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  1. Sounds kinda like faith, don't it?
  2. Because no human or group of humanity could possibly, by turns, eat spinach and tapdance
  3. Just because we ritually become His sons and daughters in the font and in the temple doesn't mean we're necessarily such upon going through the ritual. Exactly. I thought that would be obvious.
  4. The struggle with Tiamat figures in my thinking
  5. My own thinking arises out of my reading the philosophers of the Baroque period. Fashioning cosmos out of chaos figured big in them there days, with the horrors of the pan European 30 Years War on everybody's minds. Then there's the obvious parallel between the risen Christ raising the prostrate Nephites in Bountiful and the baptism that was the first item on His 3rd Nephi ticklist
  6. It just occurred to me that baptism is a ritual reenactment of creation. G-d fashions cosmos out of chaos, the primordial waters being a representation of that chaos. He pulls the promised land up out of the chaos seas just as the priest pulls the new-made Son of G-d up out of the waters in the font.
  7. Genesis 34 addresses date rape ... so there's that: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/gen/34?lang=eng
  8. Objects and other phenomena are as we perceive them. Spiritual and other inner life experiences are as we perceive them. Objects and phenomena are useful. Spiritual and other inner life experiences are useful. Wait a minute. What was the question again?
  9. I smell a set up
  10. Of course you can: tens of thousands of Bishops worldwide, each having free agency and, collectively, a limited access to the Spirit, personal views and opinions, all volunteering their time while having concerns about home, work, politics and the future. Your mileage, accordingly, necessarily varies. No need to impute bad faith or "being wrong" to any, some, or one particular instance.
  11. We have bright recollection of our guilt. He tells us well done. We acknowledge His judgments are just. We are that we might have joy.
  12. I'd prefer not to elaborate.
  13. In large part, this has limited my involvement over the last couple of years, not that I was ever put on limited status. That and a couple of deaths in the family. My presence the last couple of days is a test to determine which way the wind is blowing. I've been very disappointed in the moderation for some time.