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  1. Not sure how you missed this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_Parenthood
  2. USU78

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    The big difference in the two stories? You. You manned up.
  3. USU78

    Adoption: Elation/Depression

    I've lived those disappointments, both personally and professionally. And there's a dawn following every night after every miserable day. Those empty arms'll get filled.
  4. My oldest is a photographer. She has her own business shooting weddings and graduations and the like. This last weekend she was asked to do an adoption. She just sent me a few of the shots, including some of the fifteen year old birth mother. Such a sad thing to see that little girl's obvious love for the child, knowing she was walking away forever shortly after the shots were taken. Juxtapose that with the adopters' elation after the wait and serial disappointments. If G-d is anywhere, He's right there with those four broken, hopeful lives. So why isn't that outcome everybody's preferred outcome?
  5. I have never once donated anything to the scouts. I turned down a calling to be the scouting fundraiser last year. I told the bishopric member why. No repercussions
  6. Steinbeck wrote something interesting on dowsing back in 1952. Into the dowser/prophet Samuel's mouth he put these words: Didn't JSJr say something similar about the Seer Stone? And the Interpreters?
  7. USU78

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    I've seen too many "independent" affiliates turned into subsidiaries with joint administration by trustees over the last thirty odd years to trust affiliate status or separate bank accounts. I agree this is not a cash flow issue (likely), though the girl/boy scout move makes me wonder.
  8. USU78

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    No idea. But nobody floats such an explosive trial balloon because it's fun.
  9. USU78

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    A distinction without a difference. The properties will be sold to pay creditors. Doesn't matter which entity is more liable. Subsidiary council's will inevitably be dragged in. I wouldn't be surprised if we see an involuntary filing now the cat's out.
  10. USU78

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    If they file, all those properties purchased with Church funds over all those years and titled in BSA and its affiliates will be sold to pay victims. The buyer? I have a theory.
  11. Audacter calumniare, aliquid semper haeret. Or one might bring up the colorful Australian quote about things sticking to walls.
  12. USU78

    Life span on the decline.

    Not another illegal immigration thread. 😈
  13. My thinking was that since preparing the body for burial was women's work, and since it is plainly a ritual act similar to the priestly purification rituals in Exodus and elsewhere, that (a) women are pretty clearly engaged in priestly functions in a very hands-on way; and (b) those functions may well be emblematic of the Heavenly Mother's role, represented by the Tree of Life/Asherah that Lehi/Nephi saw, in some fashion.
  14. USU78

    William Blake and Gerrit Gong

    Some of Blake's best sentences: The "fearful symmetry" of G-d's creations are fearful precisely because we lack the tools to take them in ... they are too vast, too complex, too holy, and G-d's workplace too fearful. Enoch feared what he saw there. The Tyger, you see, is holy, too. It was fashioned in the same holy, fearful place. And Blake, I think, saw that. Even idiots like Ginsburg see that everything made by G-d in his fearful workplace is holy. We are incapable of achieving the same quality of holiness in here, and what's out there in all its fearfulness we can at best approximate, I think. It would burn us up if we tried, I fear. But our rude, rural, inadequate tools in here were fashioned out there, so they're good for something. Sorry. Babbling.