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    A Story about healing.

    Ooh! Go into business with this guy, selling ward members placebos dressed up as "healer approved miracle cures"! There are dollars to be made here, dollars I tells ya!
  2. Yay statistics! According to the first chart thingy, if you wanna increase your chances of being "very happy" you should move to Mexico or Columbia. *smirk*
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    Satanic Ritual Abuse: Barbara Snow Research Paper

    I recently attended a 6 week citizen's police academy thing, learning about different departments and policies and methods and all that. The Sex crimes against children unit was sobering and informative. The officer talked about how interviews are done with children, by trained pediatric forensic interviewers. The interviewers are specifically trained to not plant seeds, suggest ideas, even broach topics. They lead wandering discussions with vaguely worded questions about how the kid is feeling, and gently pursue things the kids bring up. If a kid accuses an adult of molesting or hurting them, that stuff in no way comes from the interviewer. The officer talked about his worst experience, where a mom kept trying to prime her kid to lie about the dad. The kid had half a dozen interviews. Eventually, the interviewer got to the source of the trauma, it was the repeat interviews the child was being forced to have with the interviewer. Mom went to jail and dad was exonerated. The officer made mention of how the whole process of interviewing children has changed and improved over the decades, and how it used to be traumatic to the kids and generate false positives.
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    Friends of Scouting in church today

    I suppose it's worth the effort to see if dude is right or not. Does anyone have this link? Here's what I found. So yeah, if I don't donate, I'll be failing to follow some encouragement given by the prophet. Doesn't sound as bad when you add the "e" word in there...
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    What is the Good News?

    The Good News, at it's most basic form, appeals to people who honestly don't know, or have several conflicting news sources: - There is indeed a sovereign power running the universe. And it's not a fickle, jealous, evil, or indifferent power. It is a loving father. - He has a plan for each of us individually, and it's a good plan for us. - The Bible and BoM are exactly what they claim to be, best sources of real good news. - The church and it's prophets are exactly what they claim to be too, live and continuing sources of this real good news.
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    Elder Holland's NAMI talk

    You mean you feel sorry for the LDS scholar who wants to work for/get published by the Maxwell Institute, right? Because Elder Maxwell made no such desire known for scholars in general, and that's pretty blatantly obvious, right? For that matter, could you cite the passages that give you reason to think Elder Holland thinks there's even a difference to be found between "church" and "truth"?
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    Can one be a Democrat and a member of the church?

    Summarizing the debate: Somewhere in the universe, a line exists. On one side of the line, a human being with inalienable rights deserves protection of law. On the other side of that line, a nonhuman glob of cells is part of someone's body, and they can choose do do whatever they want with it. Pretty much everyone believes human life has value, and should have the protection of law. Pretty much everyone believes nonhuman things aren't human, and shouldn't have the protection of law. We fight over where to draw the line, so we'll know whose rights to protect, and who to throw in jail because they've murdered someone. Where do you draw the line? At what point is someone guilty of taking an innocent life, if they destroy one of these? - When they engage in self-pleasure/spill seed/use birth control/[insert euphemism here]? - The exact nanosecond a sperm meets an egg? - A pre-morula zygote? - A blastocyst? - A multi-cell-layered gastrula? - A blastopore, where you can first see a mouth and anus? - When stuff that will eventually be muscle and bone and stuff forms? - When you can see a beating heart? - When you see lungs? - When you can first detect some sort of brain activity? - When limb movement starts? - When the webbed toes start losing their webbing? - When it grows fingernails and is covered by hair, and stops being an embryo? - When it starts being a fetus? (week 8 )? - After the risk of natural miscarriage drops to lower levels? - When its eyes finally open? - When it's not translucent and showing veins any more? - When it starts reacting to sound? - When it has a chance of surviving outside the womb? (around month 6) - When it first responds to pain or light? - When it loses all its body hair? - Month 7? 8? - When it is full term? - When it finds itself outside of the mother? - When the cord is cut? - When it is surviving independently of machines and medicine? - When it gets potty trained? - When it tells it's first dirty joke? - Only after it votes Democrat? Remember folks, we gotta draw the line, and enshrine that line in law. So we'll know who to arrest, and who to protect as they make decisions about their body. Remember, there's no such thing as "Well, obviously it needs to be here", because no, it's not obvious to everybody. I've personally witnessed someone express the truthful opinion that the woman should be able to abort her baby within the first 90 days after birth. Happy guessing! Happy scripture-interpreting! Happy morals-based-on-your-worldviewing! If you think there's a difference between life and human life, please draw those lines as well.
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    Email from Bishopric

