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  1. Again, as more and more decade-long or longer studies on CCP holders emerge, the only way you can stay terrified about this, is by sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling "lalalalala no I won't read the data". Millions of permit holders carrying millions of guns in thousands of cities in millions of jobs, and we just don't hear anything beyond the occasional anecdote of anyone ending up provoked into a rage. Permit holders commit violent crime less frequently than non-permit holders. If you find an unstable teacher killing students, that unstable teacher is more likely to NOT be legally carrying, than permitted. If you want to reduce the rate of unstable teacher violence, have 'em be permit holders. This is what the growing body of evidence is saying. You simply have to remain ignorant of that evidence if you're gonna stay terrified about permit holders doing that sort of thing. All that said, I agree with you to a large extent. I also believe many boards will stay terrified. Because they don't want to get edumicated on the issue, they want to hate guns.
  2. Something to think about - depending on the state in which you live, you might be surrounded wherever you go by people legally carrying. Here in Colorado, upwards of a full 8-10% of the residents have permits. They're everywhere you go, and have been since the '90's. The more long-term studies that are completed and released, the more we see what happens and what doesn't happen. What happens way too often, is kids find the guns their idiot parents leave lying around/in a drawer/in a box in the closet/friend's house, and they shoot themselves or their friend. Another thing we see on occasion, are stories about someone using the toilet and their gun falls out of their holster or pocket and goes skittering across five stalls and scares the crap out of everyone. What we pretty much never see, is a good guy legally carrying get disarmed by someone else, good or bad, kid or otherwise. It would be stupid to "put a gun in every classroom", because guns can be found. But if willing teachers/staff stepped up and armed themselves, the answer to your question is "almost zero students would get a hold of their teacher's gun". Because the mindset is "my gun is only one of four places. In the gun safe, in pieces being cleaned, secured on my person in a holster, or in my hands being used. There is no fifth place."
  3. Back in the day when I was thinking about getting a gun, I did a lot of research. Lots of opinions out there, lots of studies about this or that. One of the more useful data points, was a thread on a gun board called something like "why do you carry". The thread had been active for 5-6 years , like 800 posts from 800 different people. I spent a few weeks and read all the stories. And a hefty chunk of them started to sound a lot alike. Variations on a theme: "I was once [in danger/threatened/attacked/raped/hurt/almost killed/witnessed a brutal attack], and I was utterly helpless to do anything about it. I can't begin to explain how bad it felt to be helpless/how desperate I was to find a weapon to defend myself. I survived and vowed to never be defenseless again." Probably over half the answers was a variation on that theme. The rest were a random smattering of "My parent(s) taught me" or "yay guns pew pew pew" or "had cops/military role models" or "was a cop/soldier, and it stuck with me after I left the service" or "gotta be a patriot and defend my rights". But the "never again"-type posts had an impact on me.
  4. Sounds like 2021-ish. At the earliest.
  5. Utah: https://bci.utah.gov/concealed-firearm/how-do-i-apply-for-a-concealed-firearm-permit/ (Please don't take this as arguing. I've taken this training twice in Utah, once in Colorado. Better than nothing, but hardly adequate in a life-or-death situation.)
  6. My bishop is very transparently clear on the issue. "If I see a gun, I'll ask the member to take it home." He wears his suit jacket even on the warmest days when the AC is broken.
  7. I hear the prophet's security detail all use Glock maula pistols.
  8. It was nice to see JRR Tolkein finally get his due in Gen Conference. But I will not be happy until Frank Herbert's Dune gets top billing. And don't even get me started on the lack of Asimov in the upper echelons of the church.
  9. Do you have a link for America? For all of it? No. It's not available for America. Is there a problem?
  10. I'm struck by how agency is limited, and limitable. We like to say "we can choose", but there's always more to the story. - Agency isn't limitless I have no ability to (for example), choose to win the lottery. Or whatever. - Agency can be voluntarily given up (thinking mind-altering drugs). I can ingest substances which remove my agency. I may be legally held responsible for whatever I do when I'm out of my mind on speedballs, God may hold me accountable for what I do when on the drugs. But once under some drug's effects, it's not possible to gain back lost inhibitions, or choose not to have any permanent negative health consequences. You can kill yourself, and you don't get to come back from that. - Agency can be taken from you. You can be kidnapped and given these drugs. Or killed. You have no choice, you will lose your agency in the ways described above. So, throw mental illness into the mix, I can see them falling into the last two categories.
  11. What do I like about being a member of The Church? First and foremost, above all else, I believe it's where God wants me to be, and I suppose you could say I "like" doing God's will. Everything else is a distant second, but there are plenty of them too: - I like the church's welfare program. It's heartwarming and humble to be finance clerk and write checks to cover this house payment, that medical bill, the other utility payment. - I like the generous nature of so many members. I'm getting my new Bishop used to the idea that he'll do a lot of church stuff in Nov and December. Members show up with envelopes of cash and tell him "make sure this gets wherever it needs to go". The stake makes us track all this stuff in MLS. Last year we had such a surplus we were able to transfer some of it to another stake, where they were doing stuff like repairing furnaces so members could have heat, and paying dental bills so members could have teeth. - I like having something immediately in common with at least a small fraction of people wherever I go in the US. It makes it much easier for an introverted recluse like me.
