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  1. I can't think of any informed, observant Latter-day Saint who subscribes to an "infallible leader/blind obedience paradigm." That seems to be a common trope to bring up by critics, but it's not reflected in my experience in the Church. The pope is infallible when speaking Ex Cathedra, but critics don't believe it. The Prophet of the LDS church is fallible, but critics don't believe we believe it.
  2. LoudmouthMormon

    Brigham Young quote

    Heh - careful folks. Remember the Brigham Young "quote" that appeared trailers for September Dawn "I am the Voice of God, and anyone who doesn't like it will be hewn down". Remember how that quote didn't really exist before the turn of the 21st century? https://loudmouthmormon.blogspot.com/2007/08/chris-cain-challenged.html
  3. Your point being? It would be a recent example of the church being criticized for trying to mitigate family conflict. "Hey - rather than show up and baptize your kids into a church where they'll be taught their parents aren't following God's plan, we'll stay out of it. They can join when they're 18." "The church is punishing children! Discrimination! Bigotry! Hypocrisy!" etc.
  4. Here's a reminder of recent past, the church announced we wouldn't be baptizing children being raised by same-sex parents. There was lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of criticism.
  5. LoudmouthMormon

    Someone was arrested for trespassing

    (Sorry, another simple lol just wouldn't suffice. Massive earthwide assault on the evil cult's main icons, became one scruffy dood arrested for trespassing. I'm guessing somewhere there's a video of him trying to hop a fence and catching a belt loop and his pants come off and we see his neon blue underwear. Or something.)
  6. LoudmouthMormon

    Someone was arrested for trespassing

  7. LoudmouthMormon

    The Church and Social Justice

    From where I'm standing, the church has been speaking out on this for decades. They do it by pushing, urging, begging that we all get an education, and then more education. They do it by driving the point home that women can't rely on husbands to support them, so they should plan their lives accordingly. They do it by doing stuff like this: https://www.lds.org/church-education/byu-pathway-worldwide?lang=eng. They do it by pushing self-reliance and good budgeting and provident living. Because the whole notion of tying minimum wage to a minimum living wage, is the dumbest thing in the whole world. And there are some pretty strong contenders for that coveted title.
  8. LoudmouthMormon

    The Church and Social Justice

    Wait. Help my poor brain with math. Low wages= $5. Govt paying people= $3. Govt paying people to work for low wages = 5+3 Right? You seem to be ticked off that $5 is low, but are you accounting for your claim that $5+3 is more than $5? I'm trying to understand what exactly you think is wrong. Especially when "the wealthy" are paying most of that extra $3...
  9. LoudmouthMormon

    Hello to all of you who used to post at ZLMB

    I was nostalgic, did a google search, found this thread. Now I'm using my necromantic powers to bring it back! ZLMB - I will always remember it for two great things, unmatched by any other LDS-themed discussion board: 1- That one thread where the mature posters agreed to switch sides and argue the other perspective, just to see what would happen. The critics found doctrines/beliefs/practices they could defend, and the faithful did their best to pick something apart. 2- They had a massive LDS-themed "Why did the chicken cross the road" database, containing well over 200 answers. From scriptural answers, to personality based, to a scene from a musical someone wrote. I thought I had saved a copy, but can't find it.
  10. Whoa now, changed. When I go to LDS.org and spend 30 seconds looking, here's what I find: https://www.lds.org/topics/abuse : I've personally been involved in reporting an abuser to church authorities. They held a disciplinary council, and Dood was excommunicated, and did 5 years of a 5-life sentence. They respected my request to not involve the victim at all - she had better things to do than re-live the abuse and have to answer a bunch of questions about it, again. The Stake President contacted me, gave me the results of the council, and said I was welcome to share whatever I felt appropriate with the victim that would help her heal best. This all happened ten years ago, not exactly recent. I also have a small amount of 2ndhand experience with rape crisis centers and victim counseling. The lawyers, the social workers, the professionals - they talk about filing reports and pursuing justice as a thing that may or may not be a desirable thing, may or may not even be possible. You might be well served looking up a few rape crisis centers and reading some of their informational material. There are plusses and minuses for a victim to consider before calling the cops. Not according to Mormons, but according to the professionals.
  11. LoudmouthMormon

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    In other news, when lds.org started allowing members to upload photos of themselves, it would automatically happen. Clerks could review and disallow, but the default was to accept the picture. I decided to test whether good brother oldguy clerk could figure out the computer enough to do it. He couldn't. These days, the picture doesn't show up until the clerk accepts it. Probably because of people like me, except more evil.
  12. LoudmouthMormon

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    Well, back on topic, yay! Set up my two factor authentication, and life is good. Finance clerk access is a good thing to protect. Now there's less risk of someone hacking in to discover ward fast offering expenditure details. Not everyone should know when hypothetical sister somebody is seeing a counselor, etc.
  13. LoudmouthMormon

    LDS Membership Numbers

    You and me both. Thinking, you have done a good thing here. But if you were to upload the raw data excel file, it could be a great thing. Because charts make things great. LM (Bean-counter)
  14. LoudmouthMormon

    Grammar Nazi

    Hee-haw did it best in the '70's: News reporter: "And now the weather! Weather girl, they tell me it's raining, is that true?" Buxom Weather girl: "Not enough to come in out of!" News reporter: "Did you just end a sentence with three prepositions?" Buxom Weather girl: "Gee, I sure wish I could end my Saturday night like that!"