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  1. "no longer has a desire to" Go ask any parent of kids what happened when their kid said they didn't wanna eat their peas any more. I mean, the poll isn't about losing testimony, doubting the divine nature of Jesus, no longer believing the truth claims of the church. The poll is about what happens when you just don't wanna any more. Whatever answer was right for the child, should be right for the adult here.
  2. - I believe the human race has caused the extinction of various species. - I believe the extinction of various species is something that happens naturally, with or without humans on the planet. - I believe that (as seen in the above chart), the vast, vast, vast majority of extinctions happen without human involvement. (Need a few more vasts in there...) - I do not automatically assume that humans causing a species to go extinct is some sort of blot on the human race, or me, or even the people holding the greatest responsibility in the matter. Yeah, I figure someone can treat critters with enough cruelty that they lose their place in heaven, because their actions speak to the state of their soul. Wanton destruction might speak to the state of your soul too, whether things die or not. But killing something (even an entire species) isn't necessarily cruel or wanton. It might be, or it might not be. Any non-vegan who disagrees is welcome to reflect on their diet after taking a few back-stage tours at abattoirs and slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.
  3. That's interesting reading. At least as interesting as this article: https://www.nytimes.com/1969/02/23/archives/science-worrying-about-a-new-ice-age.html
  4. I thought no species went extinct with the flood... And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons’ wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood. Of clean beasts, and of beasts that are not clean, and of fowls, and of every thing that creepeth upon the earth, There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah. (and all that)
  5. The deal with #6, is even if you're just being silly, even if you're just alluding to us being in the last dispensation and things are wrapping up, there are plenty of folks (Christian or not) out there who believe it for realsies. Setting aside the 'last dispensation' aspect of things, point #6 is crazy talk, unsupported by science, and refuted by simply looking out the window. Unless you're of a certain ideological bent, then you see evidence of it happening everywhere, and you probably blame white men, or the West, or getting vaccinated, or GMO crops, or some such.
  6. You feeding 'em laced brownies or something? My wife's chickens complain about everything, summer or winter! "carelessly used up" "without concern" Maybe it's just me, but again, arguments based off of what must be going on inside someone's head, just lose me. If you're gonna gripe, gripe about using stuff up. Or do you think it's ok to use up the environment, as long as it's done carefully, and with concern? Because that's what I do on the Loudmouth Ranch for Raising Yummy Chickens. We love the crap out of our chickens. We even pet them and sing to them. And then we use them up as food. Carefully, and with concern. There's always another dozen chickens.
  7. I'll never be able to get on this bandwagon, as long as we see climate change happening on Mars, or charts like this: With a small handful of exceptions we can all count on one hand, God has forced every single living creature on earth, to die at some point. Death is part of it. And more than individual critters. Species die off. Cultures die off. Genetic traits inherent in various peoples die off. Emotional appeals that rely on characterizing humans as not caring or in need of justification for nefarious things? Looks too much like plain old externalized self-hate for my tastes. I am comfortable with the notion that I will be personally held accountable for how I have treated people/critters/things in my stewardship. And to a certain extent, I'm responsible for my portion of my culture's practices regarding raising animals for meat. But yeah, I am doubting I'll be held accountable for species that went extinct during my life. Because you can't sin without agency, and you can't have agency without choice. Full disclosure: I live on a hobby farm, and my wife and daughters raise chickens and turkeys. You know what can be cruel? Not butchering chickens in the fall. Because that means you're forcing something to survive through the winter. And winter can suck for critters.
  8. Valid? Do you mean moral/ethical/good, or do you mean effective/helpful, or both, or neither?
  9. BlueDreams points out that I'm just reading the introductory paragraph, and missing many details. I'll go back and look more deeply.
  10. Heh. I surprised myself with how strongly I reacted against this statement, and everything inherent that went along with it. I don't mean to pick on you MS, and I'm sorry you had to go through all that in your story. But these thoughts all went through my mind: - Being married to a bishop doesn't make you a good person. - You don't know if someone's kids are righteous, you just know when they appear righteous. - Taking stock of all the skeletons I've learned about from various bishops and their families. On top of the plain old breaking the law of chastity stuff, I have second- or third-hand accounts of all the following: Suicide attempts, substance abuse, child abuse, divorce, and felony convictions. Yeah. A phrase like "married to a bishop and all her kids appear righteous" tells me absolutely nothing about a person.
  11. After reading a couple dozen stories from that link, I'm now as confused as MustardSeed. This vague compilation of stories, many without any discernable point, reminds me, well, of the 'rate your professor' stuff from my college days. Nobody is as good at passionate zeal about complaining in vague terms about something, like college kids. (The sexual assault stories are, of course, horrible, and I hope those folks find help. Being afraid to report is found everywere, it's nothing unique to BYU or an honor code office.)
  12. I haven't specifically asked him, but I doubt it. Christian religion has a long enough track record of trying to regulate sexual activity across the centuries, that I'm sure he doesn't see it changing any time soon.
