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  1. (Not addressing any "you" in particular, just the general "you".) You get a record annotation for stuff like child molestation and felony convictions. If you don't have any of that, I'd bet $100 that you don't have an annotation. Of course, if you have been a child molester in the past, and you are wondering if you can move to a new ward and groom the place for fresh victims, you might want to check with the bishop first to see if he's on to you.
  2. Best summary of the whole dang thing. We humans try hard at a good blend of mercy and justice, but we often just plain suck at it. I'm so looking forward to see what a perfect blend looks like.
  3. Stuff like this tends to be speculated about and controversial. Even though I don't find it controversial, I love watching others controverse, so here goes: Got this email yesterday: Anyone got any problems with that? Meet me out back. Better take some buddies with you, because I may go down, but I guarantee I'll take three of you with me.
  4. Oh - your weirdo club membership materials must be stuck in the mail. But rest assured, your card, window decal, and t-shirt are on the way. We meet for lunch on Tuesdays.
  5. Perhaps I've exaggerated things in my time away from Utah, but I absolutely remember cultural elements along these lines. Listening to parents over the years, they want their kids to grow up to be successful, marry well, get rich, and some want their kids to be high up in the church. It's like the obsessive coach dad syndrome. Got their kid's sports career planned out from day one, and anything that gets in the way gets yelled at, whether it's the coach, the referee, or the kid. Except here, you hear stuff like "You'll never make Elders Quorum Pres with friends like that loser", or "This is not how a future GA is supposed to act", or "Yeah, that guy isn't worth your time - even if he goes on a mission he'll return early", or "she is not apostle's wife material son, you can do better". Not many are like that. Not often. But in my uncharitable and unrighteous opinion, they're all in Utah and good riddance.
  6. I've always congratulated people for being released from callings that require a bunch of energy. Our last Stake President is very short, but when they released him, he looked taller, like he was floating on air after shrugging off his heavy burdens. I said "Why hello there, random brother of no particular stewardship or importance!" He looked very happy.
  7. Ah! We are both the latest in a series of victims of Poe's law. No harm, no foul. (Other than I was delivering some top-notch righteous smackdown, apparently in an invalid direction.)
  8. Spoken like someone who has never thought about the impact it might have on an abuse victim to walk into a church three decades later and see their abuser presiding in sacrament meeting. @Anijen, I believe this might be a good time for you to do a little reflecting about how calls to serve might actually involve someone besides the person called to serve.
  9. Dude! Had no idea you were here. There's an "I miss Carb" thread at the other site.
  10. The church keeps a few things in mind when making leadership callings. Help people come closer to Christ, give people a chance to serve, stuff like that. Two of them are to protect the flock, and protect/preserve the good name of the church. For example, consider a dude who left a trail of broken hearts, restraining orders, and victims in his wake back in his teens. No matter how repentant or good or how long he's been on the right path, he might never be bishop. If you were one of the people that had to get a restraining order against him, and you see he gets made bishop, is the church doing a good job of protecting you, and preserving the good name of the church? Former sinner engaged in consensual sinning with someone else? Far less of a big deal.
  11. One thing this whole story did do, is get all us LDS folks to start watching a couple of NNN's videos.
  12. Very interesting video. I don't think I've encountered this powerful a challenge to my testimony in decades. Bad enough the Islamic lady prayed so earnestly to choose between Christianity and Islam. The Heaven's Gate suicide cult's spiritual witness? Dang - sounds waaaay too similar to mine. Heh. I appreciate the apologetic way you open this post - I believe you when you say you're not trying to upset anyone. I think my testimony remains intact. Things I've said and believed for a while: - Ultimately, the only valid reason to be a member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, is you believe God wants you to be one. - I've personally witnessed people going through an intense period of spiritual growth, drawing them away from one faith and towards another. And I've also personally witnessed that person crossing paths with someone going through a very similar experience, heading in the exact opposite direction. - Life got ten, a hundred, a thousand times easier when I read this article from Elder Oaks, and discovered that it's often ok to just sit there with a dumb look on my face and cast no judgment. More than ok, I'm best off not judging in many situations. - The Oaks article, judge a tree by its fruit, and "Be still and trust in God" gets me through this video. I don't have to know the answer to everything. Although my testimony is based on an undeniable (and recurring) spiritual witness, which moved me from "I believe" to "I know", I can still place my trust in the Lord and walk in faith. If He wants me to go be a scientologist, He knows how to pull me in that direction. Until then, my testimony remains as unblemished as before I encountered this thread. - Paul's discourse on charity in 1st Corinthians put me in my place whenever I want to start disrespecting someone else because of their beliefs. My best advice for you, is be true to what you've experienced - not what others have experienced just because it took them in a different direction.
