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  1. LoudmouthMormon

    Sam Young Lost His Appeal

    I'd suggest you read my list of people. Social activists, people trying to force change, podium seekers who want captive audiences, lawsuit filers who seek media attention, and General Conference protesters are not "average members". They are agenda-pushing agitators, using tactics taught by revolutionaries and anarchists*, and the church is responding accordingly. They have access to church leadership - through their Stake Presidents. They don't get to force access as a way of enlarging their message. * No really, I'm not exaggerating. I'm facebook arguing buddies with one of the authors of the 1990's era Anarchist Faq. We talk social change strategies on occasion. Indeed, the tactics he tries to employ are the same ones used by my list of people above.
  2. LoudmouthMormon

    Sam Young Lost His Appeal

    Attention social activists. Attention practicers of various tactics about how to force change by forcing top leadership to respond to your issue, thus using the target organization as a way to increase the spread of your message. Attention podium seekers who want captive audiences who have to listen to you say your piece. Attention lawsuit filers who seek media attention as a way of spreading your agenda. Attention General Conference protesters who shout "opposed" because it can be heard worldwide. You don't go higher than the Stake President. The end.
  3. LoudmouthMormon

    Marriage covenants

  4. LoudmouthMormon

    Marriage covenants

    It's because when people go through divorces, they tend to find God and join a church. No, I have no idea if that's the reason or not. But my guess is as good as yours. And, if it's at least possibly true, it might help you out changed. Sorry to hear about your experiences.
  5. LoudmouthMormon

    Marriage covenants

    I don't get Changed's point here. Here - use me as a case study. I have a troubled marriage by any reasonable definition. Wife and I have spent years in counseling, trying hard since 2011, but things seem to be only getting worse. There is no intimacy of any sort - spiritual, emotional, or physical. The only thing we seem to see eye to eye on, is that things are horrible, and it's affecting the kids. Everything else is an argument that goes south fast. It's been this way for years, and every year it seems to find a way to get worse. Both of us are entertaining the notion that it might be healthier for the kids if we were apart, but neither of us seem to be certain of that yet, so we try, and we fight, and we fail, and we hurt. Even though this has been happening for years, I wouldn't dream of cheating on her. It's not in the program. I promised I wouldn't do anything like that when I knelt across from her at the altar in the temple. My temple covenants are a cornerstone of my fidelity, my loyalty, my lack of any unchaste behavior with another human in any form. The stuff I hear in talks at my church are only attempts to buttress and strengthen my marriage. Full of warnings against straying. Full of urging to try harder and hope and pray and stay. Changed, are you sure you're talking about the same church I am?
  6. LoudmouthMormon

    ‘Remarkable’ decline in fertility rates

    Here in happy first world America, I figure the invisible hand will take care of things pretty well. Instead of N-medical/hospice/elderlycare workers per 1000 workers, we'll move to N+3%. Social Security might bankrupt the nation and plunge the entire global economic system into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it's more likely that China'll just take over as the world's top superpower and the American empire will continue it's slow decline across the next few centuries, as empires tend to do. You can still find Great Britain, Spain, Rome, Greece, Turkey, and what remains of every other massive powerful empire that hit it's prime. I'm not too worried. Got a kid going into the medical field.
  7. LoudmouthMormon

    Change to TR Interview Question?

    I'm lost. Can someone clarify what we're talking about? "Here is the old question: XXXX" "Here is the new question: XXXX" We're all standing here arguing over the word "affiliate", but that word has always been there to my recollection. (See, for example, this random reddit thread from 4 years go.) From Smac's opening post, it would seem that the church is -removing- and -shortening- this question, not adding to it.
  8. I can understand the feeling. The week I moved out of Utah, there was that freaky downtown SLC tornado that killed two. I remember thinking if I had frequented that area, I'd be feeling like a traitor for not being there to help. But correct me if I'm wrong here - Judaism is both a set of religious beliefs and a "racial identity", right? Meaning, you don't stop being Jewish just because you convert to restored Christianity, correct?
  9. To clarify, the prospect of some non-permitted yahoo showing up with a gun, who does not have a permit, yet he has a gun, and brings it concealed? I hesitate to be enthusiastic. CCP holding yahoos showing up with a gun? I am supportive. Because if you take a random yahoo, and you get them a CCP, their rates of crime and accidents go down when compared with the non-CCP holders in their same demographic. Scott mentions one obvious reason why. There are probably others, although harder to study.
  10. Random yahoo ward members with a gun? I hesitate to be enthusiastic at the notion. Conceal carry permit holding yahoo ward members with a gun? I am supportive. They tend to have lower rates of criminal behavior or accidents than the general population. Depending on the study, they even commit crimes at lower rates than police officers.
  11. I'm interested - who is 'we'? My bishopric just read the security policy in ward council, and then some folks disparaged CCP holders, then they moved to the next topic. What did you folks do? Did the training involve the Run-Hide-Fight methodology? I'm a fan, in that it's much, much better than nothing. But it only works if, you know, the training actually makes it to the ward members.
  12. LoudmouthMormon

    what is our position on the Caravan

    Either that, or a slight exaggeration for humorous purposes. I'm ok with either being true.
  13. LoudmouthMormon

    what is our position on the Caravan

    That is soft language. [Slight exaggeration for humorous purposes incoming] Yeesh. If yellin' about the impending destabilization of society is "soft language", one wonders what you consider "hard language". [/SEfHP]
  14. LoudmouthMormon

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    I read through the process once a few years ago - so, going from memory here. First, you need proof of something. A criminal conviction, or a disciplinary council outcome, or a confession or something. Then there are forms to fill out. I think the SP does the form, which is reviewed by an area authority or something. I seem to remember it's an annotation (meaning, a brief sentence) - I've never heard that it's just an asterisk. Also, once on the record, only a member of the first presidency can remove it. This is a reason, if not the reason, why we keep records for excommunicated people. There are predators who will go "ward-shopping" for victims, so it's important they have a permanent record that follows them no matter what church discipline happens.
  15. LoudmouthMormon

    SWK Quote re Marijuana

    Did you actually read why the bad stuff in CO is the way it is? CO law protects these illegal grow ops with a network of ill-thought out legislation and a stupid state constitutional amendment. If we had been smarter about it, it wouldn't take 4-5 months to move through a legal process to stop an illegal grow op. Yes, criminals will be criminals. But they'll also flock to where it's easy to do crime. I'm advocating that Utah learn from CO's mistakes, so they don't flock to your state too.