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  1. Isn't there a difference between being outraged at a specific action o set of actions and being "addicted to outrage?" There are differences in the level of outrage felt, how it is expressed, the frequency, and he trigger levels for unbridled outrage. I do believe there are people and groups for which outrage is expressed vociferously and sometimes violently at just the expression of a different opinion by another person or group. It is not helpful to reduce all outrage down to the addiction in discussion. Glenn
  2. Glenn101

    Is the Bible self-authenticating?

    I think that Jesus answered that is a way when he said "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true." (John 5:31-32). Glenn
  3. Glenn101

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    Are you speaking of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? If our beliefs are wrong in that one attain salvation through any of the 30000 plus Christian denominations, then I see no problem. We believe that Jesus the Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. We believe on His name. The only thing that I can see is that we would be making a lot of extra effort for naught. Other than that we would all be judged based upon the what is in the books about us that are mentioned in Revelation 20:12. Now, as to whether I or anyone else would accept being separated into that herd of goats, I don't think anyone is going to accept that gladly. There is something written about a lot of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Now, what if your beliefs are wrong??? Glenn
  4. Glenn101

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Actually such a study should be fairly easy using the EmodE elements Stanford has identified in the Book of Mormon. As for parallels to Mormon doctrine, one can find them in may other places also. JarMan has a Grotius theory that he is proposing for the Book of Mormon. Connections between John Smith and the Book of Mormon are more than tenuous as they are also to Hugo Grotius or any other person. There is no one secular theory that explains everything about the Book of Mormon. Who do you propose actually produced the complete text of the Book of Mormon? Glenn
  5. Glenn101

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    I would agree that John Smith possibly would have have known about their writings. Have you been able to ascertain if those writings were in fact in the Dartmouth Library? I do not see how those writings could be tied to a Book of Mormon type story either. What year/decade would you say Early modern English would have become obsolete? The usage of vocabulary and phrases in the BOM fits the 1530s-1730s. John Smith was born in 1752. He was a Biblical scholar and theologian and would have had access to several EmodE texts. You are aware that is just what Stanford has been talking about? The Early Modern English had become so obsolete that it was considered bad grammar when it the Book of Mormon was produced. Maybe you could peruse some of John Smith's books or other authored texts to see if he wrote in a predominantly Early Modern English style. I recall Stanford noting in another thread on the subject some time ago that it would have to be second nature to a person to employ such heavy Early Modern English is such a text as the Book of Mormon. Glenn
  6. Well, no one died from the conflagration that I am aware of 😎 but some feelings probably were hurt. Of course with a last name like Thigpen I developed a thick skin long ago. (Now there may be some here and there who might regard me as more thick headed or bone headed.) As for the actual debate between competing theologies, it really comes down to an interpretation of the scriptures and the Holy Ghost because there are logical holes and gaps in development of every Christian denomination, all 30,000 plus of them. Glenn
  7. Glenn101

    Evidence for the Book of Abraham

    It at least makes plausible the statement about Egypt being under water when it was founded, although it could not have been completely under water. Glenn
  8. Glenn101

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Is this something that you have actually done. i.e. listed all of the Egyptianisms in the Book of Mormon and shown where they were in texts that John Smith at least had access to? Also have you shown or can you show that John Smith could reasonably have had access to "Description of Cities, Indian and Persian" from which one would find "Panchi?" Why would Solomon Spaulding write Manuscript Found? Why would Ethan Smith write View of the Hebrews? You answer in not responsive to my question? Why would a man learned in Hebrew write a book using heavy doses of Early Modern English which was mostly obsolete and considered bad grammar by the learned men of the time when the Book of Mormon was published? And now we are back to basing a theory on completely unverified documents "remembered" years afterward. Not very persuasive. Glenn
  9. Glenn101

