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  1. Because it's never been used as it was supposed to
  2. The power to change our fundamental nature because of the power and grace of Christ. That is what makes true christianity different
  3. Been thinking alot on this. Can't get it out of my head. Like I can see it and it's just out of reach and I'm not sure how to reach the next step. Does that make any sense?
  4. I was praying the other day and it struck me how awesome it is to realize when we pray and exercise the priesthood we are trying to call down the powers of heaven. I dont think ive fully appreciated this before. It just struck me as awesome that God expects us to be prepared to do this.
  5. I think we do it by following the Lord's counsel concerning the constitution
  6. Didn't Nephi, son of Helaman, say something similar?
  7. I'm not sure they realized what they lost with the Apostles death or if they did they just assumed that since the Apostles ordained bishops and priests they hadnt lost anything. It's difficult to know how they reacted if or when they acted differently than the bishops succeeded apostles thought because of shoddy records and lack of communication.
  8. Because we are aware of the issue and petition the Lord for redress
  9. The Spirit may produce emotion in us but just feeling emotion is not the Spirit. The spirit speaks to our minds and hearts. He gives us pure intelligence
  10. Losing the keys was the problem then. It seems that if all the general authorities died we could turn to revelation. God woukd have to intervene of course and restore the lead counsels. But it seems like the Church could continue.
  11. Going to get personal for a bit. I'm in a weird spot. I have a beautiful wife. She isnt a member and we get along good on most things just not the Church stuff all the time. Not hostile she just dont get where I'm coming from and doesnt want to most of the time. My daughter is amazing but she is still young and I cant really talk about alot of gospel stuff in depth with her. I'm not super close with my parents or siblings. I'm not antagonistic or anything, but we aren't exactly a share everything family. I want to be more devout but its a struggle doing anything by myself. I dont have any close friends. At all. Never been able to get close to other guys. And I'm married so I dont think trying to make close female friends would be appropriate. The guys in my quorum are grest but we are all in different spots. Saints on social media arent a help because I'm not finding any I really feel close to. They are either too doubtful and antagonistic to the gospel or too busy trying to "own" the first group to actually live the principles they defend. I just feel isolated and alone. Which is frustrating since I have people I love all around. On top of that my career has stalled. We struggle to make ends meet and no matter what I do I dont seem to get anywhere. I'm not sure what to do anymore or what anyone can do to help but I needed someplace to share
  12. Good movie. Lots of good fights ans emotional scenes. Thor meeting his mother again was good. Thats why I liked it even with the plot holes irritating me
  13. I meant the fact that I've been ordained to the melchesidek priesthood. I'm not sure how that factors into this scenario
  14. How would I lose my own authority in this situation?
  15. Got the moves like Jagger I suppose
  16. I fail to see anything fundamental in what she teaches
  17. If the Savior was there, how was there not love?
  18. All we can do is pray for her
  19. It's more probable than say Nigeria but if headquarters moves anywhere again I think independence is the spot
  20. Heard a rumor that she was excommunicated. I cant find anything confirming it. Have any of you heard anything?
  21. Same people fighting against the Church and our freedom of religion. The adversary is trying to empower the government to persecute the Saints. And he may succeed for a season. But the Lord will be back soon.
  22. Exactly. Ambushing people, profaning what they hold sacred is now how to persuade people to listen. Why do so many struggle with D&C 121?
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