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  1. Same people fighting against the Church and our freedom of religion. The adversary is trying to empower the government to persecute the Saints. And he may succeed for a season. But the Lord will be back soon.
  2. Exactly. Ambushing people, profaning what they hold sacred is now how to persuade people to listen. Why do so many struggle with D&C 121?
  3. Will the sharks have lasers on their head?
  4. I liked Arthur Brooks speech better. Not that I have anything against this one
  5. https://www.thechurchnews.com/global/2019-05-06/byu-pathway-connect-returned-missionaries-now-admitted-49735 another church news story getting less attention
  6. I disagree. Anyone who has received a revelation from the Father can know for themselves that it's true.
  7. Of course we need to study it out. Thats part of exercising faith in God. That is why encourwge investgstors to read the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. Thats why Moroni encourages us to ponder the mercies of the Lord before we ask. That is why we are encouraged to keep the commandments as we can to give us the experience and experiment on the gospel principles
  8. How can we be responsible for what people who dont believe the message we teach do? The message of the restoration is hope through Jesus Christ. If people dont accept that hope how is it our fault?
  9. Iron Maiden? Excellent!
  10. Worried about visits or having to do more work?
  11. How can we move further away from people who had no affiliation with us to begin with and never wanted it?
  12. Actually, it's our self awareness that allows us to make statements like those. we know whose church we are and who we belong to
  13. Washington Dc has an assembly room as well but it be inconvenient to meet there
  14. No the renovations by themselves won't do that but I suspect the Lord will act in the meantime. Something is afoot in the Church. I'm excited to see it
  15. Which is why those who limit God to only what the Bible says miss so much. we are to live off every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. woe to him who says we have enough
  16. Why arent you acquainted with Jesus? How can we obtain eternal life without being acquainted with Him?
  17. Keep your covenants anyway
  18. We talking specific lunch prophecies or any miraculous evidence?
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