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  1. It looks like the changes have started & conference hasn’t even started yet. Will there be more explosive stuff for the next two days? Who knows? Regardless, we should prepare our minds and hearts to hear the word of God. Because I can predict that is the one thing we will here this weekend
  2. There is nothing wrong with supporting leaders in a policy designed to protect people, even if the enemies of the church want to pervert it into a weapon. you want to alleviate pain? Bring people to Christ. Stop twisting things to drive a wedge between them
  3. I suspect the salt is in a far better position than you judge it to be
  4. So supporting the Lord and sustaining our leaders is the problem? What about those who are finding every reason to criticize and keep lying that these policies are do to hate rather than looking at the modern and historical context?
  5. You would be wrong on all accounts
  6. I don’t think you understand the concept of the work for the dead. The entire point is to ensure that those who have died without the gospel will be able to obtain the fullness of blessings as the living. why did God deny the priesthood from most of Israel? Why were the gentiles denied the gospel for thousands of years? the truth is they weren’t because the work for the dead will give them the blessings of they are faithful. God controls the timing to maximize His ministry and possibly for other reasons I don’t know.
  7. You declared Him fickle because He doesn’t act in a way you would like. Following him today is no difficult then it was yesterday. When He says to do something one way do it. When He tells you to do it some other way do it. there is absolutely nothing in this policy change that makes it more difficult to follow Him
  8. The Lord has already decided that some will not receive the ordinance till the next life. Who am I to say it’s not a just decision? the Lord has also commissioned us to preach the gospel to the living and prepare the world for His arrival. I think obeying is a better plan than not
  9. Why do you have so little hope and faith?
  10. So you don’t believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? was The Lord being fickle when he commanded father Abraham to sacrifice Isaac only to reverse course later? Or do you think that perhaps He might have had a higher purpose that we with our limited understanding might not see? was God being fickle when He commanded animal sacrifice and then when He commanded it to cease centuries later? was God being fickle when He limited ministry to the House of Israel but later went the gospel to the gentiles? many of you seem very confident that you can pass judgment on the Lord for these things but I suspect doing so might be rash
  11. Not that I disagree but what does that have to do with anything we are discussing?
  12. And how many who recognize the second part that still doubt that both the command and revocation can be revelation
  13. You completely ignored what I just wrote.
  14. Nothing fickle about it. Let go of your pride and go to the Lord and learn from him instead of fighting Him
  15. Except there haven’t been any changes to who is allowed to be baptized. Everyone is allowed to be baptized. In fact everyone is going to get that opportunity whether in this life or the next. The only question is when.Except there haven’t been any changes to who is allowed to be baptized. Everyone is allowed to be baptized. In fact everyone is going to get that opportunity weather in this life or the next. The only question is when.
  16. I was wondering that myself. is there a reason not to? How will people react to that?
  17. Calling you to the Twelve?
  18. The Lord commands and revoked as He pleases
  19. Having God’s commands doesn’t make you happier unless you obey them. having God’s commands and not obeying them leads to greater unhappiness. Unfortunately pride is still a problem amongst the saints we are still murmuring. Still complaining
  20. We aren’t asked to be obedient for obedience sake. We are asked to obey because we love Him.
  21. Then fast and pray over it and then exercise faith to pay tithing and the Lord will prove it to you
  22. When I went through seminary we ended up doing the Book of Mormon senior year instead of D&C. Interestingly enough it was what lead me to read the D&C as a freshman in college and lead to me receiving my testimony. encourage him to study it independently if he is that disappointed. It will only bless him. But studying the Scriptures regardless is always good
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