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  1. That is one thing I can completely agree with. Glenn
  2. That there is a lot of stuff referencing Adam-God is something that is indisputable. it is the nuances that I am curious about. I have read things here and there, such as things fro Willford Woodruff's journal where two words can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence etc. as can punctuation. But I am not going to revisit that debate unless the April 1852 shorthand is found and transcribed.
  3. I am not sure what you are saying there. Are you saying that the shorthand of the that April 1852 talk has been found and transcribed? Is that all she said about the Adam-God stuff? Glenn
  4. On the other hand is there any scriptural evidence that would tend to show that it is not an eternal truth? Even anecdotal evidence? What is the alternative explanation? Is it that the spirits really do not have a gender and are assigned bodies that may be best suited to them in mortality? If so, then that would allow for the idea that God sometimes makes mistakes when making those assignments. That would shoot down the scriptural concept of God being infallible. He would just be a more advanced human but not perfect, not omniscient, not all knowing. Do you have any alternative ideas that would make it feasible for a spiritual sexual identity to be malleable which would not destroy the current understanding of male and female and eternal families? I am not trying to be combative but am trying to ask questions that come to my mind. Glenn
  5. This is an old thread. Wish you had started a new one. Is there a transcript of her talk anywhere? I would have to go back and dig out all of the stuff I read on this now. From what I can remember, the April 9 1852 sermon that started the whole thing had not been found : "Gerrit Dirkmaat: Exactly. We’re saying that, “God is this,” or, “God is that,” or, “Adam is this.” Now what word Brigham Young uses is actually the crux of the entire question. Unfortunately for the Adam–God theory, at least for the sermon, the most famous sermon that surrounds it, there is no shorthand." https://ldsperspectives.com/2017/02/15/in-brighams-words/ I was hoping that one would be found, transcribed, and published. I am not disputing that Brigham never taught anything about Adam as a God. Never have. Just that our understanding of what he taught may not be fully informed. Glenn
  6. I agree with what you are saying, again, to a point, but it seems that you are equating opportunity and resources to do good with moral agency or at least with affecting moral agency. There is no doubt that a person with more wealth and resources will be able to do some good things that a person with extremely limited resources will be able to do, but not necessarily more good things. I have known a lot of impoverished people that yet spent the parts of their lives that I was acquainted with doing things for other people. My understanding of moral agency is that it is something that comes from the heart and it is what is in your heart that is the beginning basis. That is why people like Alvin Smith will be in the Celestial Kingdom. Or, am I missing your point?
  7. I don't think I totally agree with that concept. Of course you are "forcing" me to indulge in a bit of philosophy, which I do very poorly since my brain is wired more for the concrete than the abstract. It is true that wealth opens up more opportunities to do good (or evil) on a greater scale than those in impoverished conditions. However, I believe that the comments that Jesus made about the widow and her mite may find an application in this case. Say a man with a four wheel drive vehicle goes around pulling people out of floods, etc. after a hurricane on a Saturday when he does not have to work. Then compare that to a farmer in a third world country who takes a day off his farm to help a neighbor that had been flooded out. Is this an apt comparison? Glenn (By the way, I have had a few people note that the concrete of which I speak in my brain may be found throughout my head and not in the abstract.)
  8. The tenants of that building are going to a lot of trouble to ensure that their air conditioners drain properly outside. 😃 Glenn
  9. I see what is going on. I am getting educated. Thanks to you and stargazer for the information
  10. I don't know why. I was just able to open a topic with that as the subject. Hope you will add your comments and links to it.
  11. Bernard Gui tried to open this type of topic and got a 403 Forbidden error code. Now, after all of the comments, I don't know why he got the denial. but he is welcome to insert his comments in this thread.
  12. Can you elaborate on that? I have gotten 403 errors when attempting to access files that I had not permission to open because I was not logged in, etc. I did not know you can get a 403 error when attempting to post a comment also. I guess I keep my posts so bland that the site filters never saw any smoke. None of the sex and porn stuff. I added the last to see if it goes through. Glenn
  13. Calm, I don't think this has anything to do with an censored post. If I understand Bernard correctly the site would not even allow him to open a new topic. I could be wrong. A 403 error is usually an http error. It means that for some reason you are being denied access to a web page. You can try clearing your browser cache and try it again. If that does not work, contact the site admin. Glenn
  14. This is my list, before I read what anyone else puts up. I did have to do a lot of cogitating. Maybe I need to reread my scriptures with a different perspective. Glenn
  15. My understanding is that it means that Jesus is the only one of God's spirit children that he also fathered physically, in whatever manner that Mary became pregnant, it was with the actual genetic seed from Heavenly Father.
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