  13. Heh. This is like Tom Clancy spy book level intrigue here. Church lawyer sitting there, wondering what to do about arch enemy Denson. He has a file with all the publicly available, legally obtained legal history on her. Lightbulb moment! Goes and gives a copy of the file to other arch enemy TripleN. Busts up their alliance, they fall on each other like a pack of wolves. When it comes to (for the lack of a better phrase) "worldly tricks", I like this one a lot more than when the church bought advertising in the BOM The Musical playbook.
  14. Current nonLDS American English usage of the word "endowment": - Vague memories from high school that it's used in one of our founding documents ("...endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights...") - Locker room humor about the size of male genetalia (mostly in Utah). - Something rich white liberal women do with their money (endowment for the arts).
  15. TripleN has posted a phone call with Denson (she didn't know he was taping her until further into the call), where she claims a Dr. in Colorado Springs diagnosed her with BPD. Not sure on the name, sounds like "Will Borin", but a quick google doesn't show anything. She also says she discovered working with a different counselor a few months ago, that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. (please think twice before you seek out this audio, it's horrible to listen to) Honestly, someone admitting to BPD or DID, is the same thing as admitting that they lie and say and do horrible things. It's analogous to admitting you're a compulsive liar and can't be trusted, and people should think twice before being in a relationship with you.
  16. Ok then. Well, I am commanded to love my neighbor, and Denson is my neighbor, so here goes. Just watched the whole video (and spent the last few days reviewing the various leaks and police reports and accounts). I am sad for Denson. Borderline Personality Disorder is not fun. It's not fun to have it, not fun to be in the life of someone who has it. One of the reason lies are a bad thing, is they cause damage in lots of directions, including back at the person lying. It's hard to live around people who has lost trust in you, which I'm sure is happening here in great amounts. Most of all, I'm sad because I believe the balance of the evidence, even including this 40 minute summary of her past crap, still indicates she had some traumatic thing (probably a series of them across her early life), where she was abused by various people in various ways. She started out like any of us - an innocent little kid. I think it's a reasonable guess that a significant portion of her brokenness is because of crap that happened to her when she was innocent and trying. Trauma and abuse screw you up. Not everybody gets to emerge on the other end of such a trial fully healthy and happy. I know that there are folks who just are about as healthy as they'll ever be, no matter how much additional help or counseling or healing they get, and I believe it's possible Denson might be about as healthy as she'll ever be. I can have love, sympathy, pity, and perhaps a tiny tad of empathy for her. None of this excuses or justifies her behavior, but I do find it possible to love her as my neighbor. I live in Colorado Springs. I've eaten at that PF Changs where she supposedly ingested razor blades. The more I read, the more I keep expecting to see a name I recognize.
  17. Does being abused excuse abusing others? Seems to me lying so that a man is jailed for months on false charges before being acquitted is abuse. And to do it to multiple people is a habit of abuse. Should not people speak out when they see abuse of any kind? Should we not warn others when we encounter an abuser? If not in Denson's case, why not? No it doesn't excuse abusing others. Yes people should speak out. Yes we should warn others. I don't think anyone is saying past abuse is an excuse, just an explanation, a factor in why abuse happens. Is it important to consider in the first place? Absolutely. We're commanded to forgive all men, even our abusers. That job is made a bit easier when we can look at evil perpetrator x, and realize they were once young innocent child x getting abused. Outside of religion, being able to deal with your strong negative feelings towards your abuser is often a goal of the theraputic healing process. Again, understanding that abusers were probably abused themselves, can help. Finally, it's important to understand that if you are abused, you're now at a higher risk of becoming one yourself, and an unfair burden has been placed on you to make sure you become something besides the next link in the chain.
