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  1. I just don't concern myself over that label any longer. I never really thought about it until it was brought up in discussions forums and I was not shy about registering my opinion on the subject, but ultimately it is just a label. It is more important to me how I am viewed by the Christ than how other professing Christians view me. Glenn
  2. Glenn101

    Associated Press Refuses to Stop Using "Mormon"

    I do not wish to get into an argument debate over how some media outlets may not respect the wishes of the leaders of the church on this (or any other matter). President Nelson noted in his speech that "Responsible media will be sympathetic in responding to our request." As Robert F. Smith noted in an an earlier post the name Mormon and Mormonite were applied to early members of the church initially by media outlets of the day most of which were not respectful at all. I am not going to worry about them, but I am going to strive adhere to President Nelson's request. Glenn
  3. Depends on one's location in respect to the city. I doubt that the denizens of Sodom and Gomorrah were not especially thrilled.
  4. Not sure that Jonah would agree with you on that. 😕 Glenn
  5. Glenn101

    How multifaith is this place?

    There are people from several different types of faith that post here. Both in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and from other denominations. Then there are some who post here who seem to have no faith. We disagree a lot, but for the most part it is non-rancorous. My own understanding of and empathy has been greatly broadened by interacting with this diverse set of board denizens. Glenn
  6. Glenn101

    12 New Temples!

    I am more than glad to see so many temples being built in countries outside the U.S.A. Even if the member population is not really great in some of those areas, they could still be good conversion helps when family sealings and work for ancestors are taught a beautiful facility is close or fairly close by. Glenn
  7. restoration.org is open as is restorationdiscussions.org
  8. The new policies and practices that are coming down to us all will take some getting used to. How well they work will depend, as it always does, on just how well individual wards and branches, and individuals implement them.
  9. Glenn101

    D&C76 the three heavens

    You have put forth an unusual doctrine which I do not recognize as coming from any Christian sect. But that is hardly surprising as there are now over thirty thousand different Christian denominations all deriving their theology from the same basic tenets but with thousands of varying interpretations. Of course the Bible does not hold al of the words of God, and several writers of books contained in the Bible affirm that fact to us. God always sent His messages and doctrines to us through prophets except during the times they were killed by the people He sent them to and during the time that the Christ was on the earth Himself. Sending Joseph Smith to restore the Gospel to the earth did not stop the proliferation of Christian sects, it did restore the priesthood and many precious truths and ordinances as attested to by the Holy Ghost. Glenn
  10. Glenn101

    can I ask for some prayer please

    Hope you make it home safely. My prayers are with you.
  11. Glenn101

    Apostles and Prophets.

    Yes, but that still was before the Pentecost. Glenn
  12. Glenn101

    Apostles and Prophets.

    All of the examples that you cited came before they received their baptism by fire. They became changed men after that experience. If we did not have the apostles and prophets, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints would probably pretty much resemble some of the mainstream Christian religions by this time. Sort of the way the Community of Christ has evolved, in my opinion. I agree completely with your last sentence. Glenn
  13. Glenn101

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    It was in his book, but I don't think he mentioned the name of the store. However this is something that Ford may have read. Edited to add: I really would like to know the truth of the matter, but after 36 years I believe that is going to be next to impossible to ascertain barring some stunning new revelations in the way of actual evidence rather than jogged memories. Right now I am comfortable with my belief that Judge Kavanaugh has been truthful in his denial of the allegations against him based upon the responses by the friends who knew him the best during his high school years and the complete lack of corroboration by the people that Doctor Ford named in her accounts of the event. I do believe that Doctor Ford is sincere and that she did suffer an attack, but based upon information available it is very possible that she was mistaken. Glenn
  14. Glenn101

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    I think that is reasonable, i.e. a vote delay until an FBI investigation. I do not know an investigation will be able to turn up any real evidence after 36 years. There just is not going to be any type of forensic evidence to be found. But there are some things that may be able to be checked. Whether Mark Judge worked at the Potomac Safeway and when is one of them.
  15. Canada are sort of like family members who grew up squabbling and carried that into adulthood, by age. Glenn