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  1. I'm wondering what "Put away your wife" meant back then, vs. what it means now. A guy I know is dating a lady who makes $7k a month in alimony. She tells her dates this up front, so they know she's not looking to get married any time soon.
  2. Ok, something not ok is happening. If random weirdoes are getting drawn to her because of the news, that's not ok. If some LDS or LDS ally do-gooders are moving themselves to acts of violence, that's not ok. If she's lying/embellishing/pulling a Jussie Smollett, none of that is ok either. Just to make sure I'm on record, dirty tricks like this aren't kosher. I don't care how LDS you are, or how righteous you think your cause, or how deplorable you think your victim may be. I would defend just about anyone, including Denson, from crap like this, and if ever found out someone was doing something like this, I'd report it, prevent it if I could. (Just to make sure I'm on record and all.)
  3. Yay - an audience! Hi peanut gallery! God loves you and I'm trying! Again, my credentials: My wife and I, upon hearing of an instance of child abuse, bent over backwards to get that information in front of the abuser's bishop and stake president. Victim was an unbaptized child living outside of the stake boundaries. I was the go-between between victim (and victim's mom) and church - I asked if we could just keep the victim's identity private and just go with the public record, the victim had already been traumatized enough, and surely didn't want any interviews or part of the process. The bishop/SP was ok with that. They got back to me and let me know dude had been excommunicated, and asked that I relay that information to the victim, in hopes it would help the victim heal. Wife and I were active in the legal proceedings, filed reports and briefs, attended parole hearings to keep dude behind bars. We stood with the victim, to the extent of cutting ties with family members who chose to stand with the abuser. If I had a nickel for every box of kleenex we all went through, I'd have a decent pile of nickels. Again, my opinion: Trip'N's motivations here have nothing to do with concern over victims of sexual assault. Apart from his activist victim, I question whether he knows any personally. I wonder if he's ever lifted a finger (apart from making critical videos) to help one personally. I wonder if he's ever donated to RAINN, or volunteered at a rape crisis center, or some related thing. When he made Denson's acquaintance, I'm thinking that instead of deep sorrow or concern or love for her, he felt a bit of elation, and he thought to himself "this is great! I can use this!" Is this uncharitable character assassination? Perhaps. Only Trip'N will know for sure. Some praise for Trip'N and crew: You guys are getting better and better at this. Production values go up with every video. Did I see multiple camera angles? Let me guess - two hidden cameras, and the lady with her phone on the front row working as assault bait? You hooked a member of the audience - he fell for the bait! Nothin' says lovin' like the police showing up and arresting someone in the audience! Dude - you are within inches of going professional here. Nice hidden microphone on the teary woman, so even after they cut the podium mike, you still had clear audio! High enough quality microphone that it caught the bishop's comments too! And the mike on the second lady was a nice touch. Someone in your gang understands human behavior and knows how to set a good trap. Dude, if you and your crew ever decide to broaden your horizons, I know half a dozen activist organizations that would be willing to pay for a crew of y'alls talents. Steven Crowder and the Center for Medical Progress on the right, various Occupy and Antifa groups on the left - take your pick! For everyone else: 2016 Security guidelines. Go tell your bishops!
  4. Fair enough. This video isn't one of those. This video is a real life "seize a captive audience in order to forward an agenda" situation. The agenda has nothing to do with pedophilia, the agenda is all about smearing the church, using victims as ammo. TripleN's only regret is he didn't think of this tactic sooner.
  5. Dad of homeschooled kids here. The homeschooling version of this, is some nosy neighbor reports us to CPS, and a social worker has to do an investigation. Sometimes the allegation is "we had an anonymous tip that you're not meeting your kids educational needs". There have been, over the decades, in some states, various horror stories coming from parents when this happens. Social workers coming with cops and traumatizing everyone, children interviewed without parent's permission or even their knowledge, social workers lying about why they're there, social workers violating constitutional rights of parents, etc. These days, (after a bunch of costly and embarrassing lawsuits were lost), most social workers are trained in policies that look an awful lot like the bullet points here in this thread.
  6. Yay - got my quota in for being unrighteously judged on the internet today. Hey lostindc - I have personally been involved in getting a child molester in front of his priesthood authorities and kicked out of the church. My wife and I have personally driven to another state several times to give testimony, attend parole hearings, support the victim. I can't begin to describe the tears, the heartache, the family ties split apart. Me and at least six other people aged 5 years in one year, as we did the difficult things. And here you are being surprised that I'm participating in this thread. I have some rather uncharitable replies on the tips of my fingers, but, well, they wouldn't be charitable. So I'll content myself with just pointing out that your surprise can only exist when you are assuming facts not in evidence. I've just given you some (anonymous internet) evidence in hopes you'll reconsider.
  7. The leadership didn't follow the church's security guidelines issued in 2016. When this happens, whoever is in charge approaches the person and says they're being inappropriate, asks them to stop. If they don't, then the leadership cuts the microphone and dismisses the meeting and offers to meet with them privately. If they continue to be a disruption, you call the cops and have them trespassed. You don't invade their personal space, you don't get physical, and you sure the heck don't argue with them in front of the whole congregation. Deny them the podium, but if they won't leave, deny them the audience. That's what you do.
  8. A few months ago, someone took the podium in sacrament meeting here in Colorado, and told us about some ballot measure in Colorado related to marijuana. He gave a brief synopsis of what the legislation would do, and he strongly, strongly urged us to go read up on the thing ourselves and make up our own minds, and then he strongly, strongly, strongly urged us to go vote our conscience. Then he went and sat down. *shrug* I'm sure some folks will want to crowbar some partisan message into that, but that's a pretty hard sell.
  9. I couldn't find any TBM rings. But I did find this: https://www.zazzle.com/tbm_true_blue_mormon_shirt-235703205417661414 If I buy that for twenty bucks, will I look as good as that guy?
  10. I think if we had one of those Google word-occurrence-chart thingies, TBM would have shown up in the mid-'80s, grown in the '90's, peaked in the early 2000's, and has been steadily declining since then. Kind of like people calling each other "basket case" or "swell". I'm thinking these days, the average user of the term TBM, hasn't read Owen and Mosser's work on how antimormons need to step up their game and stop acting like ignorant buffoons.
  11. Gospel principles manual, chapter 19: Repentance:
  12. Semi-relevant tangent, but Johnny Cash does a good job at describing the millennium from the perspective of a nervous sinner:
  13. Need the link to NehorLeaks. #CantStopTheSignal.
  14. When a person is being considered for beatification (sainthood), there often is someone asked to be the "devil's advocate" -- to argue against that person. Christopher Hitchens was asked to do that during the process for Mother Teresa. I find it humorous that the avowed atheist helped out in a Catholic proceeding It was a good Google Fu workout - but I finally found a 2003 news article about the event. Christopher Hitchens was quite a popular guy, and I'm guessing him and his anti-Mother Theresa book probably fueled every negative opinion about her that I encountered. And yep, he's basically ticked that she went about helping the poor in ways that Hitchens didn't like. Dood sure knew how to mock. He had a gift.
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