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  1. LoudmouthMormon

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    You know how you get sworn in when you're about to testify in court? I hate that. It's obviously a bad thing we shouldn't require.
  2. LoudmouthMormon

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Random things in my world as a Ward Finance Clerk: I write maybe 2-8 checks every week. The breakdown, in order of frequency: 1- Reimbursement requests for people who spent ward budget money (nursery snacks, toner cartridges, BSOA camp fees, food for the Relief Society event, etc.) 2- Bishop helping people in need (car payments, power/phone/gas bills, mortgage payment, etc - fast offerings funds) 3- Professional Counseling fees (not LDSSS, these are professional counselors in private practice. Marriage counseling, family counseling, individual counseling. I've made more than a couple of payments for youth seeing counselors. These are also fast offerings funds.) 4- Moving money between ward and stake at the stake's request. (Buncha tight-fisted misers, those stake people) #2 and #3 are heartwarming. I'm grateful to have a small part in the church's welfare system. I'm never privy to the details, just the individuals involved. Sometimes it's publicly known there's a stillborn child, or a marriage falling apart, and it's obvious why someone is going to counseling. Most of the time, from my clueless position, the bishop might as well had put all our names in a hat and just randomly drawn a name for me to pay a bill or pay for counseling. From where I'm standing, privacy and confidentiality between you and your bishop are wonderful, valuable, worthwhile things. Including, at times, minors.
  3. LoudmouthMormon

    Notations on Records about Callings

    Also, this: https://www.lds.org/legal/privacy
  4. LoudmouthMormon

    Notations on Records about Callings

    Here is a thing I noticed in the last year or two: When I log in (with my ward finance clerk access), I can search by person or unit. Looking up my ward, I see it has a "Historical information" section. It lists bishops, bishopric counselors, ward clerks, and executive secretaries. I notice the history is a bit fragmented and incomplete. It's missing our first branch president, some clerks, the records don't go back to the start of our unit. So yeah, I guess the church keeps records of who used to be in bishopric or clerk positions. But that's it. This isn't an annotation on a member record, but more of data for each unit.
  5. LoudmouthMormon

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    Investigate to the extent possible. Mete out church discipline as appropriate. Refer criminal matters to law enforcement as appropriate. Annotate church records as appropriate. Facilitate and encourage therapy and counseling. That sort of thing. Indeed. The church should first and foremost protect the innocent, after that try to help the guilty avail themselves of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and become better people. The second thing must not ever ever ever interfere with the first thing. Also, in there should be something about protecting the good name of the church.
  6. LoudmouthMormon

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    You can almost see the headlines: "Church publicly accuses young woman of unproven crimes" "Church list of sinners throws 'innocent until proven guilty' out the window" "Returned missionary unable to find work, shunned by family, after church smear campaign" A "positive thing" for some folks, I suppose...
  7. ALarson, perhaps you could cite some sort of source that backs up your claim that Denson had the right to speak at sacrament meeting? Because common sense, as well as the church's stated security policy, buttressed by private property rights enshrined in our laws, all seem to be conspiring against you...
  8. LoudmouthMormon

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    In 2016, US bishops/BPs got a "Security Guidelines for Church Meetinghouses" bulletin. With her comments about personal space , I'm thinking Denson had access to it. If she did, she was a) testing adherence to the policy, or b) trying to shut down the meeting.
  9. LoudmouthMormon

    Speculations for General Conference

    We know we're dumping scouts. We have been light on info regarding what we're picking up instead.
  10. LoudmouthMormon

    Spider-Man Has Left the Church

    564 views. Boom, baby: This is why I've learned to not be so dead set on changing the mind of my arguing partners. Whether they budge or not, a bunch of undecided folks wondering about the issue may be lurking. I might help them form their conclusions. It worked for me, I lurked and sought out criticisms of my church and faith, in order to figure out what I thought about everything.
  11. I think the state has made lots and lots of millions in tax revenue.
  12. Hi from smoky Colorado. We've lost every battle to keep MJ illegal. Including various county/city battles to keep favored tax status away from grow operations. Just a few things to note: - There's still oodles and oodles and tons of MJ-related crime here. Burglaries, robberies, violent crime, kidnappings, homicides - yeah, that didn't go away just because we legalized MJ. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric this year had to deal with a rental property used as an illegal grow op. These aren't exactly rare. Here, I spent 30 seconds googling, and came up with a thing that happened last week, less than 20 miles from where I sit: https://gazette.com/news/more-than-million-worth-of-marijuana-recovered-from-illegal-grows/article_e5edacda-a308-11e8-91c6-634c5aaa4b4d.html - Keep an eye on tracability. CO had a "seed to sale" process kicked off, it went over budget, failed, and died. Legalizing MJ did much to formalize trade between CO govt and businesses, and transnational criminal organizations/cartels. Basically, If you can't prove where your MJ came from, there is a chance the dollars you paid for your grandma's chemo nausea shot ended up in the coffers of some mexican gang. - We had legal MMJ before just full-blown legalizing all of it. I sat in the parking lot of a dispensary for a few hours once, just to see what I could see. For two hours, 90% of the people I watched go in and out, were males between 18-35 that didn't appear to have anything wrong with them. The racial mix of these folks were more, well, mixed than the general population of the area. In short, if you guys legalize MMJ, don't kid yourself about how the only people to obtain the stuff will have a real medical need. It will work about as well as prohibition did. Google "prohibition alcohol prescriptions" for a fun time. - Say hello to your future:
  13. LoudmouthMormon

    An Apology to Gay Latter-day Saints

    Just a quick dose of perspective. Here we are on page 15 on a CoJCoLDS discussion forum, happily arguing away about who should use what term to describe what. Tossing around terms like "facile" and "insulting" and "unreasonable", and a few more. You want to know where else I've seen the issue discussed? In social circles peopled mainly by lgbtq/non-binary/gender fluidity folks. Those can get very vicious. Tossing around terms like "die in a hole" and "drink bleach" and "go kill yourself", plus no end of foul language. No seriously. You think people here are being rude or disrespectful when trying to figure out what word to use for these various folks? Go watch a fight when these various folks start arguing among themselves about the same thing. Not only do they tell you you're using the wrong word, they often deny you the word you're trying to claim for yourself. It often gets real nasty, real fast.
  14. If you check the "case insensitive" box, you get some additional results, including some from 1850.
  15. LoudmouthMormon

    How do those of other faiths gain their testimonies?

    Many other faiths don't really have much in the way of some sort of spiritual confirmation. You tend to be Jewish because your mother was. You tend to be a Muslim because of your culture, or you're attracted to it's tenets. When I talk to other Christians about why they're Christian, I hear much about the persuasive power of the Bible to explain things, or how coming unto Christ has been a freeing wonderful thing - a list of blessings that have come as a result of your choice, or a sense of duty born of worldly perspective. You start asking folks "how do you know God exists", and you don't hear much testimony-esque stuff from non-CoJCoLDS folks.