtered through his and your perceptions, experiences, and biases] in pursuit of an argument. Just because you pursue argument by Socratic means doesn't mean you're not arguing a position.
  9. New First Presidency

    What a silly question. It is the weaponization of your friend's communication as penitent with his SP that is at issue here. Or are you saying you aren't weaponizing it?
  10. New First Presidency

    Rules of reliability matter. And where one party to a communication cannot comment on the substance of that communication [the SP] because of legal reasons, the other party to that communication [your penitent] is unethical if he comments, especially where those comments necessarily impune the bonafides of the SP and the institution he represents.
  11. New First Presidency

    The demand is a legal necessity, requiring no special act by the penitent. You understood this already, yes? Hearsay degree no. 1: SP --> penitent Hearsay degree no. 2: penitent --> rockpond Double hearsay is inherently unreliable, for obvious reasons.
  12. Divine Love Is Conditional

    On what scriptural or other basis can we assert G-d no longer loves Satan ... or Cain ... or <insert your favorite moral monster here>?
  13. New First Presidency

    And while we're waiting for updates, let's maybe ponder the fundamental unethics of a penitent's lawful demand for privilege to be preserved by the Stake, while at the same time saying whatever the heck he wants to about what he's been told and the reason he's gotten himself on the SP's radar.