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    I have been sort of hesitant to engage in this discussion. I definitely do not want to chime on on whether or not Dr. Colvin should have expected this or whether she "deserved" it or even the merits of the disciplinary council. But I would rather put a human side on this. I have been reading her blogs for some time and commenting from time to time. I have found her to be mostly polite and agreeable, even when we disagree, which is often. Gina has been fighting a losing battle within herself for years as she voiced disagreement with church policies local to her New Zealand heritage and others on a more church wide scale. She has/had deep roots in the LDS community and has thought of leaving it for some time, but evidently has never been able to perform the act officially herself, although for all intents and purposes she had effectively left quite some time ago. With the risk of practicing psychology without a license, I believe that she has been trying to force the church to cut a cord she could not quite bring herself to do. I have not met her as a person, but she seems to be a really great lady and has strong feelings about social justice. I only hope that she can find peace in her life after the cord is cut. I am saddened by this, because I really am convinced of the truth claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I just do not know what else to say. Glenn
  10. Glenn101

    New Book by Hafens: "Faith is Not Blind"

    I do not disparage anyone for the path they take. But I do believe that the Holy Path and the Faithful Path are one and the same., for the reasons I stated. Glenn
  11. Glenn101

    New Book by Hafens: "Faith is Not Blind"

    I agree with that entirely. That is why I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet. Glenn
  12. Glenn101

    New Book by Hafens: "Faith is Not Blind"

    There should be no divergence between "Faithful Road" and "Holy Road" in the Doctrines of Jesus Christ. They are one and the same path. The scriptures do not tell us there are many paths to eternal life. Christ laid out that path and set up His organization to help us effect that journey during His mortal ministry. He restored that organization which includes all of the offices, doctrines, and ordinances required to get through the gate and stay on the narrow way. The only pertinent question, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that organization headed up by Christ and the leaders of this church called of God. If it is, there is no other way, no other organization that will get one back to Christ. Any other path will diverge from that narrow way. So, if a person takes another way, such an one get somewhere, but not to the destination of exaltation. But that is their choice. If the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not the restoration of the organization, offices, doctrines, ordinances, etc. that Christ established, then we are all wasting our time. Glenn
  13. Glenn101

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    What Egyptian names in the Book of Mormon would not have been known to John Smith, or one of his students, at Dartmouth? I know of Nephi, which was a name that John Smith would have learned about in readings of Kircher, who wrote of an Egyptian Jew named Nephi. He also would have learned about Kircher's theory that Egyptian/Hebrew priests sailed east with altered Egyptian hieroglyphs in 600 BC. These were fairly common ideas among Orientalists like John Smith in the 17th and 18th centuries. Nephi is also found in the apocrypha, but that is not one of the names of which I was speaking. Paanchi and Pahoran come first to my mind because they have been acknowledged as Egyptian by at least one non-LDS scholar. As has been pointed out before, deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphic system was in its infancy in 1829 when the Book of Mormon was produced. John Smith may have been familiar with Coptic, but it is doubtful that those names would be found in any known Coptic texts. Coptic had began to be used and spoken sometime around the 2nd century A.D. or C.E. whichever you prefer (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica) and most of the texts that we have written in that language are religious in nature. The Egyptian names in the Book of Mormon are much older than the Coptic language and would most likely be found in historical documents. Unless he was trying to imitate Early Modern English. Why would he do that? Efforts by other educated men who tried to emulate Biblical language in their books followed the KJV style. The Early Modern English in the Book of Mormon was disdained as bad grammar by the learned men of the time in which it was published. I have yet to see the evidence to support that statement. Please enlighten me on the texts by students of John Smith that resemble the Book of Mormon in many ways. Glenn
  14. Glenn101

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Didn't John Smith die in 1809? Even without that, there are many elements of the Book of Mormon that John Smith would not have been familiar with. Egyptian names is just one area. Also, has there been any search of John Smith's writings for the presence of Early Modern English? It is doubtful that he would have spoken or written in that style owing to his level of education. I think that particular John Smith can be easily dismissed as having had anything to do with the Book of Mormon. Glenn
  15. Glenn101

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    That is a point we will disagree on for the foreseeable future. Glenn