  18. Hi from smoky Colorado. So, bishops worldwide have always striven to use church welfare/food orders/fast offerings funds properly. There are always judgment calls, where a bishop asks themselves "is the only reason I see this person at church, is because they're doing absolute barest minimum required to continue to receive church aid, or are they actually striving to improve their lives and draw closer to God?" These days, bishops continue to occasionally deal with folks like that, except now, they also smoke pot because they "have a medical need", like "anxiety". So a bishop thinks about the rent check the church is covering, or the utility bill the church is paying, and they ask themselves if they're just freeing up funds for someone to be able to get high more often. Congratulations on legalizing MMJ Utah. Pray for your bishops.
  19. Since nobody else will say it, I guess I have to. The real news here is the revelation that BYU has a "Gay chair", and somebody occupies it. I'm thinking it's analogous to Israeli Intelligence's tenth man, or Catholicism's Devil's Advocate. (Why yes, this is the wittiest thing I've said all week, why do you ask?)
  20. I'm wondering what "Put away your wife" meant back then, vs. what it means now. A guy I know is dating a lady who makes $7k a month in alimony. She tells her dates this up front, so they know she's not looking to get married any time soon.
  21. Ok, something not ok is happening. If random weirdoes are getting drawn to her because of the news, that's not ok. If some LDS or LDS ally do-gooders are moving themselves to acts of violence, that's not ok. If she's lying/embellishing/pulling a Jussie Smollett, none of that is ok either. Just to make sure I'm on record, dirty tricks like this aren't kosher. I don't care how LDS you are, or how righteous you think your cause, or how deplorable you think your victim may be. I would defend just about anyone, including Denson, from crap like this, and if ever found out someone was doing something like this, I'd report it, prevent it if I could. (Just to make sure I'm on record and all.)
  22. Yay - an audience! Hi peanut gallery! God loves you and I'm trying! Again, my credentials: My wife and I, upon hearing of an instance of child abuse, bent over backwards to get that information in front of the abuser's bishop and stake president. Victim was an unbaptized child living outside of the stake boundaries. I was the go-between between victim (and victim's mom) and church - I asked if we could just keep the victim's identity private and just go with the public record, the victim had already been traumatized enough, and surely didn't want any interviews or part of the process. The bishop/SP was ok with that. They got back to me and let me know dude had been excommunicated, and asked that I relay that information to the victim, in hopes it would help the victim heal. Wife and I were active in the legal proceedings, filed reports and briefs, attended parole hearings to keep dude behind bars. We stood with the victim, to the extent of cutting ties with family members who chose to stand with the abuser. If I had a nickel for every box of kleenex we all went through, I'd have a decent pile of nickels. Again, my opinion: Trip'N's motivations here have nothing to do with concern over victims of sexual assault. Apart from his activist victim, I question whether he knows any personally. I wonder if he's ever lifted a finger (apart from making critical videos) to help one personally. I wonder if he's ever donated to RAINN, or volunteered at a rape crisis center, or some related thing. When he made Denson's acquaintance, I'm thinking that instead of deep sorrow or concern or love for her, he felt a bit of elation, and he thought to himself "this is great! I can use this!" Is this uncharitable character assassination? Perhaps. Only Trip'N will know for sure. Some praise for Trip'N and crew: You guys are getting better and better at this. Production values go up with every video. Did I see multiple camera angles? Let me guess - two hidden cameras, and the lady with her phone on the front row working as assault bait? You hooked a member of the audience - he fell for the bait! Nothin' says lovin' like the police showing up and arresting someone in the audience! Dude - you are within inches of going professional here. Nice hidden microphone on the teary woman, so even after they cut the podium mike, you still had clear audio! High enough quality microphone that it caught the bishop's comments too! And the mike on the second lady was a nice touch. Someone in your gang understands human behavior and knows how to set a good trap. Dude, if you and your crew ever decide to broaden your horizons, I know half a dozen activist organizations that would be willing to pay for a crew of y'alls talents. Steven Crowder and the Center for Medical Progress on the right, various Occupy and Antifa groups on the left - take your pick! For everyone else: 2016 Security guidelines. Go tell your bishops!
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