    Yes. In our stake, we had a kid commit suicide, then a year later a second kid from another family, then after that a second kid from the same family. Total of three in a 4-5 year span. Both families were devastated, but the family who had two sons off themselves are like 10X devastated. I can't even imagine. Yes indeed, it's important to take our kids after stuff happens, and crack those brains open and get them talking and processing. I don't know how much of that happened (or didn't happen) with these kids.
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    Email from Bishopric

    This is becoming standard practice whenever a group of kids loses a peer. When it's from suicide, and especially when there's more than one loss, it gets pretty dang important to process this stuff. The danger is without some good professional guidance, suicide can be internalized as the 'new normal', a viable option, because little bobby did it, and little suzie did it, so why not me? Peer pressure sucks. Yes, the home is the absolute best place to process this, but schools and churches have to try to help. Here in Colorado, my kid's school brought in a counselor after a student had lost a long battle to cancer.
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    A Spencer W. Kimball Quote on Blasphemy

    "It makes no difference what is written or what anyone has said, if what has been said is in conflict with what the Lord has revealed, we can set it aside. My words, and the teaching of any other member of the Church, high or low, if they do not square with the revelations, we need not accept them. Let us have this matter clear. You cannot accept the books written by the authorities of the Church as standards in doctrine, only in so far as they accord with the revealed word in the standard works. Every man who writes is responsible, not the Church, for what he writes. If Joseph Fielding Smith writes something which is out of harmony with the revelations, then every member of the Church is duty bound to reject it. If he writes that which is in perfect harmony with the revealed word of the Lord, then it should be accepted." - Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 1956, 3:203-4 "If anyone, regardless of his position in the Church, were to advance a doctrine that is not substantiated by the standard Church works, meaning the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price, you may know that his statement is merely his private opinion. The only one authorized to bring forth any new doctrine is the President of the Church, who, when he does, will declare it as revelation from God, and it will be so accepted by the Council of the Twelve and sustained by the body of the Church. And if any man speak a doctrine which contradicts what is in the standard Church works, you may know by that same token that it is false and you are not bound to accept it as truth. " - President Harold B. Lee, 1st Area General Conference for Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Spain, August 24-26, 1973 Here's a thinker - so, statements from a prophet talking about when we don't have to accept them. But they're not general conference statements, which means we don't have to accept them. Which means anything uttered by a prophet we must accept. Which means they just uttered stuff about when we don't have to accept them! Ouch my head!
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    LDS Church won’t oppose Utah LGBT Hate Crimes Bill

    Yeah, motives matter. I hear the counter-arguments. I'm still stuck: 1. The notion that murdering someone you don't hate is somehow less-serious than someone you do hate, I just can't. Cold blooded killers are less of a threat than a killer who hates all [x]? Just because we've got an idea of who the murder is targeting, that makes it somehow a worse offense? 2. Human courts of justice trying to accurately measure the hate someone has. I know, our earthly courts try and judge based on our best guesses at motive. We do it poorly.
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    LDS Church won’t oppose Utah LGBT Hate Crimes Bill

    I don't think I'll ever be down with the notion of a 'hate crime'. But whatever. Crime: I chop off your arm. Punishment: X years imprisonment. Hate Crime: I chop off your arm because I hate you. Punishment: X years imprisonment, plus another Y years enhancement because of the hate. I also don't think I'll ever be down with the notion of a 'hate crime' only being applicable for certain minorities and traditionally oppressed. Crime: I chop off a gay guy's arm. Punishment: X years imprisonment. Hate Crime: I chop off a gay guy's arm arm because I hate him. Punishment: X years imprisonment, plus another Y years enhancement because of the hate. Not a Hate Crime: I chop off a Trump supporter's arm arm because I hate him. Punishment: X years imprisonment. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Pointless. Not helpful.
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    Is anybody math checking Bednar?