  12. I'm glad to see stuff like this happening more often. Thank you for keeping us in relevant links and making it easier for non-lawyerly folk like me to understand.
  13. I prefer my literal interpretation merged with my imagination, thank you very much.
  14. Easy peasy. If it's you, repent. If it's someone else, forgive.
  15. [...] calls for further "Financial Transparen´╗┐cy" would´╗┐ be followed, endlessly, by more calls for "Financial Transparency." Because the objective of the critics is digging for dirt, that's about it. Let's test that out. Hey @Changed, here is a link to the Church's 100% financial transparency document about all the finances for all of Great Britain. http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends51/0000242451_AC_20171231_E_C.PDF All good for Great Britain?
  16. Just wanted to take the opportunity to beg you to move to my ward.
  17. Let's see - I just got handed the 6 month building assignment list. Let's take a look: it's for half the alphabet of members' last names. It's an assignment for the whole family. I see bishopric counselors, people on the high counsel, former bishop. No old people, or people in poor health on snow removal or building security. At the risk of breaking some site rule against being civil or respectful, I had to laugh out loud at this. What kind of life does someone live where they worry aloud about the dangers of toilet cleaning chemicals, and how children need to be protected from such scary things? Talk about first world problems. I'd better leave before I make a Pumpkin Spice Starbucks joke.
  18. I'm a ward finance clerk, and we get audited every six months by a stake auditor. If they discover even one penny has been incorrectly handled or misused, we get an audit ding and have to prove we've taken corrective action, so it won't happen again. They pay special attention to any funds flowing to the bishop or anyone in his family or extended family. They get out the proverbial magnifying glass and go through every instance of this line by line. I'm happy to say that after a handful of these audits, they've never found any dirt on me. Every single check to a bishop or his wife, was reimbursing them for stuff they paid for out of their own pockets, backed up by the original receipts to WalMart or wherever. Snacks for primary, supplies for YW craft night, more buns for the ward BBQ when we were running out, stuff like that. My favorite story is that one of the stake auditors is actually an active duty policeman, he's a criminal forensics auditor for his day job. He shows up armed to some of his audits. Nicest guy in the world. I was immediately on his good side when he met me, because the first expense report he looked at, he saw that I had discovered and corrected a nine cent error in a member's reimbursement request. I can speak from personal experience: This church does not reimburse old ladies for more than they spend on cheese at Costco. I've done church building cleanup, and nighttime building security checks, and shoveled snow, for years. Happy to do it. I've never cleaned a member's toilet, but I've been on umpteen moves, firewood hauls, fence repairs, etc. When our old bishop was moving, many of us got together, facing the wrath of the stake, and showed up at his house and helped him move. He was worried we'd get in trouble for providing service to the bishop. I think we pulled it off - don't tell Tacenda!
  19. In addition to surgical options, these folks also can struggle with how to dress, who to date/marry, what bathroom to use, whether to shave (and what to shave), how to fit in, what friends to seek. It would be real nice if the answers to all that came with parental prayer. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes parents choose, sometimes a kid grows into an adult and the path chosen by the parents isn't working any more. Again, this almost never happens. The vast majorities of us are boys or girls. I would guess that for everyone truly one of these minority situations, there are 100 to 1000 people who have bought into the whole 'gender is a spectrum' stuff, or are going through a period of short term confusion or experimentation. But for some tiny fraction of humanity, there are no easy answers, even when seeking divine inspiration from a loving Heavenly Father.
  20. "Usually" Probably the most important word in the debate. Another way to put it is "vast majority". Or "almost everybody". It begs the question, what about the outliers? People who aren't usual/in the majority/not the same as everybody else? Once you can grapple with the evident fact that these people exist, even in miniscule numbers, then you have to grapple with how to go about loving them like God wants you to.
  21. Here's all the things that make us male and female. The chart is obviously pushing the notion of the spectrum, but it does have relevant data in it. IMO, human gender isn't a spectrum, it's an either-this-or-that thing for the whole human race, except for a handful of outliers. But yeah, you can find people who don't fit. Look at all those outlier conditions people can have:
  22. Jeesh, blueglass. 2000 years ago called - they want their culturally-specific rules for their time back!
  23. If I read that book will it make me happy? Oh wait - I'm all about Mark 8:35. Matthew 10:39, and 16:25. And Luke 9:24, and 17:33.
  24. Wouldn't that be a reasonable extrapolation, though? You both saw me explicitly say I was nitpicking, right? I don't have many guilty pleasures, please don't deprive me of this one. I'd never be caught dead nitpicking Johnny Lingo or the 2003 Book of Mormon Movie. But this new production is worthy.
  25. Yay! Not cheezy! Not low-production values! Not bad acting! Not painful to watch at all. I picked out Nephi, Lehi, and Laman before we heard their names! It's hard to make a movie out of a book (regardless of whether it's a book of fiction or scripture or history), but this is the best attempt I've seen coming out of scripture (with the possible exception of The Prince of Egypt from 1998). It's worthy of a few of my nitpicks, which I do whenever I find something worthy to nitpick: - Ain't no camels mentioned in the BoM. - Lehi's "house" - sort of small, compared to the image I've had in my head for years, of his household consisting of various extended relatives and servants and hired hands and whatnot.
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