  13. I'm a few years into a 20 year bet with an atheist arguing buddy. He figures the church, like any other soulless corporate entity, will act like any other soulless entity, and do whatever it must to grow. He points out that SSM is an established thing now, with majority acceptance in the US and growing around the world. He thus concludes that the church will be forced to drop it's opposition to SSM in order to keep it's members and continue to grow. I figure the church is what it claims to be, led by Christ through his chosen apostles and prophets, who believe the truth claims of the church. And I figure one of those truth claims is God says the only good definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. So, in 17(ish) years, if the church is performing same-sex marriages in the temple, I must put on a pink tutu and sing I'm a Little Teapot. If we're still not doing so, he must don the tutu and perform the song. (I don't think he's figured out yet, that this bet favors me no matter what the outcome. If I wake up on the 20 year mark and discover the church is doing gay sealings in the temple, I probably won't care much about the color of my tutu.)
  14. Go here: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/live-viewing-times-and-options?lang=eng There are low bandwidth options, and really low bandwidth audio only options.
  15. I wonder if they did a buffering broadcast cut thing, when asking for opposing votes. I wonder if there weren't actually the same random weirdos yellin', but they cut out half a second for the broadcast. Maybe I'm just seeing things, but it did seem like the pause after asking for opposition was a bit short.
  16. Does anyone understand what that second sentence means? Talk about a change, then say "instead", and talk about something happening the same way? Hopefully I'm just dumb and having a hard time reading...
  17. I was one of a dozen or more cousins. Mom was one of like 8 or 9 siblings. Grandpa was one of five brothers, descended from folks who answered the call to Zion and were going at populating Utah with gusto. Very, very Mormon. Us young kids took lessons about how face cards were bad, and ran with it, adding our own spin. We told stories about how the "suicidal king" got his name, and how he took over the minds of some kids and made them kill themselves. Ahh, the late '70's. Grandma had a lifesize bust of the Venus de Milo in her main room. It was an interesting experience for us young kids, growing up with lessons on chastity and modesty, standing just feet away from a 7' tall topless woman with no arms. I remember my cousin and I daring each other to touch "them". To my eternal shame, he took the dare, and I could not, lest my immortal soul be lost.
  18. Fun words. "Should" isn't "shalt". "Ought" isn't "Must". Plus, anyone who facebooks or posts on a forum like this, is keeping a journal. Think about that one for a minute.
  19. Your poll is missing an option: - Be open and transparent with your bishop/Stake President about your concerns and limitations. Tell the dang truth (both to him, and to yourself) about why you're worried about the calling. Counsel with your priesthood leader on the matter, and come to an agreement with him and the Lord on what to do. IMO, that option is the clear winner. I wish more folks understood that. I was offered a calling, did this, and got offered a different calling from a thankful bishop who wished more folks would just be truthful with him. I've sat in bishopric meetings and watched men do their absolute best to wring every available drop of spiritual guidance into their mix of things they know about the members, trying to find something that works best for everyone. I've watched people accept callings under false pretenses "Sure bishop, no problem!" followed by going inactive or never showing up because you have to work. I've also watched folks speak openly about what they're good at, what they like to do, favorite and least favorite callings, and why. No really, let your bishop know you.
  20. Sue who? These are not established companies, these are some guy with a color printer and a grow operation. Or some guy hired by cartels to package their product, now that it's legal. "Will the state have to get involved"? With what? Making MJ less legal than the voting citizens and lobbyists and special interest groups want it to be? Good luck with that. "The state simply allows"? Get ready Utah, you're in for a heck of a ride if you believe transnational criminal organizations give a wet slap about what the state allows or doesn't allow. Y'all made MMJ legal. Again, read up. Utah, please be smarter than Colorado.
  21. I've had optional plastic surgery done twice in my life - both for scar revision. Am I going to hell, or being a bad disciple, or something?
  22. I guess maybe you're talking about Utah? Cuz there aren't any laws/enforceable policies/standards/regulations about the method of delivery here in smoky Colorado. Maybe for medical MJ, but not the full-blown all-MJ we got a few years later as a natural result of starting with MMJ. There might be some bottoms-up self-regulating, but ain't no laws against MJ candy here. We're currently seeing exponential yearly increase in numbers of children going to the ER because of MJ overdoses. Tell me, Utah, did you start with medical MJ only, like we did? Well, then provoman might be correct. Stay tuned for step 2. Congratulations, Utah, welcome to the club. I hope you're pleased with your choices.
  23. The bet is that LDS gay couples will be sealed in the temple. Quite a cultural shift. My anarchist/atheist buddy figures it's inevitable given cultural trends and an organization's need to grow. I figure if the Catholic church can be against birth control across the decades and cultures, we can keep our boundaries with the notion that God wants his children to engage in boy-girl marriage only.
  24. I have a 25 year bet with an atheist anarchist facebook arguing buddy. He figures that the cultural acceptance of homosexuality will force the humans running the church to claim to have a revelation making it ok to do same-sex sealings in the temple. It is, from his perspective, the only way an evil religious institution such as ours will be able to maintain power. I, of course, figure the church is what it claims to be, led by my Lord and Savior via prophets who believe the stuff they say about how the family is central to God's plan, and other stuff in the Proclomation on the Family. So we have a bet. In 25 years, if the church does not allow same-sex sealings, he must put on a pink tutu and sing I'm a little Teapot. If that is a thing, then I have to wear the tutu. The bet is fixed, and I don't think it has dawned on him yet. If he's right, and I wake up in 25 years and find myself in a church that does same-sex sealings in the temple, me wearing a pink tutu won't be that big of a thing.
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