    Dangit, I knew the church wasn't true.
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    New Elijah Able info

    I can't tell if I've been edified, or have wasted 15 minute of my life in slothful pursuit, to learn about the word "Octoroon".
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    Video games

    "Courtship-motivated emigration"? Isn't that sort of the purpose of BYU? And missionaries getting the contact info of the cute girls before they head home?
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    Video games

    You ain't lived until you've had your pegasus ponysona avatar watch General Conference in Second Life's recreation of the Conference Center.
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    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    Fair enough. Perhaps my upbringing has been tempered with Elder Oaks' 1999 thoughts on unrighteous judgment. I can see my dad agreeing with your dad, and judging Bill for how he got the funds. (Just keep in mind, that generation also thought you could spot gays because they've got long hair, ear rings, and sing high parts in songs.)
  18. LoudmouthMormon

    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    Disagree. If he loses a bet, and hands $150 to the winner, that says something positive about his character and his word. How he comes up with the money is his business. There's nothing illegal, immoral, or fattening in asking for donations. Maybe not my cup of tea, I'd be a bit embarrassed to do it that way, but my word is important to me, and I'd bear the embarrassment in order to pay my debts. My take on these things may be seen as a bit dated - it came from my father, born in 1922, went through the great depression, part of the greatest WWII vet generation. I can hear him now: "A man's word is his BOND, son! Without that, he's nothing!" But I think it's a good take.
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    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    I get my personalities mixed up, and honestly don't remember anything I've ever learned about Bill Reel. But I will always remember to the end of my days, if he pays up or welches out of it. If he pays, I will think of him with a measure of respect, as his behavior will have backed up the notion that a person's word is important. If he does not pay, I will think of him with a measure of disrespect, as one who welches on a bet has lied, and is exposing something very negative about his character. This is, like, "speak up when one of my brethren kneels at the feet of his Master and receives final judgment" type stuff. If I'm there and have a voice, I'll bear record of this event.
  20. LoudmouthMormon

    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    Indeed. That's the real news here - did $150 change hands?
  21. LoudmouthMormon

    Religious Influence in LGBTQ Suicide may be Overblown

    Paging @california boy... Need to hear your opinion!
  22. LoudmouthMormon

    Mormon Helping Hands

    One simple explanation: We're using up our existing stock of yellow shirts with the word "Mormon" on them, rather than just throw them away. Come back in a year (or 3 months if the disasters are big), and see what the shirts say. In my ward, we're still using tithing envelopes with the previous bishop's name on them. Current bishop is in his 4th year. We just don't wanna throw them out. Wasteful.
  23. LoudmouthMormon

    History of the Satanic Panic

  24. LoudmouthMormon

    History of the Satanic Panic

    My secret method was to marry my wife, because she gets all this stuff. She is street wise and has amazing abilities to read people - their posture, tone of voice, body language, facial expression. So she has just always known when to go wading into a bunch of bikers and ask the biggest one if her daughter can sit on his motorcycle, and when to ditch lunch and leave the Burger King because she spotted rival gang colors and apparently there was something about to go down. One daughter around age 10 taught a class to a bunch of high schoolers on how to knit. Both daughters took their turns running the petting zoo at the local community parade thing for a couple of years. Helping adults to understand why turkeys gobble and whatnot. Our kids went to various homeschool co-ops. A secular one, two religious ones. And took advantage of a handful of homeschool outreach programs by various school districts. Colorado is very HS friendly. Daughters are teens now, they're both currently in a hybrid online high school program that has them in a public school with teachers 4 days a week. There are absolutely differences in how we socialize, than the "average" family with "average" kids in a public school. And one of our kids takes after me as a borderline reclusive introvert, while the other one enjoys social situations a lot more. Homeschooling is not for everyone. Folks concerned about their kids fitting in, might find themselves struggling. Our goal is to help create capable, moral, intelligent, able adults, and release them into the world where they make a positive impact on their friends/family/community. We don't much care if anyone goes to prom.
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    I recognize some of my FB buddies in that study! But not every critic has been a member and experienced a faith crisis. There are also folks who watched a loved one get baptized and are now ticked off. Lots and lots of people who attended that one class on Mormons their one church had that one year - taught by a "professional". Some have been treated badly by a member, some really, really badly. Some just have problems with authority, and find themselves living in Utah. I'd be fine with the term 'antimormon' if the critics of my faith/members/church/beliefs wanted to be known by that name. But few do.